The Covers for ‘The 27 Books’

These front covers for “The 27 Books” were designed manually

by Para Kas-Vetter.

The covers for the books originated from the journey itself.

Upon searching for publishers and self publishers, the enormity of experiences and concerns that arose, that clearly needed to be addressed, was undeniably an awakening in itself. And yet it was the blessings in disguise that exposed the companies that never should have been in the first place, and securely confirmed and deepened my passion for what the true purpose of writing is all about.

The ideas for the covers of the books began with intensive research and brainstorming. And a lot of hours to create the ideas page for each of the 27 Books. This was a lot of months of hard work. They are shown below.

The paper to create the covers was then purchased at a variety of stores that sold paper and other art and craft items. The list also included ribbon, glue and intricate items. It was such an exciting time. I love to create.

The remarkable part, new ideas surfaced along the way when I realised that I did not have the space or equipment needed to do what I wanted with the way I had wanted the covers to look. But what it did do for me is lead me on a creative path so exciting and emotionally happy, that I am forever going to remember those precious creative times!!!!!

It made me realise that sometimes we think we are not capable but all we have to do is put our mind into action and really think with our heart and intuition, and true purpose of why it is created in the first place. It removes all aspects of what is expected of you when your true soul self emerges.

And so the outcome of the covers were produced as shown above.

The covers where than downloaded onto the computer and the title and author’s name were added to the covers.

Life is clearly full of surprises. We find ourselves surprised or embracing what we never thought possible or even imagined.

The Back of the Books’ Covers