Numerology Course

I first created, wrote and taught The Numerology Course whilst working for my own, self-employed, private practice “Angelic Healing Services”. I taught it for years, as well for others’ platforms/businesses.

I no longer teach Numerology, although I still continue to utilise it on my path.

10 weeks Numerology Course

$40/week (includes lunch, folder, notes and 40-50page personalised numerology report; Professional Numerologist Certificate)

Requirement: Birthday and Name as it appears EXACTLY on your original Birth certificate

Numbers are energies which carry within them immense, valuable information. Numerology is an ancient form of Wisdom, used to gain a deep insight and an understanding of our Soul (ourselves) more clearly, those around us, and our journey through life. It is a true meaningful representation of who we are and what our journey entails.

Numerology also gives us an insight of what our inner dreams, challenges and karmas are, our strengths and weaknesses as well what to expect for the coming years. Numerology involves the use of the birth date and original full name as it appears on the original birth certificate. (Palmistry is another form of discovering your ‘Blue Print’)

About the Teacher: Para Kas

Para has always had a fascination for numbers since a child. She became a qualified teacher of Maths for Secondary and Tertiary Levels, teaching over 18 years NUMBERS. Her Spiritual Journey lead her to discover an even deeper understanding behind her great fascination for numbers, leading her to become a Professional Qualified Numerologist, and receiving The Numerology and Palmistry Top 10 Awards(No.5), and Student of the Class for the Outstanding Achievement of Numerology and Palmistry in 2006.

Numerology has brought her such a deep insight into her own personal life, a greater understanding of who she is, a clearer purpose in life. This amazing tool has given her “The Blue Print” of her journey and soul.

With over 20 years experience in Counselling, Guiding, Teaching and Healing others, Para’s deep passion for Numbers became one of many powerful Holistic modalities used to restoring health, harmony, inner peace, confidence and balance within an individual.

Course structure….

Week 1

  • Introduction to Numerology
  • Meaning of Numbers 1-9, Master Numbers 11 and 22
  • Life path 1
  • Personality (birth DAY)

Week 2

  • Soul’s purpose
  • Inner dreams
  • Expression

Week 3

  • Karmic numbers and repeated “Energies”
  • Childhood challenges

Week 4

  • Life path 2 (“Maturity Number”)
  • “Achievement” Number

Week 5

  • Personality chart
  • First vowel and consonant
  • Total number of letters in name
  • Challenges

Week 6

  • “Efficiency” Bar Graph
  • Personal year and “Pinnacles”
  • Life cycles

Week 7

– Strengths and weaknesses: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual

Week 8

  • Grounding (“Balance”) Numbers
  • Past life “Achievement” numbers
  • Automatic reaction behaviour
  • The key to overcoming obstacles

Week 9

  • Work opportunities
  • Interconnection between tarot, palmistry and numerology
  • Live reading with use of numerology chart/ Practice readings
  • Revision/summaries/Practical

Week 10


There was also a Graduation Day as it was called back then, where students were presented in class their Awards/Certificates.