The Manuscripts

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The Major Transformation of the 27 Books:

‘The 27 Books” went through a major transformation in 2020, becoming known as “The Manuscripts”.

Manuscripts are on single sided pages layout and in PDF format for easy printing.

“The Manuscripts” can be viewed, read, downloaded, printed.

Note that for some of the New Manuscripts there are several ‘books’ incorporated into them.

Important Message:

The following Manuscripts reflect the changes regarding updates for the 25 November 2022 edition. Please note you can download them for free. They will soon be in binding hardcover/softcover format that will be available for a purchased price.

The Manuscripts

Para-Memorabilia: Sacred Pilgrimage

Number of single sided pages:339

MB to download:96.7

Para – Memorabilia: Sacred Pilgrimage

– Awakening The Soul

– Awakening Soul Oracle Cards

– Writings On The Wall of my Heart

– Read Between The Lines

– Elysian Earth

– Dear Diary

– Magnificent Light

– Perform Magic

Para – Memorabilia: Sacred Pilgrimage


Art is an expression of my Soul, whether it be drawing, painting, photography, gardening, anything creative. It inspires, motivates, heals, expresses, brings joy, clarity, and is the voice of my Being, my Soul, my Heart, and Mind. For me it also is a form of language from a Higher Source…….the Universe.

For as long as I can remember, I loved writing. When I was a little girl I would actually write on the walls of the family home. It was scribbles because I was still a toddler learning to write. Remarkably some of those writings were left upon those walls of the family home of nearly 50 years that was sadly due to my dad passing away, had to be sold. I would spend my days and nights writing for hours, writing letters, poems, stories ……………..I would also spend many hours with my camera taking endless photos, mostly Significantly of sunsets…………………….. Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. The opportunity and potential to capture such a Beautiful moment is incomprehensible to describe the feeling, the emotions, the soul full of life.

When I showed my photos, writings and poems to others, it would spark a start of their own journey onto something their heart and soul yearned for. It brought them just like for me, also hope, inspiration and guidance. This brought about a catalyst that began me on a journey in anticipation and eagerness, to one day produce a book filled with love and light, hope and joy, peace and clarity, wisdom and so much more. Little did I know at the time that I would one night find myself woken to begin that thought so strong. It lead me to begin a journey I never imagined.

We all need love, support, guidance, hope, strength. We all need companionship, laughter, and fulfilled dreams. We all need harmony, peace, and acknowledgement, to freely be able to and with expression of our emotions without fear. I know that I also have an inexplicable desire to always want to connect with Universe/Higher Realms………………

Upon initially embarking on this journey, I honestly either had no idea or was ignorant to want to know that doing so meant facing the deepest awakenings along the way, immense sacrifice, losses and some of the most unjustifiable challenges. Many times I wanted to get of the path I found myself on. But remarkably every single time it was a particular photo that kept telling me to hang in there, to please not give up. And Incredibly treasuring a coloured textured paper to which some of my writings were typed on!

Like music, art and words play an extraordinary role in restoring our faith, bringing us hope and light, inspiration and joy to our hearts and our souls. Life is so precious. Once in a while it just takes a few words or some form of art, to inspire and motivate us, to truly help us back on track, to allow ourselves to courageously walk forward in life, to see clearly again. Sometimes a bump on the road causes one to trip, stumble or fall, Universe sends us Angels to just touch our hand, say a warm gesture, a reminder of who we are, to effortlessly jump up so high saying what was that? A stumble? To teach us lessons, to look where we are walking and to help one grow wiser, stronger and lighter.

I don’t know why this one particular photo would have such a Profound affect on me. Every single time I wanted to throw the towel in and not complete my passion, the books, because of the heartache along the way, this one photo found a way to fill my whole soul with enormous hope beyond words…

The truth is that I do not remember where and when exactly I took the photo. It was such a very long time ago now. But the photo would always make me feel safe, and fill my Heart with Hope. Somehow it was Home for me………. And it gave me strength to carry on……………..Remarkably I thought always of the 12 Apostles at Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

I recall a time when I was living at Flinders, Victoria, Australia, a flash of a past life there. I was sitting on the beach on some rocks and suddenly I saw myself in a very long ancient looking dress, and married to a sailor, and all I can recall is seeing myself living high on a hill with ocean views, and seeing an old ancient sailing ship or boat and the waves in full motion. There is more to the story, but I often wondered about the photo that kept me going, and the flash remembrance of a past life……….

Regardless, the photo has been my hope, my strength, my guidance……. Even more remarkable is seeing in significant times of my life the tapestry or art of ‘The Last Supper – The 12 Apostles” from the Bible story. It has become a sacred sign of importance to my journey. ‘Awakening the Soul’ evolved into becoming a memorabilia of the pilgrimage itself. It was in 2002 when I felt to start putting collections of my life in writing together. But it was in 2004 that I was woken up in the middle of the night to begin writing what has been 16 years in the making of this book to complete.

16th December 2020

Photographer © Para Kas-Vetter

The Special Photo

Para’s ‘ISTORίAS’

Number of single sided pages:195

MB to download:111.0


– Angel and The White Witch

– Boat Light

– Little Boy and The White Feather

– Noble Searches for a Soul

– The Beautifull Angel and Her Noble Knight

– The Fairy Ring

– The Oak

Para’s ‘ISTORίAS’


The Horse

Number of single sided pages:58

MB to download:9.2 ; Black and White version 9.2 MB

The Horse”


Horses have been a Powerful Symbolic Meaning to Mankind for Centuries. They are a Symbolic Representation of what the Soul Yearns to become on the physical plane, called Earth.

Horses are regarded as displaying attributes of Phenomenal Strength, Courage, Determination, Support, Nobility and Wisdom, Honour, Devotion and Love. It is Amongst such qualities that we are needing to Embrace on our Own Journey and learn about, to having a more Fulfilling and Harmonious life.

“The Horse” is based on the Love I felt for a horse I called ‘Lord Soul’, a Precious Horse that would enter my Dreams and Heart, through Visions and Guided Messages. I felt a so strongly connected to this horse on a soul level and longed for that Union on Earth. When I met a horse named Dock, Universe through Dock was preparing me for a surprise.

Then I met Bennati. A Very Precious Horse. And both our worlds changed forever.

Little did I know though that one day I would wake up to find he was sent away to a new home……

…and so “The Horse” was written.

Sacred Whispers ORACLE

Number of single sided pages:295

MB to download:28.9

– Tarot In The Making

“Sacred Whispers ORACLE”


Tarot in the Making took me 16 Years to complete, hence why originally it was titled ‘in the making’.

12th December 2020

Tarot has been used for many centuries in gaining a deep insight and understanding of the Spiritual World, the Soul and the Meaning of Life. It is a powerful tool used for guidance and direction, self-realisation, discovering the “unconscious living” (what we are manifesting and hence creating). Most importantly seeing an overall picture of one’s life as it appears “now”, and becoming aware that we are in fact, in control of our own destiny. Tarot is used as a “channel” between the Spiritual World and Earth existence in providing valuable messages, for personal growth and healing, confirmation and reinforcing what we already know. Through Tarot we discover that direct “future” events are a result of our own manifestation, and enable one to become Master of our own Destiny. Tarot helps/enable one to make the appropriate choices, decisions and action to make positive changes in their lives.

Silence me with your Whispers

Number of single sided pages:214

MB to download:73.4

“Silence me with your Whisper”


Life, with its fair share of trials and tribulations, can either strengthen or challenge us. Whether it be a death of a love one, a separation or divorce, abuse or addictions, terminal or mental illness, grief or financial hardship, or any form of loss or painful event no matter how small or significant it may be…it is how we embrace life that awakens us to the Gifts that await us, even those behind the Blessings in disguise. If only we could simply stop going against the current, fighting Universe and forcing what is simply one of the most valuable lessons of time…Trust….

My true realization of life was that fear was what gave most of us for many life paths the deep determination to face it, deal with it and move forward from it in being able to achieve the most remarkable attributes to this world. Wherever we go fear has confronted most of us. However, the magical secret of life is being able to know how to overcome such a powerful emotion that truly no longer holds true to us. Life is what we make of it and sometimes that might not be possible based on the experiences and lessons that we are having to face.

Bringing you pages of healing intent……. To restore some form of balance, peace, harmony, contentment, guidance, inspiration, motivation, and an opportunity to “THRIVE”.

Guided Runeological Whispers

Number of single sided pages:126

MB to download:9.2

Guided Runeological Whispers”


Life often presents us with clues, ideas, knowledge, guidance and so forth in how to live a more productive, harmonious and loving life. Sometimes we may not be able to see these signs clearly. Other times our soul is been shunned from, even the mere thought of, wanting to dream of what we desire and what we see it to be True.

It has left me totally astounded by the great evolution of this new world that has begun. There are now more discoveries been made with great liberation that we are more than mere mortals, that there is more to life than just simply being born and dying; more to life than just this planet that we are born on; more to life than what we are able to see with our own naked eye. There is more to life than what we were once made to Believe, that life was fearful black and white, conventional, a prisoner and death; that the thought of “Thriving” in life would result in dark forces forcing that fear in us and causing us pain. Life is filled with so much Wonder and Glory of Soul Level, of Life and Colour, Nature and Abundance, of Love, Joy and Freedom to be fully in the presence of what and who we Truly are.

We are only now beginning to feel the warmth on our skin without the fear fully consuming us, and although it may take some or many a while before overcoming any embedded fear, that controlled us for what seems endless of years, The light is finally fully present. An awakening has occurred. There is no turning back. We are beginning to join in Union to become more whole, stronger and more Courageous in knowing that there is so much more out there to life, and only now going below the surface to discovering some of the most wonderful miracles of life.

Runes hold such sacredness for so many of us. They are one of many Divinations that allow one the Opportunity to evolve. Today there seems to be so much more meaning to the term Runeology. The world has begun to Awaken, and expand their creative minds and thus beginning to Indulge In its Vast knowledge and wisdom it has to offer us. It is for this reason I was strongly guided to create the Illustrations for “Silence me with your Whispers” I had written, which later lead me to write “Guided Runeological Whispers”. We are only now Ready to Embrace and Acknowledge to the Advanced Levels.

May these Special Runes signs Guide you on your Journey and fill your lives with Exceptional Joy, Happiness, Wealth of Knowledge, Abundance, Love, Clarity and Great Wisdom. May they guide you with Harmonious steps forward and fill your lives with Love Light.

The Jewels of Life: Numbers, Alphabet, and Mysterious Signs

Number of single sided pages:170

MB to download:43.1

– Promises of Tomorrow

– The Jewels of Life

The Jewels of Life: Numbers, Alphabet, and Mysterious Signs


How often do you control or place expectations of how life should be and limit yourself to the possibilities of Blessings in life….Let the soul within guide you to soul enlightenment….. Let it Unfold……

Peace ….tranquillity in a world we may often not understand helps us to see beyond the horizon of what we do not see in clutter and bustle …….clear it all out and you will come to see the beauty of peace within brings turmoil to stillness, hurt and hate to love, fear to truth, loss to understanding, sadness to joy … Look at life in a promising way. For with sadness comes joy, with an argument comes realisation and peace, with loneliness comes company, with fear comes contentment, with clouds comes clear skies, with night comes day and with winter flows summer. With rain comes rainbows and sun, with tears comes laughter ……. the moment is always filled with many wonderful surprises and wonderful blessings filled with magical moments of wonderful joys and fulfilment in life….. Stop running, stop pushing, listen to your heart beat, listen to your songs, hear the whispers so silently in the crescent of the trees of life.

We all go through pain and sufferings in our lives, face grief, some of us even trauma and depression. These challenges tests our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses, and more so forces us to stop, reflect and ask ourselves where are we now, and do we like what we are experiencing or feel, and where do we want to go in life from here? Some hiccups in our lives forces us to stop and look at our surrounding, and ourselves. We are forced to make a decision as to what we need to do to change if we wish to change, but we cannot do it alone. We need the support of loved ones around us, guidance, and therapeutic modalities of some sort to make certain changes and to get us through the adversities of life.

When Life presents us with unexpected challenges, we need to know what we need to do to handle them is the key to our happiness and success. If we know the tools and strategies available to us, to resolve conflict, disperse anxiety and remove negative influences, we will be stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.

In overcoming your pain and sufferings, the most amazing feeling is seeing the Light ….even seeing a glimpse of that Light as it brings us hope, and the realisation that things eventually do turn out ok or far better than we had anticipated….. It’s all about faith. We even see little miracles happen before our eyes that allow us to believe the possible. When we are prepared to make considered and appropriate changes, we are in fact gaining a better understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others. We also notice altered feelings of well-being, which flow on to others.

It really takes a lot of encouragement, support and energy to be able to let go of the pain we have experienced in life, and to be able to look at the pain and not just the good experiences in life, as positive attributes to becoming a stronger and wiser person. Our experiences are the’ raw materials’ out of which we can shape our life. What we build with them is up to us.

Life always presents us with constant signs and symbols, and all that Life wishes to show us….. Life has a way of wanting to reveal to us constantly all the Astonishing Jewels it holds for us. Signs and Symbols are but one way……….

Signs have always been one of the most Powerful tool of Divination, in being able to communicate with the Higher Sources on our road to discoveries and enlightenment, and most of all, in following the guidance to a more peaceful and harmonious life. It is these signs that have given us stability, security, lead to extraordinary achievements in life of all levels.……..Live it the best you can. Pray, Believe, Hope and Dream. Life is about Creation. Create, invent, design, desire and know The Jewels of Life are starting to find a way to regaining the power to protect life. To Allow for life to Embrace and Respect Life.

One day the glory of life will allow new scriptures to be written, new myths, parables, mythology, and stories will be told. So pure in it essence that the luxurious depths of colour of life will be felt beyond words………………..

ORACLE for Children

Number of single sided pages:249

MB to download:129.7

ORACLE for Children

– The Boat

– Vintage Cars

– The Blue House

– The LOVE

– Maxi the Rainbow Lorikeet meets Zoe the Teddy Bear Dog

– Tarot for Children

– Alphabet for Children

ORACLE for Children


We all have a passion in life, some more than one. One of the most exhilarating aspects of life is feeling motivated to create, dream and embrace what we desire from the heart. There are those that hold memories dear to their heart and there are those that treasure the memorabilia of old times, and then there are those that choose to build new dreams based on a new reformed life filled with love, joy and light.

I always have had this deep desire for ancient and old things that hold such incredible positive energies and history to it. It is not so much the expensive modern things that seem to draw me close, it is those things that have character and uniqueness about them and a history build on its own.

One of My biggest passions is Nature.

It found itself back into many lives when The New Era of Aquarius came along. During the transition time towards entering the new era, circumstances, Universal Laws and intervention gave way for Nature to become a priority again, thankfully!

There is so much meaning to Life.

As a child for me in school was mostly conventional and rote learning. There was no meaning in that. What was ought to have been taught was about how to truly understand our intuition and the invaluable paranormal aspects of life. Love and self worth being some of the most important learning keys to have. The simplest things in life often being the most rewarding and soul fulfilling.

Children are Always fascinated and curious with life, asking constant questions in hope for the answers that resonate with their soul. They love to draw, write, to create, to dance, sing, and play, and anything that allows their imagination to flow and evolve with time, and for some a lot of energy to display for it. Children are finding enormous satisfaction with enthusiasm and incredible energy, to build dreams. It is absolutely an Enchantment to watch. Children have extraordinary talents and gifted skills.

We all perceive something based on our own experiences and within the windows of our own soul. It is so amazing how we see the same photo or art piece at different times of our lives, surprised at how many different stories we can create, or view it. How we think and perceive can say a lot about ourselves, how we feel in a particular moment in life and our direction in life. We can always change and thus the story can always change.

Be surprised by the stories children also have to tell us. Children are so intuitive. It is so amazing what lessons children teach so many about the true meaning of life. Give a child an opportunity to tell a story. You may be surprised. Learn the wonders of what the little souls of our today’s time have to offer us now in return.

The Remarkable part of all this is we all have an inner child…..

Imagination is an amazing thing. Our building matter to creating our foundations to living and embracing life. It is what motivates us from a young age to define who we are, how we live, what we wish to achieve and inspiring us to the wonderful opportunities and joys of life.

We are now seeing the infinite possibilities of life in its expansive form. There is a Wealth of knowledge to be gained, love to be felt and happiness to be embraced, especially in the beauty of natural elements of Life. Even the Simplest things in Life can make one Smile and fill a Heart with Joy and Love.

Nature holds such an infinite potential for great wisdom to be gained, whether it be in the plants, the trees, the flowers, the ocean, the river, the pond, the creek, the animals, the insects, the birds, the soil, the sky, the clouds, the stars, the sun, the moon, the list is endless of possible natural elements.

Love has become the focus of the True Appreciation of Life now, as is our inner Guidance.

Love is everywhere, in our hearts, in the people we love, the animals and in nature. If only we stop to look at what nature has done for us, we will surely know what True Love means.

Para Kas-Vetter has a Love for writing, art and photography that have brought much love and light to the hearts of many worldwide. Her passion for art and words is because it plays an extraordinary role in restoring faith, bringing hope and light, inspiration and joy to the heart and soul.

Para’s great depth of hard work faced with extraordinary adversities in life, the courage to pursue that which is for her Highest Good and learning the most valuable lessons that life has had to offer her along the way, and in fulfilling some of her long treasured dreams, has gained her great respect and recognition within the public eye.

“We all need love, support, guidance, hope, strength. We all need laughter and fulfilled dreams. We all need harmony, peace, acknowledgement, to live freely without fear. We all need to feel whole within ourselves, with Universe and the world.”

“It takes Phenomenal Courage, Extraordinary Strength, Immense thought, True Humbleness, and Truth to step outside the Paradigm of what is expected of us, so as to Thrive and Represent The Truth of who we Truly are.”