Para’s ‘ISTORίAS’


“Ιστορία” is Greek word that means “STORY”

(Pronunciation is ‘ee-stor-eee-a’ with the emphases on the second letter I, i.e. ί of ISTORίA, as is the emphasis on the letter O in the word STORY.)

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Written upon your soul are stories waiting to be told Dreams longing to be reached and new adventures ready to begin.” ©Adèle Basheer, Intrinsic

Stories seem to find a way of igniting a Passion, an idea, a new form of thought pattern, a new concept, a new way of life. Somehow it ignites for some of us emotions, inner strength, awareness, understanding and new creations or innovations. OR Deeper INsights. May the Stories ignite some form of inspiration for your own souls and for the world.” Para Kas-Vetter


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Angel and the Witch”

By Para Kas-Vetter

“The courage to understand, resolve and still love is the gift of true loving.” Para Kas-Vetter

Throughout Our Journey, Friendship seems to hold a Valuable concept in the Sea of Relationships. Through friendships, and all forms of relationships, we find aspects of ourselves to work with, learn from and grow, to evolve and apply to our existence on Earth.

Throughout all Relationships, Resolution is so very important. A Key element to moving forward in life with Harmony and Peace.

“Angel and the Witch” is a story of two friends, both who have a Purpose on Earth, and both with a Beautiful Heart, and each unique in their own way with their special abilities. One an angel and the other a good witch. They learn that their friendship has a most powerful impact on life, a positive impact when in Harmonious Union. It is what this World is always to be about. Harmonious and Loving in Togetherness.

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Boat light”

By Para Kas-Vetter

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalms 119:105

A dear old friend who has left footprints in my life, and I, a long time ago, embarked on a journey with such courage and hope, determined to do what is right in our souls. Along the way our Faith was tested intensely. One day an insightful moment awoke her soul and she wrote to share it with me on a Special card, to which I still Treasure to this day.

And so a story was created……………..

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Little Boy and the White Feather”

By Para Kas-Vetter

“Man who searches for the Throne discovers Sovereign. THRIVES through BENEVOLENCE.” Para Kas-Vetter

On my journey I have often found myself guided by a white feather that often floated on my path when I wanted reassurance, confirmation, protection or guidance. It has left me totally astounded by the amazing ways that a White Feather can appear out of nowhere to guide me and answer my prayers. An amazing miracle to experience and witness.

The Little Boy and the White Feather is about a little boy who goes out to discover the wonder of life. Mischief little soul until one day he comes across a white feather and it changes him forever. It is then his journey begins to discovering the truth about life.

I had a dream on the 21st of February of 2012 that lead me to write this book of this little boy and the white feather. It is Awakening the Soul Tarot of The Wise Soul’s journey. The little boy sets out on a journey of growth and evolution, the lessons and awakenings, and discovering the true wonders of his own life. Guided by signs he discovers the truth of his own existence.

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Noble searches for a soul”

By Para Kas-Vetter

“The true ESSENCE of life is within the Beholder’s HEART, for there you will hear the beat and know of its worth.” Para Kas-Vetter

When we are in search of a soul we are actually searching for our true identity: Who we are and what our purpose on earth is. We have been moulded to believe that who we are is what we are told. We only come to discover the truth when we go in search of our own truth of our existence. Sometimes this may be needed to be done in Solitude. The question becomes when is someone ready to discover who they are and why they are on earth? When they are Ready.

“Noble searches for a soul” is about a man who does not know who he is and goes in search for his soul, only to discover the answer is within him and not outside. He leaves his home, his child and wife to go search for answers before his return. He learns that who he truly is has always been, but that environmental factors and experiences in his life have lead him to believing he is someone he knows in his heart he is not, and thus behaving in ways that is not who he truly is.

Some of us at some point, have experienced been judged over an action that we know in our heart was not in our character, but for whatever reason drew us to take that action in the first place has mislead others to thinking of us as someone based on that action. When someone holds us against our past, we have to ask ourselves do we allow ourselves to be in their presence, do we become that which they want us to believe of ourselves or do we learn, evolve and move forward knowing that we have become a wiser soul in the process?

Of course there are those souls that choose to behave in ways that harm others continuously in whatever form that may be, and not wanting to learn from it or acknowledge their actions, believing their actions are justifiable. We then have to ask ourselves how prepared are we to understand them, forgive, or remove ourselves from their presence so as not to be affected, or influenced further, by their repetitive behaviour that is not in resonance with our Higher Self? Or do we do something about it?

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The Beautiful Angel And Her Noble Knight

By Para Kas-Vetter

Every man’s Life is a Fairytale, written by God’s finger.” Hans Christian Anderson 1805-1875

The Beautiful Angel and her Noble Knight is based on both truth and fable. It is about a beautiful Angel who finds herself yearning to share her life with her Noble Knight. She knows that it is her Destiny. She knows it to be True. However, her repetitive signs, visions and having dreams of a Lion confuses her because of her deepest desire for the Noble Knight.

Along her journey of self discovery, she learns the most valuable lessons upon ignoring her intuition, all because of her deepest desire to share her life with another.

The Beautiful story is based on Extraordinary Faith, Courage and Phenomenal Hope. And foremost, the importance of finding first yourself and inner peace, knowing you are never alone.

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The Fairy Ring”

By Para Kas-Vetter

“Take a leap of faith to the beyond horizons of your grace and there you will find BLESS.” Para Kas-Vetter

The Fairy Ring is a Beautiful story about the great Love for a very Special ring that came to a small soul’s heart. It was so Special that it performed a lot of Magic. But one day the little soul was told to part from it, and it was the start of a new journey for this loved ring to know that it was soon going to a new home.

Life amazes us with so much. Sometimes we have to make phenomenal changes that can be frightening. Other times the changes come to us and with a speed of light. Those changes can be pleasant and some of them can be daunting. However, I learnt on my journey that nothing is truly lost. Nothing. For what is so loved so deeply within one’s heart, will always stay there to nurture continuously the heart.

So should there be a moment of a child’s life that one must have to give up something, this is a beautiful story for a child to know that no matter what, the dream does linger on………..

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The Oak”

By Para Kas-Vetter

“TREASURED MEMORIES makes the Heart grow fonder.” Para Kas-Vetter

A Very Gifted Soul and True Friend, gave me this Most Precious Sacred Divine, Hand Made, Brown Leather Bounded Book, with blank, cotton white pages within it. From the first moment I received it, it made My soul Fill with so much contentment. I could not understand why at the time. All I knew was the front cover of the book constantly fulfilled my Soul. Its Phenomenal energies emitting from The Tree engraved on its cover had me for what felt a long time under a mesmerising spell.

Not knowing why at the time that there was a connection between the Gift and my Guidance, I began to have dreams, visions, see signs, hear messages, and be drawn to places about Trees and especially about The Oak Tree. I could not understand why the Universe wanted me so much to know about The Oak Tree. I could not decipher the messages at the time. I was too focused on thinking it was to write a story about The Special Oak Tree. I thought it was about moving to a place that had The Special Oak Tree. Both came true. I even thought it was about my Soul Partner whose origin is connected to The Oak Tree.

Of course the signs, the dreams, the messages and the visions became stronger and stronger every moment of the days. What transpired later was incredible.

One day I asked Universe what they were trying to tell me.

One night whilst talking about it to my Soul Partner, he said “The tree on the front cover (of the special Journal Book that was given as a gift) is an Oak Tree”. I was left totally Astounded. I never knew. And suddenly I began to Understand. I felt Peace.

One Night I decided to put the Gift underneath my pillow to speak to me whilst I was Asleep……………..

…………….And so……………

“The Oak” was born.

Do I dare to tell you what the book is all about? Or do I follow Guidance?

………..I think I will simply allow you to follow your True Guidance. Should the book be drawn to you, than what messages are within the pages must be also meant for you.

One strong message though to All of you. It was shown to me……..and it holds so much Truth:

“Don’t ever take away someone’s hope, it may be all they have to hold onto.”