Motivational Part III

“Paradisal”: Vision and Mission

The actual Original comes from HAPPY D. ARTIST

Inspired and Guided by The Heavens:

“There’s an element of Duty and morality to dharma, it’s not just about following what makes you feel joyful, but also doing what you know is right.” Jessica Humphries

“Discovering your dharma is about finding something that has deep meaning for you.”

What is Dharma?

Follow your heart, listen to your inner soul. Every person’s journey is unique. Create your own path and follow it with all your heart.” Adèle Basheer

Prophetic Arts

Decades ago, prophetic arts, also was known as manic arts.

Like the word gallery, the word art was suppressed or misunderstood, but in recent years is able to liberate themselves from the constraints of being confined to limits.

Art is not about just drawing and painting. Gallery is not just about putting the drawing and paintings in some conventional big room in some city with a label name on the shop.

Gallery is presenting Art in some form to the public to view. It can be in a variety of ways. And Art is actually expressing in a variety of ways in a various fields of interests.

Prophetic is informing something that has deep meaning and is informative, that enlivens, enlightens and awakens. It is prophetic and also spiritual. And Intuitive.

Life is BEAUTIFUL – Inspirational Video

Paradisal”: Earth Hues

The old stories cease to,
Have no power over you.
You are not the stories anymore,
You created before,
You are now stepping into a totally

New You.

A New Creation.
It is time to close the storybook,
Of what has been before.
All of it.
All you ever created on earth,
While you took on personas
And played out storybook roles.
All serve no longer.

Close the book.
And now start a totally new book,

New beginnings,
Where you live authentically,
The TRUTH of your SOUL
And indeed,
The personas are not needed any longer,
Not the acting stages.
When you truly live the truth of your soul
You are THAT!
And indeed,

As you step into the fullness of your soul power
And the truth of who and what you in truth are,
Every day becomes a newly created,
And indeed filled with signs,
Miracles and wonders,
Omnipotent Love, Light and Wisdom,

As you walk and talk your Soul truth,
With purity of intent.
Indeed, all flows into One single Whole,
ATONE with the Divine
And All of Creation

And thus all
Glorifies the Divine,
For indeed you are living
And breathing the Divinity within you,
And thus ARE ONE

With All and Everyone and Everything.
No need for stories any longer.
Only the living and loving of truth.”

Judith Kusel

Paradisal: I am the Voice

It is now about “Living Your Most Authentic Life” and in doing so invites you to “Ignite Your Inspiration”

Guardians- Awaken The Bright White Light Within Children

Guardians – Please Awaken The Bright White Light Within Children.

Remind The Children Well is a powerful message from life about life to heal life itself.

Life invites you to remember that Children are years old Spirits entering a body.

Remind the children that Joy, Truth, & Love is the essence of that which they are.

Remind the children that their inner divine light shines on always above all else no matter what.

Remind them of these things not only with your words but also with your actions, not only with discussion but also with demonstration.

For it is what you do that your children will emulate, and how you are that they will become.”

Based on Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch. Illustrations in video by Frank Riccio. Music by Emilio Kauderer

Paradisal: Ride the Wave

Paradisal: addendum

“Trust your magic, its there <3

Speak it! You are already there.

So much good is coming your way and into your life right now. Clarity, insight, abundance, breakthroughs, love, awareness, guidance, and positivity are all in your reality at this moment. It’s not somewhere distant. It’s now.

Own it as truth for yourself. Start to see what’s flourishing, thriving, and blooming in your life. Look for what’s going right. There’s many things happening in your favor even when it feels like you’re up against something. What if you saw it as a breakthrough. Your mind is opening up to a greater understanding of yourself. This new insight is giving you more clarity on your mental power, perspective, and emotional intelligence. You’re learning that it’s al just a moment unfolding itself.

Even the hardest times has a new beginning that follows it. Nothing bad last forever. All good is there and continuous. We just keep remembering that it has always been. This is where miracles become a natural part of your life. A constant flow because you know it’s part of life. It’s who you are. You speak it powerfully over your life as it will dissolve any resistance or negativity.

Your mindset, words, and feels should always be charged with – I am a miracle – this reminds you of your truth and puts you back to focus on your abundance and expansive spirit. You are glowing light. Good is here. It’s okay. You are doing your best just how you are and this realization will bring you a greater inner peace to open your heart and mind to receive all that’s constantly being given to you.

Celebrate your life today. Smile and be the source of love beaming from within.

Idil Ahmed”

Paradisal – A New Once Upon A Time

She left the old story behind her and stepped into a new once upon a time” to gain a new way of being, of safety, of security, of depth, of meaning.

Paradisal – Your Soul knows when it is time for a New Beginning×722/

“Let your soul wonder along the path of hidden dreams

To the place where magic and mystery unite

Where your whispered wishes are brought to life.”

“Let the life you lead be your greatest dream come true.”

Adèle Basheer

Paradisal – With Love