Motivational Part VII

Paradisal – Nature’s Jewel

Beverly Ash Gilbert

Paradisal: The Owl and Peacock

Art Duy Huynh

Paradisal – Majestic 2022

Summary: Paradisal- Majestic 2022 week beginning 23 January to 20 February 2022

– Introduction

– 1. The Quantum Awakening

– 2. Artist Vesna Delevsk

– 3. Protect me

– 4. Astrology – January 2022

– 5. Flora Aube artist

– 6. Off The Beaten Road

– 7. Oriental


– 9. Anna Speshilova Artist

– 10. Thought to ponder upon

– 11. Aboriginal Tale of the Dreamtime ‘The Wallaby Children’

– 12. 5D Ascension Have Faith – Shadowstate Narrative is Unravelling Worldwide

– 13. Courage is contagious

– 14. Annelie Solis ARTIST

– 15. Dare to Believe. You are Unique

Paradisal – LOVE

“I am in deep resonance with who I’m becoming.

I invest my energy into those experiences and people who light up my world and reward me in immeasurable ways.

My command of my own personal power is reaching new heights.

I believe in my whole, divine self.

I see limitless opportunities and move boldly towards the life that waits patiently for me to value myself enough to align with it.

I navigate each and every twist and turn, rising over challenges and unearthing even more strength and confidence on my way.

I see myself fully realising my potential, in a beautiful state of readiness to receive more for myself.

I love who I am, I love who I’m becoming, I love the life I’m living and I get to decide what’s next with every step.

Everything is changing for the better.

I find the frequency of love in everything that I say and do this week.

I Embody my truth without the need for validation.

I own every part of my beautiful, complicated and chaotic life. It’s the perfect place to welcome where my soul is guiding me next.

The only place I need to be right now is present with myself.”

Romy Wyser

When you follow a path that feels right for you

Paradisal – Magical Life

Now you sail to greater shores, and you carry the entire universe with you.”

Light the World | Heavenletters