“Healing From Within” Workshop

I first created, wrote and taught “Healing From Within”Workshop whilst working as sole trader/self-employed for my private practice “Angelic Healing Services”. I conducted the workshop for different platform events.

One of my most precious memories and highlights is when I conducted a Workshop at a Retreat. I had done something deep and meaning-full for every participant. From remembering there was about over 40 participants at the retreat. I gave each and every single one of them a surprise gift. It was done with all of my soul. A lot of time had been invested in the gifts that were presented. It included a mini Psychic/Tarot Reading. I also included a package of numerous booklets or pamphlets from the Psychology Association of various topics to help them on their journey.

The Workshop was later called Awakening the Soul Workshop.

I no longer teach the Workshop, although I still continue to utilise alot of what I taught, on my path.

“Healing From Within” Workshop   

1 Day, Saturday

Cost: $140 (includes lunch, notes, Certificate and a surprise Gift)

AIM: To open the channels to motivation, inspiration, creativity, joy and inner peace, and prepare Souls for the wonders of this world.

An introduction to the most extraordinary tools used for healing, dealing with emotions such as sadness, grief, depression and anger, to build self-esteem and confidence, to gain clarity and understanding in themselves and the world they live in.

The workshops cover also a variety of oracle and tarot /Universal cards, including , Animals, Plants, Unicorns, Fairies and Angels, Crystals, Numerology, Wellbeing and Good health, Charkas, Colours, Visionary Art, White witches, Magic and potions, Reflexology, Journal writing, Palmistry, Runes, Tao, and I Ching.

Part1: Healing from Within
Aim: To provide you with a number of resources and strategies, and inform you of the available modalities to well- Being of Mind, Body and Soul; How to heal.

Part2: Connecting to the Universe and Angelic Realm
Aim: Learn the TOOLS to Psychic and intuitive Development, and in communicating with the Universe and Angelic Realm, the Spirit world.

Part 3: Universal Signs: The Key to Guidance
Aim: Provide an understanding and interpretation of Signs, Symbols, Coincidences and Synchronicities and other universal Signs, and their importance to guidance in finding peace, love, joy and direction in life.