How to open ODT file

Important Notice about ODT files

Upon changes to computer programs, web browsers and other, it was made apparent to us that although most of the documents are saved in PDFs and DOC format files, some are in ODT format. This meant for us that we need to use LibreOffice Writer to open .odt files, and Atril Document Viewer to open PDFs. However it may be a different application that you may need to utilise to open an .odt file.

Following are 3 links with their corresponding excerpts of information as to how to open an .odt document. The following three links are chosen because of the valuable and detailed instructions offered to help you in how to open an .odt file, if your computer or ipad or iphone does not open .odt files.

Link 1:

How to Open an ODT File

“ODT file are built with OpenOffice Writer, so that same program is the best way to open one. However, LibreOffice WriterAbiSource AbiWord ……..Doxillion, and several other free document editors can open ODT files, too. Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online can open ODT files online, and you can edit them there as well.

ODT Viewer
 is another free ODT viewer for Windows, but it’s only useful for viewing ODT files; you can’t edit the file with that program.

If you have Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect installed, those are two other ways to use ODT files; they’re just not free to download. MS Word can both open and save to the ODT format.

Some of the programs just mentioned work on macOS and Linux, too, but NeoOffice (for Mac) and Calligra Suite (Linux) are some alternatives. Also remember that Google Docs and Word Online are two online ODT viewers and editors, meaning that they work on not only Windows but any other operating system that can run a web browser.

To open an ODT file on an Android device, you can install the OpenDocument Reader app. iPhone and other iOS users can use ODT files with OOReader or ikuDocs Documents, and probably some other document editors.”

Link 2:

How to open ODT file?

One of the common applications that you can use to open ODT files on your system is Microsoft office. 

The next application that you can use to open ODT file on your system is File Viewer Plus.

Open ODT File with Apple Text……..for Mac users. The application is included in the Mac OS

you can also use Google drive to open the files

convert the ODT file in some other format”

Link 3:

How to Convert an ODT File to Word the Easy Way

“OpenOffice is a free open-source software suite that includes Writer, an alternative to Microsoft Word. While Writer works incredibly well, it saves files in OpenDocument Text (.ODT) format. It shouldn’t be a problem except when you need to open files in Microsoft Word.

If you have Word 2010 or newer, an .ODT file will open automatically when double-clicked. But what about those who are using older versions of Word or don’t have Word installed?

We’ll show you how to convert .ODT to Word document. Try one of the following methods listed below.

The first method uses WordPad to convert .ODT files to .DOC files, Word’s file format. Locate the .ODT file you’d like to open. Right-click on the file and click Open With.

Select WordPad from the list and click OK.

The file will open as a WordPad document. Go to File > Save As > Office Open XML Document.

Rename your file if needed then click Save to continue. This will create a .DOC version of the original file. You should now be able to access the document in MS Word.


You need to convert .ODT files to Word format to open them in Word. Of all the methods discussed, using WordPad would be the easiest and safest option.

Using Google Drive works just as well but you do need to be online for it to work.

Some third-party OpenOffice to Microsoft Word converters work. But some are not as secure as others. You would have to do some research to vet which .ODT to Word document converters are legit.”