Trust the Perfect Plan

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When we wake up to the surroundings, the lifestyles, the paths, the careers and the people we have known intimately or from a distance, the most trying time is the realisation that we have been living, supporting, loving, caring and protecting, and excusing the very elements that have been a part of the problem than the solution.

This deeper awakening, to the realisation that our old ways of life, our old life paths, patterns, the people and surroundings that we thought served a purpose, but actually do not, can be very deeply difficult to accept or acknowledge. And so some try to hide their heads in the sand metaphorically speaking, avoid the awareness, continue the old ways, or behave as victimised souls, those that are trying so hard to turn a blind eye through sheer ignorance, arrogance, fear, or love for that matter, are starting to face the ramifications. This makes it extra challenging for them and for those that are part of the solution.

“When people break through their ‘cognitive dissonance’ and realise how they’ve been misled by authority figures, the natural response is to feel anger and indignation….”

We all somehow, one way or another been a part of something that was not for our highest good. Thus, the awakening is for a reason………….It is not that this history has not been repeated before and we are again at a roller-coaster stage, nor that we are wanting to end it to have it begin again thousands of years later……… is that the times long expected have finally arrived where this life this way of living this harm being done is forever going to be removed. And it is why this time the deep focus is on ensuring once and for all the dismantling of corruption so that no one ever again in thousands of years focuses on corrupt again.

This is not about division but uniting. This is not about ‘Black lives matters’ only, or that China is the culprit, or Jews are the evil. It is about removing those that have infiltrated the beauty of true life. The Khazarians who pretend to be the real Jews, the Communist China that pretend to represent the true China, the Isil terrorists that pretend to represent Muslins, the Commonwealth of Australia that pretends to represent the truth Australia, and so this is not about just Blacks, because the truth is there are those infiltrated within blacks as well. This is not about putting the devil and the God in the same boat. This is about uniting all of the Good of this world. And restoring Peace on Earth.

This is about ALL LIVES MATTER, every single beautiful life that wants Peace MATTERS!

Our lives ought to be built with raw materials on strong foundations.

Stand in your Truth

We have been made to follow, to do something a certain way, instructed and taught to express our authenticity by limitations and removal of our uniqueness. To become the ‘norm’.

Let me tell you a true story:

When I was in school, I still remember when I was asked to use my imagination a certain way in order to write something. Literature. English.

The first moment I was asked to do this in school I was ecstatic!!!!! And so I did write something using my imagination with great innocence and naivety. I had no idea back then that I was SUPPOSE to be a norm, limited and controlled in my thought patterns of creating with love. I had no idea that there were rules to expressing my true authentic soul and from the pureness of my Heart. I was woken up about what was actually going on in the conventional educational system when I began to be faced with ordeals that to this day leave me great-FULL. For doing so led me to actually doing just that STAND IN MY OWN TRUTH.

I was writing what I thought was a master piece. And with so much pride and joy I handed it in. Little did I know at the time what would eventuate from that ‘masterpiece’.

When the teacher returned the marked homework it was saturated with red ink, comments covering the whole ‘masterpiece’. I was TOLD how not to create, how not to imagine, how not to feel, how not to express my creative self. I was totally confused. So how was I suppose to create if I cannot the way I feel so deeply drawn to do so from the core of my soul?

The teacher was going to teach ME!!!!!!! How I was going to create using HER imagination. The conventional system way. I was totally confused and lost. I had no idea how I was supposed to feel. I really wasn’t even sure what the purpose of my own being was at the time.

It was my epiphany. A realization of what I was experiencing in a conventional educational system back then. How do I tell my parents? All they thought about was the more I studied the better my future would be. Little did they know coming to Australia that their way of learning was different here. I had no one at home to talk to. If I did not do well at school it was my fault, and I was not trying hard enough. I would rebel and even that would cost me.

So along the way I had to think of a strategy to get me through. I thought if I pretended to be part of the “norm”, it would be the only way I could make it through and try to keep the peace at home. But this norm pretending did not last long.

It is a joke these days the English language. With so much ambiguity one begins to wonder…. it’s deliberate or lazy creation of a language that causes more confusion and misunderstandings, and thus conflicts than any other language. If you take note you will be amazed just how ambiguous the English language is. But that is another topic of conversation for another time.

So here I was been told how to use my imagination to write what the teacher thought was a masterpiece. My God if half my love ones, who are amazing creators, followed such teachers, I am sure to have never seen their Spectacular Creations, that touch souls in ways that makes you heart dance with so much Joy and Inspiration, let alone stand in their truth.

So here I was been told to pass I had to supposedly imagine a certain way the teacher thought was acceptable to pass. Hello what about me? Para!! Don’t I exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I think that is when I began to rebel a little more………..ok maybe a lot during the times of when I was in the Conventional Educational System. Another story….. another day…..

Sadly I did the unthinkable, I copied some writing from some old book I found and handed it in. A boring, structured and mundane creative piece of writing. I did not know what to do and I had to do something. However, for years thereafter, I felt such enormous guilt that I spend most of my life trying to forgive myself. Amazing what we do to survive. I knew I had to begin somewhere. Well the teacher loved it so much she put it in the school magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her pride got the better of her, showing off with such ego that she taught me how to create. Little did she know what I would do next to shatter that egocentric status of hers.

There is a purpose to why I am saying this……….but best I let the reason for it unfold in its own time………………..

I still recall when I was in Melbourne University, it was called something else back then, God knows what it was such a long time ago. In Physics I was asked to do a research that meant 6 months in the lab with some technology. Have no idea what it was on. I only remember spending endless months in that lab doing this particular research that was a major part of the grade towards the end of year report. 6 long months.

A Beauty-FULL friend, to whom I still am close to, did not do her research. She asked for my help. Of course I did not give it another thought. I was more than happy to help her. And so I utilized my own work and made up all these numbers and wrote her report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made her report all up with what I thought would coincide with my report. Remember my report was based on REAL!!!!! facts. Her report that I wrote was not!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it the night before it was due!!! copying from my own 6 months research. You would not believe what happened next!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Beautiful friend receives and A and I receive an F(fail)!!!!!!!!! That was when I began to see what they were teaching students!!!!!!!!!!

My beautiful friend felt this was not at all right and so together we confronted this lecturer. Bright red and foolish this lecturer looked she could not even speak. She stood there stunned as we looked at her in total disgrace. She did not correct her ways. Nor re-assess my 6 months research report. Instead she wanted me to sit in the exam and get full marks. At the end of year exam, in front of so many students I sat there looked at the exam, and then got up to leave. She demanded I sit and do the exam. I knew I had to sit there for 15 minutes only to read it. I looked at it and thought what would this gain? I knew the research report was worth the most marks. So 15 minutes of reading was up and then I got up and gave the blank exam to her…..Basically in front of all I humiliated her in how she was a waste of my time. Of course the end of year report went home and I could not explain to my parents why I failed Physics. Instead I got into a lot of trouble and had to repeat some subject to make up those lost marks. Ahhhhhh………………

Biology. Same thing. I did all the homework, all the research, and in a group (a team) to which I was allocated, the group all copied from me!!!!!! Word per word. But this Biology teacher would fail me and pass every other member of the team. I don’t think she liked me much. Maybe because I humiliated her because I walked out of class. She demanded I watch a video she was showing the class. You know of what?!!!!!! Two people having sex and how to put a condom on. Like that is what I want to learn in Uni a place of high education.

She continued to fail me unjustifiably and so, eventually it was reported to the Board at the University. Thereon, in first year of University she simply gave me D’s whilst everyone else passed with flying colours. Her reason, it was because I had the same copied information as the others. The interesting part, I had the same as every other member of the same group. In other words, everyone in the group had the same work, but clearly I was the one only copying. Mmmmmmmm, figure that one out!!!!!!!!! What an example she set for everyone!!!!!

And you wonder why we have ‘sociopaths’ let alone ‘psychopaths’.

Again I had to try to explain to my parents why I did not get good marks in Biology also. Again I had to sit through a whole summer studying a subject to pass. I wonder what ever happened to those teachers and some of those students for that matter? If they learnt to live an authentic life or not? I know I learnt a lot of lessons……………..but I never backed down from standing in my Truth. Why?

Well back to what I was talking about regarding my use of imagination in secondary school. Here was I been told how to express and write imaginative writings.

Then came the exam. I sat there and looked at the whole exam paper. I asked myself how I felt about it all. I looked at the questions of the imagination and literature section and at that moment I had to make the most important decision of my life. I was thinking how can I pass if I really don’t know how to think the teacher’s way. I took a massive leap of faith and with phenomenal courage I decided to honour my own authentic self.

And so I wrote from the core of my own soul, using my own imagination and creating from the depths of my own Heart. You know it was flowing so magically for me that I could not stop writing, even when it was time to finish the exam. Something happened to me that made me realize how much was suppressed within me. A whole lot of wonderful ideas flooded through that there was no stopping me.

In fact after I handed in the exam I went home and wrote more and more.

Funny part is the teacher had to pass me because of the enormous amount of pages I wrote that day in the exam. In class she told me to never do that again and to use the imagination the way she taught me. Little did she know I was not ever going to do that again. And I never did listen to her again nor anyone who wanted me to lie or pretend or not stand in my whole truth.

The journey I embarked on led me to do many things, but the most Beauty-full part of it all was I stood in my own SOUL-FULL Truth. And to this day and forever I AM.

Moral of this true story……………….There are so many behind the scenes and in the forefront for TRUTH!!!!! Trust the PERFECT Plan, but also contribute your part. Be part of the solution. Not the problem.

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