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Angelic Healing Services

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From the Depths of My Heart and Soul
I Thank you to you all
for your Beautifull Testimonials.
There is no expression deeper than what is within the Core of My Soul
As to how Deeply Humbled, Gratefull and Touched I AM Beyond words.
Bless YOUR Glorious Souls. I Love you I Thank You!!!!!”

Lots of Love Para xoxox

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Angelic Healing Services
2005-2012 Testimonials

Para, is a beautiful soul, loving and gentle. She delivers her guidance with integrity and compassion. It is very nurturing while being very insightful“
R.R. Vic.

“When the world around us gets a little foggy and it’s hard to see your way through, it’s comforting to know that Para has the talents and extraordinary gifts of clarity to help you find your way again. Combine this with calmness of voice and presence of serenity that surrounds her whole being. When first meeting Para you can’t help but walk away feeling blessed to discovering what is so special about us all. She certainly leaves you with the feeling of peace, vision and strength to continue the journey. Truly a joyous soul to cross paths with, her warmth remains long after the meeting. Leave expectations at the door and enter Para’s world……………….she will quickly help you realize that it’s your world too. Many thanks and best wishes for Para’s future and all that get led her way.”
Cindy Lever, Victoria

“I have been to see Para on a few occasions over the last 2 years. She is the most wonderful person one could have the pleasure of meeting, she welcomes you with Open arms, Love, and Peace. She doesn’t even have to try, she just makes you feel so comfortable in her presence, she is such a beautiful soul. She has helped me so much with her gift, she has been very accurate every time, and is always helpful with any questions you may have, and is always very respectful. I highly recommend her services without a doubt. I referred a friend to her, and she was also amazed at Para’s gift, and how accurate she is.”
Robyn Maynard Victoria

“Para Kas is one of the most talented psychic/medium/healers as well as a psychic artist i have come across. I have about 4 of her drawings all are breathtaking. Her heart and soul are put into her work as you will see when you get a drawing done off her. The one that she did of my husband and i (through the eyes of Para) well it’s heavenly. I never saw myself in the way that she drew us, but i know it’s me. She always draws the beauty in any of her clients whether they see themselves as beautiful or not. You will understand when you see your own pictures. I wish Para all the very best in ALL her achievements and hope you all enjoy her work as much as i do.”
Paulene Cregan NSW

“Para Kas has proven to many as well as us and family and friends of ours, how accurate in her psychic/mediumship as well as her tarot readings are. We can only admit to anyone who asks about her and her abilities how amazing and true to her word she is. A true gift from Heaven.”
Pauline and Andrew Cregan, NSW

“Para Kas is amazing! Never before have I had such amazing readings with anyone else. Para’s insight and ability is extremely accurate and her readings are very empowering and awe inspiring. Para is more than just a spiritual healer, she is an angel, a precious soul who has given me the tools to change my life in a way I never thought possible. I am so grateful to Para and feel truly blessed and honored to have Para in my life. Thank you precious beautiful Para”.
A. Taylor, Victoria

“I first met Para about three years ago when I went undertook some counselling sessions with her. I was dealing with some heavy personal issues at the time, was lacking in confidence and had really low self esteem. Since that first meeting I am glad to say that with Para’s guidance, support and encouragement, I have made many positive changes in my life and developed in so many ways that I never thought possible. Para challenged me to question perceptions and limiting beliefs that I had held onto steadfastly for many years and that most importantly did not serve me anymore. I am definitely much happier now and have a more positive outlook on life thanks to her help. While Para may have started out as my counsellor, I have been fortunate enough to experience first hand many of her other talents as well, such as tarot reader, crystal reader, angel intuitive and numerologist. I have always found Para, to be very professional and amazingly accurate in her readings. She has this way of making you feel special and you never want the sessions to end because she creates an environment of such love and peace. Para is an honest and genuine soul, who uses her very special gifts to bring light to the lives of others.”
Christina G, Victoria

“I consider myself to be privileged to have had the opportunity to receiving readings from Para whatever form they come in, whether through tarot, tealeaves, crystals, mediums or a combination of various methods. I find Para to be very accurate. She goes that extra mile and continues to find different angles to ensure that you understand the message that is meant for you. Sometimes the message does not make sense when delivered but later you have an experience and then know exactly what she did mean to the point where you are left saying wow! I have been blessed to have had Para as a spiritual teacher as she has given me the opportunity and confidence to grow spiritually. She makes the class feel at ease with one and another where anyone can asks a question and you do not feel ridiculed. She allows each individual to develop at their own pace and makes everyone feel comfortable with their own achievements as we were all at different stages of our spiritual learning path. When conducting her classes, Para is very professional and remains true to her profession by accessing all her spiritual resources, providing excellent notes and taking on board any request or recommendations to make learning the content easier. Furthermore, you experience her enthusiasm for what she does and see for firsthand her psychic ability”.
Vicki B. Victoria

“My husband and I both had a reading with Para Kas in August 2008. In the weeks since the reading, her guided words have already made a difference in our lives and our marriage. Para was incredibly sensitive, intuitive and positive. She brought us peace and healing with her loving and generous spirit. Her guided advice was practical, constructive and incredibly accurate. If you are feeling lost on your path, I pray that you will contact Para – she will lift you up more than you can imagine! Para is certainly one of God’s very special messengers here on earth. Much love and blessings”
Karen Taylor Victoria

“Finally we have found Para!! After years of counselling, psychology and therapy, I finally found Para. Para helped me more in one reading that all my years of therapy. If you are living with any depression, if you feel lost or confused, need guidance, or would simply love some inspiration, I urge you to have a reading with Para. So much of our heart ache is a soul ache and Para can help you sort it out. She is an angel on earth. If you are reading this then it is meant to be and you are blessed. Do yourself a favour and have a reading with her. It will change your life, it will give you direction and it will set you free!! It is a incredible blessing to come across someone so wonderfully gifted and special. She brings hope and abundance. Thank you Para from the bottom of my heart. It has been life changing meeting you!”
Jodi Victoria.

“For years I have fluctuated with spirituality and Belief with sometimes being a believer and at other times just being. I grew up with my mother and aunt being clairvoyants and always knew of the other realm but sometimes wished I didn’t. After my reading with Para she changed the way I lived for she gave me answers to what no one else could. I am now trying to listen and be guided instead of the one trying to drive. Now if only my ego would let that happen? Thank you Para, for you have given me great peace and I now find that I am more on track now for knowing what no one could have ever told me.”
Dane Victoria

“Para’s readings have helped me access my own intuition and have empowered me to influence my life positively”.
Kirsten Vic

“Para Kas, Angelic Healing Services: This name says it all, healing services from the closest thing to an Angel that exists on this Earth. I have known Para for a number of years and have had the opportunity to have Para assist me with her messages from Spirit. They always arrive at the most opportune time and have always been totally accurate and totally meaningful. I have also had the opportunity to work with Para on various occasions and have been astounded by her humble and caring nature. The total connection that Para has to her Guides, and to Spirit are truly amazing to behold. If you are fortunate enough to have been led to this inspirational soul for guidance then you have been led to one of the very best that there is available. There are not words enough to show how special Para Kas really is, when you seek her guidance for yourself you will know why that is so.”
Neil Hanel NSW

“If you lose sight of your path, are looking for answers or are even sceptical, you will truly be amazed by Para. I was referred to Para through a friend and Para is a true Angel. In my first reading with Para, she managed to break down my walls and provided me with the guidance I needed. Since that first reading, her continual guidance has given me so much hope, insight into myself and my life and shown me a place that I call ‘where dreams come true’. Para is very caring and patient with her guidance, even when you have a moment, are stubborn or do not want to see what is in front of you. She is a genuine earth angel and having her in your life, is a true blessing.”
Pas, Victoria

“Para has taught me strength – to value my own worthiness how to manage my life when my judgment becomes blurred to re focus – get back to what I have learnt. I read & re-read all the messages she sends to help me on my path in this life so I come through the dark tunnels on the way. Recently I was not coping with the day to day – another soul was taking my energy Para guided me to go back to where I was strong & to be my strongest & wait for the gifts of life to unfold. I did this I am now stronger than I was before. listen & believe.”
Karen G, Vic

“I met Para when she was working as a Consultant with Mystic Dragon. My first impression was that she was an extremely intuitive and caring person. As I got to know her better I was impressed with how generous she was both with the amount of time she invested in helping people and in how knowledgeable she was in so many areas. A numerology report she prepared for me was so detailed and presented with so much thought and care that I still treasure it and refer to it today. Para naturally draws people to her. She is a natural healer, counselor and her photography is brilliant. I recommend her highly. “
Shirley Nicholls (Spiritual Teacher) Victoria

“Para’s numerology report provides insight into past life information which works in conjunction with my present life, providing detailed explanations why my life is exactly as it is and what it is I need to work on along my life path and true purpose. It is incredibly reliable and revealing, but most importantly – healing and helping me changing and “pushing through the line”. I feel very blessed and honored to have met you personally in a wonderful Self-Love Event and through your informative numerology work. Your caring way to assist people with your unconditional love brings light into this world. Thank you for that”.
Love always, Petra Elbl Victoria

“Para Kas of Angelic Healing Services created and hosted an event called ‘The Self-Love Event’ on Sunday 29th June 2008. It was held at our Inner Peace Centre in Doncaster East. Her intention was to promote the book ‘Am I Going Mad?’ and explain the unusual phenomena sometimes associated with spiritual evolution. This she did brilliantly. As part of the package, Para supplied a taped 20 minute reading for all participants who attended the event, and was kind enough to also do one for my husband, Michael Carroll and myself – the author of the book. I can recommend Para Kas as a highly competent reader.”
Marlyse Carroll, Managing Director, Inner Peace Australia Pty Ltd, Victoria

“Over the last few years I have had several spiritual readings from Para. Her readings have proven to be incredibly accurate. She has truly helped me gain clarity within my life and through her guidance allowed me to heal on a deep soul level and find complete inner peace, which I had never thought possible. I have recommended Para to many of my family members and friends and they too have come away with much clarity and peace. I highly recommend Para to anyone seeking guidance and clarity within their lives.”
Tracy M. Vic

“I have known Para for 2 years now. When I first met her I instantly warmed to her fun and loving nature. I was also very impressed with Para’s readings. They are all spot on and the messages she has given me are always with love. I now have my readings via the phone as I am Sydney. They are just as good and the connection as strong. Para is a very special angel and a delightful person. “
Pearl Sydney

“I have been talking regularly to Para for the past seven months and have found her insight extraordinary helpful and optimistic. She has helped me redirect my energy and focus into the things that are really important in my life, and has predicted with remarkable accuracy the way in which things would unfold for me. This has been incredibly useful in terms of maintaining a positive outlook as well as choosing all the things I want in my life and helping me to achieve them. She has made me look at life in a completely new way and I really cannot thank her enough.“
Tessa, Vic.

“Para Kas provides the objectivity, insight and inspiration required of any medium. After a consultation with Para, one feels sufficiently enlightened, motivated and empowered to conduct their life as it is destined.”
Adrian F. Vic

“When I first meet Para I was impressed by her intelligence, knowledge, artistic ability and spiritual capabilities. Her generosity and kindness make you feel special. I always contact Para before making any big decisions or business decisions as I have found her to be very accurate with her advice. Para is truly my real life guardian angel, once you meet her she is always there for you.”
LT Vic

“Para is a beautiful person and one who knows her stuff. She provides a very warm, caring, safe environment in her readings. Para makes you feel special. Para goes that extra mile, if she sees you don’t understand she tries other ways to explain things to you if something comes to her after your reading she will follow through with a phone call, something I have never experienced before. Having Para in your ‘back pocket’ is like having a solid wall to lean on, she is 100% there for you. Para has many dimensions to her work and is also a beautiful artist, often drawing portraits of things that only she can see. I can’t recommend Para highly enough, she is my adviser when my way forward is cloudy.”
Ellise Victoria

“I was totally amazed with my “Para” experience. Her accuracy, predictions and her knowledge of me and my life was astounding. This is one truly gifted lady. Thank you Para.”
Hayley Stewart, Vic


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