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Sòlance and Sòlance Voyage Gallery

Monumental Milestone: ‘Sacred Whispers’ ‘Sacred Journey’ ‘Spiritual Quest’. A Pilgrimage to Unlock the Sacredness of Life.

Sharing the wisdom of our ‘Pilgrimage’

This website is only but an excerpt of our lives and what we have done. It shows only a fraction, of our contributions to the world and our lives. An insight.

“The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.”

John Ruskin 1819-1900

Back in 2003 phenomenal unexpected changes began to unfold within me when I suddenly desired this search to find me. I thought I really knew until events began to unfold that lead me to begin to question who I am and the truth of life. It was the most challenging and frightening time of my life because it meant having to make some very intense changes. It was not easy…….

Back in those days of mine, School did not teach the truth of life but rather in how to live within a controlled Matrix.  

In my deepest fears and not knowing how or what to do to begin this Soul Quest, I made some of the biggest mistakes. I often wondered in those times if there was another more harmonious and easier way of finding myself. Now I know yes, having gained enormous wisdom and knowledge along the way.

The journey took me to the unknown where the most profound personal changes within myself occurred as did my views of life.

Growth, Evolution, Enlightenment, Awakenings, Universal Laws, the depth of Adversities one faces and the Incredible Strength and Determination with Hope to get through them, Dreams, and the Truth of Existence on Earth.

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 
Anas Nin

Faith dares the Soul to go farther than it can see.” 
William Clarke

In 2011 Otto Vetter and I met.  It was not planned. We both hoped and prayed for many things, and suddenly, one afternoon both of us were guided to go for a walk at Merrick’s Beach in Victoria, Australia.  We both had our protective defenses up when suddenly, upon meeting, for a moment all the fears just dissipated. Love and deep Peace shone and touched our inner Soul. It was the most Extraordinary experience.

“In the span of a single second, our lives can change as energy moves at a pace more Rapid than anything we can fathom…..our lives can change immeasurably.” Such a change “can transform our lives in a blink of an eye.”
 Madisyn Taylor,

We began to share our knowledge about life, love, our vast experiences, wisdom and insights that we gained along the way over the years prior, and the awareness gained along the way.

Those protective defenses also decided to come along.

One day our determination and a willingness to step outside the vast domains of the “Matrix” initiated the ultimate desire. With courage we began to share our wisdom of our pilgrimage as we started to remove ourselves from the limitations and control that were placed upon us that had no place or purpose for us. And thereon the start of true healing.

“Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
Jalal  ad-Din Rumi

In 2012 our journey led to Sòlance Voyage Gallery being born. (The Name : ) – Extraordinary levels of Stamina, Hope, Intense Faith, Phenomenal Courage, Determination and Perseverance, coupled with fully grasping the true definition of Enlightenment and Immense Devotion, was required. 

As a result it has changed us forever…… transforming the way we view and live life. And how it led us on the 19th September 2022 for Sòlance to be born and became the home of Sòlance Voyage Gallery and other Remarkable Births of Projects.

At some point…..we realise that we have Embarked upon a path. At some time we know Immediately, other times we look back and the pieces fitting together into a Woven whole.” 
Randy Compton, The Insight Story ™ Card Set Guidebook for Insight

One famous author once said that dreams may sometimes be like stars, you can try to reach them, but sometimes following them will lead you instead to your actual destiny, instead of the one that you envisioned at first…..”

Sometimes the greatest dreams that come true are the dreams you never knew you had…..paths you didn’t know you were meant to walk… day you look back and realize you’ve climbed…..the most Beautiful Mountain top.”

Sentimental Journey”

The Journey, no matter how you word it, whether you want to call it Soul Searchers, Truth Seekers,
Travelers,  Nomads (NO mad), or other, has deepened in its purpose.

It serves as a pilgrimage, ‘a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance’; a phenomenal Soul purpose.

Enriched with experience, it is meant to be for a Higher purpose.

Such a “Sentimental Journey” can be unexpected, a choice, due to unforeseen circumstances, or as a result of an Epiphany. Once you begin it, it changes you forever and it redefines you. And in the whole process the benefits are Remarkable.

Knowledge, wisdom, illumination, awakenings, discoveries, evolving, growth, insights, awareness, expanding on horizons, advancing on skills, talents, abilities, inventions, virtues of deeper quality, new beginnings, bestowed Blessings, and builds a vast network.

“…There are four goals……. philosophy… (1) to know itself; (2) to know its Overself (Soul); (3) to know the Universe;(4) to know its relation to the Universe. The search for these goals constitutes the Quest.” Paul Brunton