Veneration and Acknowledgements

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Veneration and Acknowledgements


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“When we wake up to the surroundings, the lifestyles, the paths, the careers and the people we have known intimately or from a distance, the most trying time is the realisation that we have been living, supporting, loving, caring and protecting, and excusing the very elements that have been a part of the problem than the solution. This deeper awakening, to the realisation that our old ways of life, our old life paths, patterns, the people and surroundings that we thought served a purpose, but actually do not, can be very deeply difficult to accept or acknowledge.”

“To acknowledge those that I no longer walk side by side with, is to give gratitude for the lessons I have learnt, discoveries I have made, and awakenings that have occurred to deeper levels, that have helped me to make wiser decisions for the greater good of life.” Para Kas-Vetter

Soul Contracts are Now Ending

“So many relationships, family ties and long term connections are currently in chaos and emotional pain..The division between those who embody Love and those who still live in fear is very real.

We’re now looking at some people we’ve known and tolerated for years on a completely different wavelength…Literally , We no longer have anything in common and our differences are greater than the karmic bond that used to hold us together………..The process of quantum realignment. As energy attracts, and different energies repels…As higher frequency energies continue to hit the planet, those of us who can absorb light are no longer aligned with those who cannot.

Change is taking place on a very physical level. Those we no longer resonate with are literally vibrating out of our lives as we align with different levels within dimensions. While we may still be aware of their presence on the planet, the energies ensure that our paths no longer cross.

This is the physical change that divides the 3D and 5D that is being created in our individual reality.

These times are marking the end of some relationships (soul contracts) in your life. It’s possible that they’ve tried everything to keep those relationships or maybe some sort of change has occurred and instinctively know that they should walk away. Listen to your intuition and follow the messages you are receiving. These relationships are already expired.

You’ve learned everything you need to learn from this situation and it’s time to let it go and move on. Send love and healing to those you are setting free. As you step out of these soul contracts, you will raise your vibration and align yourself with your Soul family.”

Claudia Perdomo, Ascension LightWorkers ,

Tribute to Truth.

Without you The World would not have found true Freedom.

To every single soul who are Truth, Are Love for Truth, stand for Truth, fought for Truth, protect Truth, defend Truth, respect Truth, brought Truth out for all to see its Light and Magnificence, saving our beloved children, animals and Life on Earth, Helping Planet Earth, making a Beauty-FULL difference to the world for the better, who have done immensely for the world and for me, who have courageously contributed enormously towards restoring true freedom and peace on Planet Earth,

From the depths of my Soul I love you I Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many who have done immensely for the world and for me. Some have had to face enormous duress, some sacrificing dearly and some their own lives, for the sake of TRUE justice to be served so as to help the Planet Earth and Life on it!!!!! It is a TOTAL HONOUR to know some of these souls in person and some from afar, and those that did things that we wish we knew their true identity, understanding why they were not able to be revealed to us. From the depths of my own Soul I thank you for your deepest help and guidance, for your protection and for your Honour.

I have in previous years mentioned many names via dedications and in links, past websites and books, and other means. The list is endless.

Although I may not be able to mention everyone in these Acknowledgements, it is because there are good reasons for it. You know who you are and I with all of my soul THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I am sincerely grateful beyond words.

I do wish to dearly mention where possible, those that have formed a part of my personal journey, those that have helped me to be where I am today, and those that have left significant footprints in my life. Forever I hold dear the Treasures of Memories. I am Humbled.

You are the core of this precious journey, the backbone. Without you most of what is or has unfolded would not have been possible. What you have done is invaluable. Your love, support, joy, inspiration, strength and Blessings have been undeniably deeply appreciated. I Love YOU!!!!! I Thank You!!

The Pilgrimage I came upon would not have been possible without two of the utmost important souls in my life, My Parents that created and gave birth to me.

If it was not for my parents I would not be in existence on Earth. And so I deeply thank my parents.

It was my parents that saved that little me that was born, when the conventional medicine wanted my parents to give up believing that I would survive. My parents took me home with love and faith that I will be fully nurtured back to full health. And I did in remarkable ways. It was called LOVE. I will forever be grateful to my parents for what they did.

My Beautifull Mother Sofia Kas,

Because of you I learnt what the true definition of Determination is. It takes enormous strength, courage and will power, and total devotion to life through all its great trials and tribulations. It sure gives rise to a whole new level the meaning of the word Hope. It brought me to the Truth of the TRUE Definition of Faith.

Thank you for believing in me so much that you were prepared and did so, do everything to save my Precious life that special day I was born. I am most grateful.

I am left astounded by how Immigrants and Aboriginals were treated in Australia. I am only in recent years discovering the truth. I am so dearly sorry by all that you have faced in life. I am so sorry that we were all faced with people that did not know what Love and Respect meant. One thing does remain, ‘Love Always Wins’.

You truly worked so hard mum, you and dad, and so did all of us as a family. You always wanted the very best for us children and you spent endless hours and nights doing so much for us.

I love you so much.

I pray all the time that you and all my Love ones are protected and kept safe, are Healthy and live fully a meaningful life.

In memory of My father John Kas

On a late afternoon of a full moon I was guided to Merricks Beach, in Victoria, Australia. Universe asked me to sit and wait, not knowing why or for what reason. There before me my father appeared showing me a man, and the phenomenal miracles that would unfold should I accept to share my life with. I was left astounded when this man appeared. My heart opened, a way I could not explain. And it is with this soul I learnt some of the most profound, deep and meaningful lessons.

It is through my father’s spirit’s presence that brought the most enormous healing for me, as I was given the opportunity to heal my own soul on a level I thought was not possible before. It also helped me fully understanding the relationship between my parents and the family.

I know now that it is through phenomenal healing that Love produces the most Amazing miracles.

I am dearly so sorry dad that I did not know the full truth of the deep suffering that you experienced silently. I am so sorry I did not know just how much till later years. I am so glad though that I had the opportunity for us to talk on matters of the heart. You helped me gain closure before you passed away. That meant the world to me. You always told me how much you were so proud of me.

I love you dad. You never once said a bad word to me.

To my most Precious love ones, my most dearest and closest friends, and those dear to me, you are My Heart Treasures. Without you all I would not have accomplished so much and done what I did for Love. You are my life and my strength. You are my Light and My determination and purpose for life, for the Leaps and bounds. You are My Blooms. You are what I live for. You are my love. I thank you with all of my Soul!!!!!!! My love for you all is deep. I appreciate you all immensely. I love you all so much.

Solar Master, Truth and Purple Soul, Protector, Golden Eyes, Warrior, God’s Eye, Ascended Masters Jesus and Mother Mary, Arch Angels AriAl, Raphael and Michael and Arch Angel Gabriel and Guardian Angel Arabel-Rose, Arch Angel Metatron, The Star, Gold Hawk, ALL Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints, Spiritual World, Guides, Guardian Angels, The Sun, Earth, Nature, Animal, Bird and Sea Kingdom, Stars, Love, Light, Life, GOD.

My Twin Sister Christine Kas, whom I am the eldest of twins, has been part of my journey since we were both conceived and shared a womb together. She has been a part of my life since before birth and has been an intricate and Bless-full big part of Heart of Mine.

Both Otto and Maxi are a very important part of my life as are all that have formed a part of my sacred pilgrimage.

Soul Husband Otto Jakob Vetter, Zoe*, My little boy Rainbow Blessings Maxi, My parents Dad John* and Mum Sofia Kas, My Brother and family Professor Dr Peter, Penny, nieces Madeleine and Sophie Kas (Goddaughter), Angel Florence* and Noah Thomas*; Little One Unicorn Bindie*, Beautifull Girl Cloe*, Labradore* and son Socks (Bright Eyes adopted), Bright Eyes and daughter Flora, Special Horse, Pendle* and Pendle’s mum*, Horns and Soul partner, Shy, Remorse, Shy2, Surprise, Chops* and Soul Partner, and the whole family sheep flock, the adorable koalas and birds, the Majestic Reindeers, Trees, NATURE at Sacred “Whitehawks”, “Tati”* and Elisabeth*, Edith* and Horst* Vetter, Paskalia Giaprakis, Karen Getson and “our” daughters and Brad Bullen, Brianna(Getson) and Thomas Shelly, Emily(Getson) and Daniel Taylor, Karen, Adam, Chloe and Joshua Walsh-Smith, Mum Margaret* and Dad Thomas* Walsh, Julie, Mona and Reg Saunders, Kylie, Cadbury*, Bicky*, and Monty Rose, Mum Glenda and Dad Ron* Rose, Spiritual Mum Amanda Taylor and Christopher Edwards, Lincoln Taylor, Cerwedin*, Looney*, and Lucy Taylor, Taz, Tracy* Missaglia and family, Emma and Family Ellis-Meyer, Sarah Banner and Dave and Max*, Isabella, Jascha, Catherine and Neel Narayan, Cindy Lever and Carmen Steficar and pets, Cheryl Wyn Reynold-Bryce and Family, Sabrina and Joshua and family Bellocchi, Vicki Beames and son Leo, Kerryn Triandafilidis and family, Ute Shan’A’Maa Posegga, Alleluhia*, Bennati, Dock, Nelson*, Tonka, Pauline and Andrew and Family and Pets Cregan, Jenny, Casey and Jake Greenshields, Catherine Conrad and Family and Pets; Lynn Turner and sons, Melinda, James and Family Ellis, Sue Pyper and family Troy, Tyson, Alarna, Savannah, Xaviar, Daniel, Kurt Andrew, Dad Laurence*, Mum Faye, Luke, Tessa* McEnaney, Shona McEnaney-Olsen and Rick Olsen, Erika* and Jenk and Family Akyalcin; Leesa Hellier and Cloe, Scruffy* and Duckie, Mischa Llewellyn and Horses and pets and family, Christina Giatsios, Jenni Horsman, Peter Miley, Ryan Mullins (Wake Up World Founder), Shani Davinia and Christian Marc Vetter, Jenny, Pas and Christian Sampson; Lisa Dawson and love ones, Bruno*, Keith*, Kerrie, Nancy, Carrie; Kim Waldron; Maree Richardson, Louis and Jake and Glen and Thomas, “Karen”, “FRAN”, “Gabrielle”, “Tammy”, Dr. Marshall Donnelly, Rutherford Fine Leather Binding P/L (Peter Lewis); Colin* and Marg Fairlie, Jenny Abbey, John Sanfilippo, daughter Tara Sanfilippo and Veda Rose, Shoreham 3916, Korumburra 3950, Bena 3946, Flinders 3929, Terry and Chris Mayer (owners, Flinders Cove Motel, Flinders Vic 3929), Patterson Lakes 3197, The Gurdies 3984, My birth family home Kew 3101, and home at Camberwell 3124; Monique, Lillian, Rosemary, June, Lorraine and staff Op Shop Yarra Glen, Jenny and staff Laundrymate Yarra Glen, Supermarket staff Yarra Glen, Wendy and Phill, Rob and Glenda, Peter and ‘Ruby” and Yarra Glen 3775, Marengo and Apollo Bay Vic 3233, Wendy Smith and Wendy “Ishew” (Art Teachers/Mentors), Unicorn Eye Design (Alleyna), George and Carole Kenyon, Daniel and Dave Mechanics Balnarring, Shane and Russell and Staff Koo Wee Rup Motors, Cath and Allison Peterson, Mark Heath,and Jane (Gippsland Wine Company, Loch Vic) Roma Jean Jenkins* (Op Shop at Loch, Victoria, Australia), Carol Schrader, Bonnie Marceau, Mum Carol Mae Williams, Soul Butterfly Tami Miller, Romy Wyser, Paulette Stevens, Wolter Joosse, Grant Ouellette, timjoebob, Bea “Goddess, Liz and Shane O’Carroll and Family and Janine, Sam, Art, and Casey, Sylvia Rennick (Manager, Apollo Bay Post Office) and Tracey and Olivia and staff, Stuart and Helen Hanson (Owners, Hanson Newsagent Apollo Bay (closed its doors after endless years serving the community, on the 11th April 2021), Troy, Michael and Jenny and Michaela, Tielle, Roz, Daniela, Vanessa, Dr Denise Ruth, Julie S, Debbie and Apollo Bay Community Care Chemist, Jewel Oh (physiotherapy), Lorraine Biddle (Message 121 & Apollo Myotherapy), The WHOLE!!!! Staff including Arty, Mel, Beatrice, Mary, Tracy, Ofelia and Manager Jodie, Estelle, Michael and ALL at Apollo Bay Foodworks Supermarket, Tripura Eastgate (Owner, Moontide) at Apollo Bay, Otway Health Care, Second Sails Op Shop Apollo Bay and Christine, Great Ocean Road Souvenirs, Apollo Bay Community/Town, Elisabeth Lilburn (Owner) ‘Forget-Me-Not-Florist at Mt Evelyn Vic, Organic Empire, Jenny Rowe (Jenny’s Picture This Framed), “Tully” (MegaPixels), and So Many MORE…

VentraIP Australia, I LOVE YOU ALL I THANK YOU ALL Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much for all the support love help and all that you do for us. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much.

Patrick DaCosta Words cannot convey enough the enormity of gratitude to you. When our website was shut down and erased back in April of 2019, just prior to May 2019 Australian Federal elections, for standing in Truth, it took enormous healing to regroup, courage and guidance to contact you with the hope that we would be able to utilise your platform about World Events, to continue to spread the truth and raise awareness. What you did for me is unforgettably deeply moving and humble. Thank you. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Because of you I was able to continue to have articles published about Truths, Philosophical and Spiritual aspects of life, and Guidance, whilst rebuilding our website. I will forever be grateful. You also helped a lot of people and others be able to get the truths out there as well. Thank you for Operation Disclosure

( and Voyages of Light (;

To you ALL and ALL of your Precious Families and Pets, Heaven (The asterisk * are precious souls that are now in Sacred Celestial Place/Heaven/Rest In Peace/In Loving Memory.) and Earth, Thank you Thank you Thank YOU from the depths of my Soul. God Bless your Souls!!!!!!!!!

I wish for Always that your lives are filled with much Love, Light, Peace, Grace, Great Health, Joy, Happiness, Astronomical Blessings, and All that your Hearts and Souls Desire.

Lots of Love Para Kas-Vetter xxooxx

24 November 2022

Please note further in depth dedications and acknowledgements in previous years 2019 and prior, can also be viewed by going to Main Menu tab titled Para-Memorabilia. Go to subtab ‘The 27 Books’ – 2017 ‘raw’ version and Introductions and Dedications.

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Angelic Healing Services

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the Depths of My Heart and Soul
I Thank you to you all
for your Beautifull Testimonials.
There is no expression deeper than what is within the Core of My Soul
As to how Deeply Humbled, Gratefull and Touched I AM Beyond words.
Bless YOUR Glorious Souls. I Love you I Thank You!!!!!”

Lots of Love Para xoxox

Otto and Maxi

My whole life I have always been grateful and showed enormous veneration and appreciation to all that have been a part of my life or has helped me along the way. I have always gone out of my way to let all who have been a part of my journey, and those that have left footprints, just how much I love them all. I have also shown enormous love to pets and wildlife, nature, my Guides and the Realms of Love and LIGHT, and also the homes I have come to love and have lived in. Every part of my life has evolved to where it is now because of the Love of those that truly contributed enormously one way or another. And for that I will forever be grateful and love them all.

Today I have felt deeply to write this as a public message for all to know. Otto and Maxi have and are an extraordinary part of my life. Otto my husband and Maxi who has been in my life since he was only about one month old, he is 23 years old on 7 November 2022 although we celebrate his birthday the day he came into my life on the 7 December 1999.

Both Otto and Maxi are a very important part of my life as are all that have formed a part of my sacred pilgrimage.

Otto has a lifetime of enormous experiences that leave me breathtaking, and his credentials are so deep that he keeps them mostly to himself these days. A quiet man with exceptional abilities, talents and an exhaustible accomplishments, knowledge and wisdom. And let me tell you all some of his most profound and sacred ideas that he shared with certain persons on his journey, took them and made them their own falsely claiming full credit for them. We all have heard of such true stories. But that is the old world ending. The New Era is all about TRUTH and transparency and seeing clearly who has done what. Otto is A Remarkable man. We have been through a lot together. I am so honoured to share my life with him. And dearly grateful for all that we have done together for the greater good. I honestly don’t know how he will feel me writing all this, being so private, but he knows me so well 🙂 . I just follow my guidance.

So Otto when you see this, I want the world to know how so grateful I am to you. We have done so much together. In fact we do everything together. We are inseparable. I love all that we have done together. And so excited about our next part of our journey. I Love you 🙂 .

Maxi is simply Divine. He always Blesses us in ways that will leave you speechless. He is dearly Sent from the Realms above. He is a very Special Soul. And with Astoundingly Remarkable abilities also. I am so Blessed to have Maxi in our lives and I LOVE every moment. We are so inseparable. I spend more times at home these days and I honestly must say I am so glad. The precious times together we share is dear to our hearts.

I hope you all today find a way to thank someone you love or someone that you are deeply grateful for. I thank you all. I thank every one of you that has been in my life. And those out there who have left footprints in my Soul.

Lots of Love for Always Para xxooxx

14 October 2022