A choice in life


Subject: A choice in life
From: “Para (Solance Voyage Gallery)” <para@solancevoyagegallery.com.au>
Date: Wed, 07/10/2020 19:06

A choice in life

Precious ‘Paskalia’ thank you with all of my Soul for forwarding this video to us.

Today is a very significant point of my life and I feel deeply important to say this to you Patrick DaCosta. Words cannot convey enough the enormity of gratitude to you. When our website was shut down and erased April of 2019, just prior to May 2019 Australian Federal elections, it took enormous regrouping, courage and guidance to contact you with the hope that we would be able to utilise your platform about World Events, to continue to spread the truth and raise awareness. What you did for me is unforgettably deeply moving and humble. Thank you. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Because of you I was able to continue to have articles published about Truths, Philosophical and Spiritual aspects of life, and Guidance, whilst rebuilding our website. I will forever be grateful. You also helped a lot of people and others be able to get the truths out there as well.

The video is deeply heartfelt. At the marker 1.59 Minutes tears started to flow of the innocence of a little child wanting to hug a soul he admires.

The video reflects on choices in life, major changes and what we trully do want for the future of this planet.

This is for Grace and LOVE of and on Earth to come fully alive again.

Lots of Love Para Kas-Vetter xoxoxoxoxox

The Video: They lied about him – the choice should be easy https://youtu.be/ZYvzYPjFr-I 4.47 minutes