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When SÒLANCE VOYAGE GALLERY was conceived in 2012, the name was inspired upon our travels, from a name “Solace‟ that was seen on a rural property gate in South Gipplsand, Victoria, Australia. It led to SÒLANCE VOYAGE GALLERY being born in South Gippsland.

We created a word SÒLANCE by introducing the letter N (14) into Solace. And placing a significant emphasis above the letter O. This gave for us our own interpretation where the alphabetical letter “N” in numerology, meant for us, Love. And the word had a very distinct energy in how it was pronounced.

Sòl has a very significant meaning for us,

  • “Soul”
    • Is one of Para’s Sacred Guide’s “Solar Master”
    • And our deep connection and thus the meaning it also holds being “The Sun”.

Upon searching back in 2012 if there was any definition online, on the internet or in a dictionary of the word “SÒLANCE”, we could not find anything anywhere. We thought that since we created it ourselves from an idea, that there would not be any definition of it. However, over time we discovered a website link that led to writing the following as its meaning that holds truth.

“Solance, known …for…..compassion, wisdom and sense of justice proved time again…..” http://scarteleu.wikia.com/wiki/Solance

SÒLANCE VOYAGE GALLERY (The Name : https://solance.au/solance-voyage-gallery-2012-current/ ).

When we decided in recent months to rename our website SÒLANCE with the following story to its significance, we still did not find much about its name. It was on the 25th November 2022 to our huge surprise that suddenly we could see online search of what felt like an endless list regarding the name SÒLANCE. Names of companies, products, first names, ancestry surnames and history, songs lyrics, and even a corporate with the logo exactly in the same emphasis as with our letter O of the name SÒLANCE and then claiming it as a trademark. It is remarkable how many people love the name SÒLANCE since we created it. In truth, we are honoured.

We are deeply impressed with the definitions that are now available about the name SÒLANCE that we felt to ensure that we add it to our web page. Since it holds enormous worth and value the name for us when we first began our journey back in 2012 regarding SÒLANCE VOYAGE GALLERY and the story of SÒLANCE that is written below.

“The meaning of the given name Solance represents compassion, creativity, reliability, generosity, loyalty and a love for domestic life.” http://www.meaningslike.com/name-stands-for/solance

The story of Sòlance”


What is significant about this photo? …………..

“One day I stopped, listened and heard the most beautiful sound…my soul.”

“You became…and the Universe Listened”



In the year of 2011, when we together began a serendipitous adventure in search of a ‘soul’ home, we had never imagined that it would lead to a fundamental Paradigm shift in our lives.

We embarked on a Treasure along the journey that captivated our hearts to this day. Is it the trees that keep calling us back? The ghosts of the Homestead we visited? The Magnanimous Landscape of vastness on the property? Or the combination of it all? Whatever it is, the whispers to this day haunt us never letting us forget what has become a significant footprint in our Hearts.

That paramount moment in our lives led us on a path that was definitely Universal Planned!

The intensity of commitments in becoming part of a movement for great change now occurring worldwide, meant at the time sacrificing our own comfortable lifestyles. Spending endless sleepless nights working tirelessly in our contribution to this significant greater good.

So many times, along this long and tedious road of hard work, we courageous became part of the front line and behind the scenes in alerting and raising of paramount significant “conspiracy theories”. Raising awareness and standing firmly in truth.

What is incredible is in those long specific 11 years, this one particular place that we held dear in our hearts became the thought of ‘home’. It kept our hearts alive with dreams and hopes, and filled with memories that were built along the way. For years it would whisper for us to return to visit this significant home. And we did. We would drive for hours sometimes just to be there and feel the presence of the magnificence of the trees and the surrounds they live on. We would sink our feet in the river and would say our deepest of prayers in hope someday we will be able to go home.

We did not know how long this spiritual war will take to end. And yet this sacred home kept us strong and filled with everlasting love in our hearts.

The twists and turns astounded us to this day, how we find ourselves reuniting somehow with this particular home. In fact, there were times we tried to forget about the home, we tried to suppress and even erase the memories, and yet there would be it’s whispers entering in our dreams, thoughts and stir in our hearts.

You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say.”

Well, then, why should I listen to my heart?” “Because you will never again be able to keep it quiet.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Once something is realized, once something is seen, it cannot be unseen again.” Lauren Howard Coleman, Astrology by Lauren.com

I still recall showing my twin sister a photo of the home and in concern asks me if we had physically entered the homestead itself.


Oh, she replies and tells me that there is something significant about it that has captured our hearts never to let us go. And that we will never be able to escape from its calling.

Do you know, it still continues to whisper to our hearts…………………………

We wondered if we had a past life to it, or if the spirit I saw one day there wanted our help. I honestly did not know for the first time what to do. To move there was not possible because of all the blockages stopping us. To stay for any length of time lead us to deep sadness. To leave and be apart from it for long periods of times, it would stir whispers within our hearts to ensure we never forget it.

Jügen: “A profound awareness of The Universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words.”

We did go in search for answers about this home. We wanted to know what was the history behind it. Mysteriously real estate agents and even councils would do everything to block us knowing. Regardless we did find a lot! However, we are to this day puzzled by why all the secrecy of this one particular home. We cannot complain though for whoever lives there is taking exceptional good care of this particular magnificent, mammoth land size. And the Majestic Trees, oh how special they truly are.

Opening our awareness is an ongoing process. Every time we unfold one aspect of our lives, we begin to see possibilities for further expansion. An opening that may feel like the ultimate breakthrough at one point may later be seen as simply the prelude to the next miracle…and then the next, and on and on. Our potential for growth never reaches an end….No matter how far we evolve……” Jacob Liberman

One day we will understand so much more…………………

SÒLANCE VOYAGE GALLERY was conceived in 2012, inspired upon our travels by a name “Solace‟ on a rural property gate in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. And we could see to our surprise visions of Sòlance Voyage Gallery exactly where it will be set up on that Majestic landscape that had captivated our hearts.

The creation of the word SÒLANCE is a combination of:

The letter N (14) where our interpretation of the alphabetical letter in numerology stands

for Love


The significant meanings of Sòl:

 Soul

 Solar Master (Guide)

 The Sun.

“Solance, known …for…..compassion, wisdom and sense of justice proved time again..…” http://scarteleu.wikia.com/wiki/Solance

Sòlance Voyage Gallery became part of our “Sentimental Journey”. The Journey that has deepened in its purpose.

Whether you want to call it Soul Searchers, Truth Seekers, Travelers, Nomads (NO mad), or other, the sentimental journey serves as a pilgrimage, ‘a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance’; a phenomenal Soul purpose. Enriched with experience, it is meant to be for a Higher purpose.

Such a “Sentimental Journey” can be unexpected, a choice, due to unforeseen circumstances, or as a result of an Epiphany. Once you begin it, it changes you forever and it redefines you. And in the whole process the benefits are Remarkable.

Knowledge, wisdom, illumination, awakenings, discoveries, evolving, growth, insights, awareness, expanding on horizons, advancing on skills, talents, abilities, inventions, virtues of deeper quality, new beginnings, bestowed Blessings, and builds a vast network.

“…There are four goals……. philosophy… (1) to know itself; (2) to know its Overself (Soul); (3) to know the Universe;(4) to know its relation to the Universe. The search for these goals constitutes the Quest.” Paul Brunton

The journey itself will change you forever, not only your priorities but your passions. It alters not only your direction but your desires. It transforms not only your actions but your values…..” Erwin Raphael McManus – Stand against the wind: Awaken the Hero within. www.awakenhumanity.org

There are times when fate will call you to a specific place, for a specific reason. It may be that you were meant to meet someone. Or perhaps you were meant to experience something that will change the course of your life, or change the course of someone else’s life. Whatever the case may be, we all have life changing ‘divine appointments’ at the important crossroads of our lives. Trust your intuition and you’ll never miss them.” Elayne Empower Wholeness, Sacred Divine Feminine

One day I hope to write the story of that particular home.

Along our travels, it led us to a tiny cottage on a rural rain-forest property of West Coast of Victoria, Australia, to live for what was meant to have been for a 3 months became 3 years and 5 months! It redefined our true meaning of what it means to be home. No words could ever be enough to express the love in our hearts for where we have lived in the past few years. And no one could ever fathom the meaning behind why the cottage that had become home of these last few years has created so much importance to our path ahead. Most importantly it was this very special place we had called home for those years brought about the most astounding miracles of heart soul.

Love makes us dream and when we dream anything is possible.”

In the year 2019, circumstances led to some traumatic experiences, yet there again the whispers reappear from that particular property we discovered back in 2011. Stirring our hearts to remember once more our heart soul dreams and the feeling in our heart of love for that property.

It was on the 15th August 2019 when Otto burst out a word.


We decided to give the place of 2011 that continue to haunt our dreams and hearts, our memories and to never forget it, where we had years ago envisioned for “Sòlance Voyage Gallery” would reside, a name. That property had a name but along the years of changes, it became nameless. And so we gave it our own name. “Sòlance” and began to visualise ideas and projects that we wanted to create imagining ourselves living on that property.

In our excitement we began to plan having our website domain changed to www.solance.au. It took 3 years on the Sacred 19th September 2022 to manifest into being for this change. We knew it was time.

Here is where it gets very interesting. The twists and turns of life……………………

Everything began to flow so effortlessly upon renaming our website domain from www.solancevoyagegallery.com.au to www.solance.au , organising our new email addresses as we had planned 3 years ago exactly how we wanted them to be, and so forth.

Then all of a sudden I felt drawn to upgrade the website to a new layout. I knew that would be a courageous thing to do. It meant a huge leap of faith into the unknown that we were now embarking on a new journey. And that it was a very clear symbolic meaning we were finally saying goodbye to the old lifestyle and old era ending.

As I looked at a list of themes for the new layout of our website, I came across what is called TwentyTen Theme. Without thought like someone directing my fingers I activated the new layout.

I was stunned what I saw.

Otto I have to show you something…………………………..

Is that……………………


Do you know what this all means?………………..

I am speechless………………….

We spend what felt eternal time wondering what it could all mean.

At that moment we did not know what to think. What Universe wanted us to know. That moment we saw our previous website that was titled “Sòlance Voyage Gallery” residing at our new website domain name www.solance.au, with a photo that automatically downloaded as part of the TwentyTen theme for the new website layout being the actual property that has captivated our hearts for over a decade!!!!!!!

It is a very old photo of the property. And here we were in awe of what happened at that moment.

What does all this mean for us? Does it mean we will be moving there? Was it simply to ensure that we reached to this point of our purpose on earth and that it was a signpost?

There are things our mind may not understand, but our heart does.” Grace Cueto

We come to realise that when we dream and desire, manifest and imagine, hold dear to our hearts what has kept our hearts alive, lead us to remarkable places, extraordinary experiences and phenomenal discoveries.

Trust in your Heart…it’s carried you this far.” Homespun Vol.1 No.1, Yr 2000

I wonder if we are meant to reveal where this property is that haunts us? Are we meant to say? What purpose will it benefit to disclose? Is it regarded a secret if we don not unveil the location? So many questions in own mind………..

It holds a “special meaning and a heart connection” allowing us to reflect constantly at how far we have travelled on our journey of life.

spending precious moments remembering where we’ve come from and all the wonderful happenings that have occurred along the way.” “these are the simple, heart-nurturing things that will always ground us, bring peace and contentment and bestow our lives with a sense of reason and purpose once more.” Homespun Vol.1 No.1, Yr 2000

everyone believes that the main aim in life is to follow a plan. They never ask if that plan is theirs or if it was created by another person.” Paulo Coelho

Life keeps leading us on journeys we would never go on if it were up to us.” Marcandangel

I think best we simply let Universe decide…………..

Why don’t you take a quantum leap into a journey of discovering your true self, a pilgrimage of unlocking the sacredness of life, a journey of connecting to Universe of “Spiritual Transcendence” and Alchemisation of True Love.

Your Sacred Pilgrimage is to find YOUR True Self. To witness your own growth of self.

The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.” John Ruskin 1819-1900

“….New discoveries are constantly Emerging that challenge what we thought we previously knew. And so every now and then we come to paradigm shifting realisations that alter our perception of what it means to be human, what we are capable of, and what the true nature of reality is.” Arjun Walia

At some point…..we realise that we have Embarked upon a path. At some time we know Immediately, other times we look back and the pieces fitting together into a Woven whole.”Randy Compton, The Insight Story ™ Card Set Guidebook for Insight

We are now in the Birth of a New Era. The return to the connection to Creator Higher Source. To prophecy, spirituality, and divine revelation. Entering “new dimensions of awareness”, and embracing a new wealth of experiences into the ‘healing and wholeness’ of life. A time of coming together and living in Truth, Love and a deep connection to Nature. “The Great transformation” in coming out of amnesia and being able to use our multidimensional abilities again. Utilising our Intuition, creativity and imagination to greater heights. The Alchemy of Love. And going on magical adventures of the heart.

a mind expanded can never go back to its old dimensions.” forever conscious.com

But “remember in your Silence your heart’s song” for it offers ‘the best source of inspiration’. And know this valuable piece of wisdom,

Nature has always had, and will continue to have for all time, the ability to create wonder in our hearts and minds…” Tracey Mayo

For us what has happened became a Monumental Milestone.

Now you sail to greater shores, and you carry the entire Universe with you.” Light the World, HeavenLetters

New paths and new chapters in our lives are being created…” Light Messenger


Otto what name do we give our solance.au website that no one can claim or own that represents us?

Para & Otto

Monumental Milestone: ‘Sacred Whispers’ ‘Sacred Journey’ ‘Spiritual Quest’. A Pilgrimage to Unlock the Sacredness of Life


18 December 2022