‘The 27 Books’ – 2017 ‘raw’ version

In 2013 all the extensive work in the many prior years, were finally put into volumes. This was a most emotional and significant time for both Otto and me.

When it was time to create a new website in 2017, enormous time was invested to edit and update the volumes of the books, for them to be possible online to be read. They were still in their raw elements and thus, in their final drafting stages. They were for free to access worldwide to read and even download for free. This gave opportunities to truly appreciate the enormity of hard work invested over decades what was intended to share worldwide.

The stamp was specifically designed for us. It was especially to be used in stamping the books being published or printed to ensure their authenticity. This was because we were at a time where we needed to ensure no one printed and profited from the books without our consent or knowledge.

The drawing was first done before being sent to specific souls who then organised it to be made into a printing block.

The final design was sent to us for approval before it became the printing block to be stamped on books.

“The 27 Books”

‘The 27 Books” went through a major transformation in 2020, becoming known as “The Manuscripts”.

“The Manuscripts”

can be viewed, read, downloaded, printed https://solance.au/the-manuscripts/