Sòlance Voyage Gallery: 2012 – Current

CHANGES TO OUR WEBSITE: Changes were made to the domain website address on 20th September 2022. The website layout was updated on 21st September 2022 from “Matheson” website theme shown below to the current version “Twenty Ten”. Also both the title of the website was changed from ‘Sòlance Voyage Gallery’ to ‘Para & Otto’ and the website’s Motto was updated, on the 28th September 2022. It is imperative to note though that Sòlance Voyage Gallery still exists and still plays a huge role in our lives.

(“Sòlance Voyage Gallery”) www.solancevoyagegallery.com.au is now (“Para & Otto”) www.solance.au

Sòlance Voyage Gallery
2012 – Current

2012 – Current The significance of the journey goes way back to Adolescent and Child Counselling (A.C.C) in 1997. The changes are very profound and meaningful. Angelic Healing Services was also a very sacred part of the journey. What transpired thereafter though, was a total surprise when Otto and I met. 2012 became a very important part of our journey when Sòlance Voyage Gallery was born in 2012. Together we joined and contributed towards the movement of the Great Awakening and the major transition towards the New Era of Aquarius (that began on 21st of December 2020). No part of our lives prior to meeting and upon meeting and thereafter has gone to waste we realised. The pilgrimage expresses itself in the website, although it is very important to note that it only reflects a tiny portion of both the journeys prior to meeting one another AND the substantial intense hard work and contributions Otto and I have done together. The purpose of the Historical Journey 2022 pdf is to simply show the different stages of how it led to where Sòlance Voyage Gallery is today. The Name and The Logo document gives an overview insight as to the meaning of the current Logo.

The actual Key we own that we discovered along our journey. The key is significant as it represents the desire to unlock the sacredness of life. And so it has been used in the initial logo 2012 and the current logo that was created in 2020 as shown below.

Sòlance Voyage Gallery

A Gallery/an expression/display of our Voyage/Journey/Pilgrimage.

“In 2012 our journey led to Sòlance Voyage Gallery being born. Extraordinary levels of Stamina, Hope, Intense Faith, Phenomenal Courage, Determination and Perseverance, coupled with fully grasping the true definition of Enlightenment and Immense Devotion, was required. 

As a result it has changed us forever…… transforming the way we view and live life. And how it led us on the 19th September 2022 for Sòlance to be born and became the home of Sòlance Voyage Gallery and other Remarkable Births of Projects.” https://solance.au/para-and-otto/

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Please see above PDF “Sòlance Voyage Gallery: Historical Journey 2022” for the Historical Journey of the Logos

It used to be called Adolescent and Child Counselling (ACC) prior with the same logo.