philosopher is an alchemist, seeker and lover of wisdom and truth

sage IS truth and wisdom

what the philosopher seeks the sage is

A sage is a philosopher but not every philosopher is a sage

A Sage someone who has attained wisdom

Wildflower – is a flower that grows in the wild

Wild- Free, nature, living

“Sage archetype is always in search of the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it is. They see the world objectively and are always analyzing details. They are dedicated to spreading the truth, and their word choice is always well thought out.

They are custodians of wisdom and their goals are inwards. They do a lot of self-reflection based on the truths and facts they discover. They are great advisers and see patterns where others do not. They are also known as scholars, mentors, experts, teachers, guru, and philosopher…………

A sage person is someone who is considered to be wise………for their knowledge and insight.

While there is no definitive answer as to what makes someone a sage, they are generally known for their wisdom, experience, and judgement………

……….sage people are an invaluable source of support and advice.

…sage……believe there is no end to learning and are continually gaining new information………information is most valuable to them. They try to develop themselves after extensive research……”