Moral – to SHARE

When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.”

Chinese Proverb

“Don’t withhold good from someone entitled to it when you have in hand the power to do it.”

Proverbs 3:27 CJB

Sharing knowledge with others is critical for advancement”

Thomas Nield

“Lighting one candle

with another candle—

spring evening.”

— Yosa Buson

“Buson is saying that we accept the light contained in the work of others without darkening their efforts. One candle can light another, and the light may spread without its source being diminished. We must sing in our own way, but with the contributions and influence of others, we need not sing alone.”

— Frank Chimero, Shape of Design

“a lot of innovation has been built on the foundation of open source.

New projects can draw from the past of what already exists and use that to start fresh. The flame dancing on the candle wick represents previous innovations and fundamental advancements. The other candle is the fresh start that can learn from the past and isn’t beholden to legacy decisions.

………..The spring evening is the event that requires the candles to provide light. Spring is typically a season associated with excitement and late nights after long winters.

A birth of a new project is much like a calm spring night that’s welcoming summer. Full of promise and hope, much like a new open source project.

Open source is full of remixes

This is a great thing. Every “candle that I light” has been lit by other projects either through inspiration or through actual code.

It’s the engine of open source.

And I think that’s a great thing. After all, we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants. Spring evening.”

John Otander

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single one, and its life will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


“The Buddha said, “Those who rejoice in seeing others observe the Way will obtain great blessing.” A Sramana asked the Buddha, “Would this blessing be destroyed?” The Buddha replied, “It is like a lighted torch whose flame can be distributed to ever so many other torches which people may bring along; and therewith they will cook food and dispel darkness, while the original torch itself remains burning ever the same. It is even so with the bliss of the Way.””

“A similar expression is found in the Mahayana Gandhavyuha Sutra, translated by Thomas F. Cleary as “Entry Into the Realm of Reality.” There we find the following:

Just as millions of lamps can be lit from one lamp, without the one lamp being exhausted or diminished by all the lamps taking their flame from it, in the same way from the one lamp of the aspiration for omniscience the lamps of aspiration for omniscience of all buddhas of past, future, and present are lit, yet the one lamp of aspiration for omniscience is not exhausted, and shines undiminished by the lights of the lamps of aspiration to omniscience proceeding from it.”

““An act to make another happy, inspires the other to make still another happy, and so happiness is aroused and abounds. Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Those who seek Enlightenment must be careful of each of their steps. No matter how high one’s aspiration may be, it must be attained step by step. The steps of the path to Enlightenment must be taken in our everyday life.””

““Just as an oil lamp burns in dependence on oil & wick; and from the termination of the oil & wick — and from not being provided any other sustenance — it goes out unnourished”

“As a flame overthrown by the force of the wind goes to an end that cannot be classified, so the sage free from naming activity goes to an end that cannot be classified.”

“So many have denied others the opportunity to be informed by sharing, or to share what is good because of greed or egocentric mindsets fear their ‘legacy skills’ become ‘replacement’.

The new era now is about sharing, helping one another, love, transparency, authenticity, truth, grace, integrity, and humbleness.

We all have had that moment in our lives in the past where we wanted to feel fully acknowledged for something and not have someone else take credit for the hard work we have done.

I have been in situations where enormous hard effort and work I have done was stolen or claimed as someone else’s or others took credit for it. There reaches a point when you find your inner peace so deep, as Plato stated “know thyself”, we begin to see things differently. Our views and perceptions of life become altered whether from our own doing or out of our control acts.

We are in times now of Universal Laws, Natural Laws, and Karma Laws are in full force effect. You do not need to try to control as to who is suppose to share your work or not, and in what way or how. What your focus needs to be is remove the limitations and allow others to share your wisdom. For otherwise you are stopping the progress of advancement of another life or lives.

So many have secretly tried to patent technology that could have advanced civilisation because of greed or wanting to obtain their legacy as their own. If all those patents sitting in the draw because of suppression was shared widely, the world would be a different place.

Furthermore, I have noticed recently new words are being used to replace “Copyright” to “terms and Conditions”. This is not corporate. Those times are ending. The old era is ending. This is not the time to be petty because the old world is crumbling. No amount of stating how spiritual you are and doing God’s work or wise you are if you are still in the old mind set of me me me me me and not we sharing valuable knowledge and wisdom.

A profound provoking thought:

Have you used deceased persons quotes in your works? Have you used creations retrieved from nature? Have you used verses from the Bible?

If so did you ask the deceased persons’ for permission? Did you ask nature for permission? Did you ask those who wrote the scriptures thousands of years ago for permission? Did you actually even ask those who engraved into the stones that reflect hundreds of thousands of years of stories for permission to use into your creations?

I would say NO.

Copyright actually means do not plagiarise nor claim some one else’s work as your own. It is a free service in stating this clearly. Trademark is simply paying a corporate company to do the same. Both simply are to emphasise protecting thieves from stealing and misusing your works. That is totally clear for anyone to understand.

BUT we are now in transparent times and those that do the disgraceful either dismantle fast or are disgraced immensely and thus lost their businesses and have been publicly humiliated.

“ A man who works with his hands is a labourer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.”

Democritus 460-370BC

Be a true artist who can share your truth with grace and authenticity, and be a true artist who uses others works with grace and integrity and respect to inspire and heal others. Sharing your stories of wisdom and truth, your creations and inventions, of guidance and inspiration. And let others share it too and grow from it as well. Let the light spread unconditionally.

So do not withhold good from those that it can benefit or it is owed to or deserving of it.

Do not deny those who are of integrity to share your works.

It is for this reason I have created what is called “EXCEPTIONAL COPYRIGHT” which in summary states you can use any of my creations and profit from it or share provided that you state my name ©Para Kas-Vetter and it is done with grace integrity and respect. ;

The moral of Copyright is truly to state clearly that the creator/inventor/writer ect “have their authorship….attributed to them; not to have their work falsely attributed to someone else; not to have their work treated in a derogatory way.””

Para Kas-Vetter