Tarot Course

I first created, wrote and taught The Tarot Course whilst working for my own, self-employed, private practice “Angelic Healing Services”. I taught it for years, as well for others’ platforms/businesses.

I no longer teach Tarot, although I still continue to utilise it on my path.

10 weeks Tarot Course

$40/week (includes lunch, folder, notes and crystals; Professional Tarot Reader Certificate)

Requirement: The Raider Waite Tarot Deck

Tarot has been used for many centuries, as early as 16th Century, in gaining a deep insight and understanding of the Spiritual World, the Soul and the Meaning of Life. It is a powerful tool used for guidance and direction, self-realisation, discovering the “unconscious living” (what we are manifesting and hence creating), and most importantly seeing an overall picture of one’s life as it appears “now”, and becoming aware that we are in fact, in control of our own destiny.

Tarot is used as a “channel” between the Spiritual World and Earth existence in providing valuable messages, for personal growth and healing, confirmation and reinforcing what we already know. Through Tarot we discover that direct “future” events are a result of our own manifestation, and enable one to become Master of our own Destiny. Tarot helps one able to make the appropriate choices, decisions and action to make positive changes in their lives.

About the Teacher: Para Kas

Since as young as Para could remember, she always had a natural ability to connect and channel with the Universe and Angelic Realm, the Spiritual World. Her deep passion for helping people heal and bringing hope into their lives is a result of her own traumatic and frightening experiences that lead her to awaken her soul to a deeper level of peace within her own life.

With over 20 years experience in Counselling, Guiding, Teaching and Healing others, Para’s deep passion for Tarot became one of many powerful Holistic modalities used to restoring health, harmony, inner peace, confidence and balance within an individual. To allow the individual to take control of their life; to become Master of their own destiny.

Highly qualified and experienced Tarot Practitioner, Para had been awarded the Grand Championship Student Award for the Outstanding Achievement of Visionary Tarot College, and the Student of the Class for the Outstanding Achievement of Tarot Studies in 2006.

Course structure….

Week 1

  • Introduction to Tarot
  • Tarot Ethics
  • Intuition and Psychic Development exercises: (Clair-voyance, – audience, -cognizance, -sentience); Shapes
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Resources

Week 2

  • Intuition and Psychic Development Exercises: Crystals, Crystal ball gazing/ scrying
  • Introduction to variety of spreads
  • Celtic cross spread
  • 3 card spread
  • Numbers, colours and tarot

Week 3

  • Intuition and psychic development exercises: Jewellery Psychometry
  • Minor arcana part I wands and cups

Week 4

  • Intuition and psychic development exercises; pendulums and divining rods
  • Minor arcana part 2 swords and pentacles

Week 5

  • Intuition and psychic development exercises: photo and paper psychometry
  • Court cards

Week 6

  • Intuition and psychic development exercises: auras, tea leaf readings
  • Practice connecting cards together minor arcana with court cards
  • Practice readings
  • Revision
  • Live reading sample

Week 7

  • Major arcana

Week 8

  • Intuition and psychic development exercises; mediumship
  • Absent readings
  • Counselling skills
  • Work opportunities
  • Use of other decks incorporated into readings example oracles and angel cards

Week 9

  • Intuition and psychic development exercises: psychic art
  • Revision and summaries/Practical
  • Practice readings

Week 10


There was also a Graduation Day as it was called back then, where students were presented in class their Awards/Certificates.