Motivational Part I

The following is dedicated to all artists and souls who created these masterpieces. My deepest apologies that your names where they do not appear are not mentioned upon rebuilding our website.

In our previous website, some of the Motivational Creations displayed were in fact displayed throughout the website, and to which we were utilising to promote the glorious artists out there. Where possible we also had links and other information promoting your work. We did not claim any profit nor credit for your work. And as such we felt that this folder of Motivational ought to still be acknowledged somehow worldwide. So to all the artists out there thank you for the joy and inspiration, hope, motivation, and incredible strength you have brought and still do bring, to us all. God Bless YOUR SOULS.

Please note that the works could be copyright so not to be used for commercial or profit use, unless you recognise who it belongs to then you could contact the artist directly. I would be Most appreciated.

Lots of Love Para xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Artist: Cathy McClelland 3 of Cups- Celebrations and Joy