Proclamation: Spelling

©Para Kas-Vetter

In previous writings, although I will on occasions continue to spell certain words such as those ending with ‘ful’ with instead as ‘Full’, grateful with greatfull, ect, the current Manuscripts completed in 2020 (The Manuscripts) I have kept to the mainstream spelling. Although, there seems to be confusion as to what is appropriate to use these days; if we ought to use the American, British, or Australian spelling. We are starting to learn the truth about the purpose of the English/Western language, its deliberate ambiguity and inconsistency in its grammar and spelling.

The reason I sometimes replace words ending with ‘ful’ using instead ‘FULL’, example beautiful to BeautiFULL, wonderful to WonderFULL…. is to emphasize the importance of and fullness and thus, Energy of the word. Since I have been taught that “full” is associated with complete, I find it at times challenging to read words ending with ‘ful’, because the mind sees it as incomplete.

And then there are words such as Beautiful. If ‘Full’ is spelt as ‘full’ then why would you drop the second L to make it ful? Furthermore, why would beauty be spelt beauti? And that is just one tiny example of the numerous confusions of the western English language. No amount of so called rules they try to teach in English classes what I consider rote learning could ever justify why words we learn suddenly are changed because of ambiguous rules that not even some of the lecturers or teaches can truly explain when asked. If we are taught to spell ‘great’ as ‘great’, than ‘grateful’ ought to be spelt as ‘great-full’, and since ‘beauty’ is spelt as ‘beauty’, then ‘beautiful’ ought to be spelt as ‘beauty-full’. And so on……………………

Para Kas-Vetter