“WHISPERS” Divination Journal

hear the ‘whispers of the universe’”

Denise Linn, Cherokee Indian heritage; Signposts: The Universe is whispering to you

©Para Kas-Vetter

1st March 2021 and onward, I am resting from writing the Heart – Soul, Precious, “WHISPERS” Divination Journals. A precious memorabilia it now becomes.

“WHISPERS” Divination Journal

It will also include

Guided Divination from Intuition/Psychic, Tarot, Numerology/Numbers, Runes, Oracles, Signs/Symbology, Ancient/Wisdom Knowledge of various Sources, Angels, Tao I Ching, Animals, Plants/Flowers/Herbs, Colour, Alphabet, Other.

The number of pages varies for each Person as it is Personalised.


– First and Last name

– Birth date

– Postal address to send the Divination Journal

– Email address

No part of your confidential information will be sold or shared with any other persons or entities or other.

Your postal address will not be used for any other purpose or reason. The only time that your postal address will be used is to send your Personalised “Divination Journal”



Please email Para Kas-Vetter at email address: para@solancevoyagegallery.com.au requesting for a Whispers Divination Journal. I will reply with an estimate date of when you will receive it. If you are happy to accept, then payment will need to be made prior to the creation of your Journal been written.

Please note that I am not interested in mass production services. These are Personalised Divination Journals and require time and effort to invest in them as they contain very Sacred messages. An appointment is usually documented into my diary so that I can begin the process and have it completed in a time frame to send. Thus, the reason for the prior email before payment to be made.

$140 AUS

An additional $10 Postal fee for sending the “Whispers” Divination Journal outside of Australia will be required.

NAB (National Australia Bank)
BSB number: 083-832
Account number: 17-173-7365
Account name: Para Kas-Vetter