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I am dearly Blessed with the Precious Souls I have in my life. Every single one of them have Exceptional Talents that bring immense meaning into my life and on my journey. They are all family to me. Love ones. Regardless of if they are blood related or not. They always deeply Bless my path. Cindy Lever is one of them. I have personally known Cindy for many years. A Divine Treasure. Cindy’s Soul-Fulfilling Photography has been, since I first met her, a huge part of my path and for my writings. Forever constantly nourishing and filling my own Heart and Soul too. Cindy Lever I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Thank you and forever grateful!!!!!!!!!!!for what you do for us and for the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love for Always, Para xoxoxoxoxox

Cindy Lever

© Cindy Lever Photography

Cindy Lever is also Founder and Owner of ‘Cleverpix Photography’. Focusing on Sports.

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