Re: online animated GIF creators

Blingee and PicMix and PiperCreations

and other such similar, are online animated GIF creators and photo editors “that allows users to create layered images using original photographs and artwork combined with user-generated ornamentation, referred to as “stamps” and “to design animated art”.

Often the creator will have their name on the image to state that they are the creator behind a particular Blingee or PicMix image using these software programs. Sometimes though the original artist’s name also appear in these Blingee or Pic Mix and Piper Creations.

A Lot of the originals that are utilised in creating Blingee and PicMix and other such creations or images, are those that are shared amongst social media platforms from original owners. However, not all are and so credit must also go to those who have shared willingly or knowingly their originals for public use.

We need to also emphasise the importance of many artists’ originals either do not have their name on their originals or do, and may thus, have been used without their awareness. And many of us have innocently utilised them for pure intent, not knowing if it is an original or who the artist is. At Sòlance Voyage Gallery when we do become aware of such circumstances, we do our utmost to rectify by either removing it or emphasising the original and the artist and where possible their website links.

It is of utmost importance, Paramount! in the NEW ERA of LIGHT, that all creations and creativity are shared with respect, honour and authenticity, and pure intent.