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The following quotes are from My Manuscripts “Silence me with your Whispers” and “Guided Runeological Whispers” that were channelled, whispered to me and guided by Guides and Other Realms

“Your heart is like the shield that knows when to put it down and when to protect it from that which it knows will not allow it to grow.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The Mastery of life is not in the how but in the know.” Para Kas-Vetter

“TREASURED MEMORIES makes the Heart grow fonder.” Para Kas-Vetter


“Time to go to the Leverlands, Oh. Or is it the Neverlands? Or the Everlands? Oh how we are so focused in wanting to know what it is that we forget to go…….much like the mind with guides.” Para Kas-Vetter

“BELIEVE and you will see the Light.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Writings on the Wall of the HEART.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Who are they that think that they can dictate what is, is perceived in their opinion, when what is IS that which it is, as is.” Para Kas-Vetter

“To FOLLOW YOUR HEART is A CELEBRATION of Reverence.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Find REASON TO LIVE.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Fear is what stops one to Bloom and yet fear is what drives one to Bloom. The Key is to know which fear to embrace. One has a purpose and the other has not.” Para Kas-Vetter

“COLOURS OF LIFE.” Para Kas-Vetter

“DREAM HOPE BELIEVE for they hold Valuable Tools of Fulfilled Wishes Come True.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The language has A barrier that often creates battles, but is it not the heart that speaks the most volumes?” Para Kas-Vetter

“You wonder with curiosity, you ask with question, yet have you answered with a full stop.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Symphony of Silent Whispers HEALING thy soul to Grace.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Are you able to feel the sorrow’s caress in the midst of darkness desiring for your bless? Embrace it knowing it will Rest.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Retain your composure for you will need your energy for Salutation.” Para Kas-Vetter

“THE FIRST STEP TO LIFE is the one dare to take.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The TRUTH of our Existence Are The PROMISES OF the true LAND.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Take a leap of faith to the beyond horizons of your grace and there you will find BLESS.” Para Kas-Vetter


“SURPRISE! Surprise? Are you? Surprise.” Para Kas-Vetter

“MIRACLES DO HAPPEN if only you can hold on to that that is Golden to your Soul.” Para Kas-Vetter


“The sun SHINES, the moon LIGHTS, the stars BRIGHT, the words rhyme. Oh how wonderful if the world would rhyme with love.” Para Kas-Vetter

“TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS if we allow.” Para Kas-Vetter

“LOOKING FORWARD TO TOMORROW AS IF IT WERE A SURPRISE of Great Blessings of wonder.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The SMILE says it all.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The TREASURES of the Beholder’s Soul.” Para Kas-Vetter

“PROMISES of tomorrow guided by numbers alphabet and the Symbology of life.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The true ESSENCE of life is within the Beholder’s HEART, for there you will hear the beat and know of its worth.” Para Kas-Vetter

“MAGNIFICENT LIGHT makes the Heart grow Heights.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Magnificent light that shines so bright like a golden egg shimmering in the light, Illuminate my Path so I can see, Illuminate my Way so I can Breath.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Man who searches for the Throne discovers Sovereign THRIVES through BENEVOLENCE.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Trace your steps back forward stand, and you will know the truth of your soul.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Joy to the Holy Lord for in its Presence lays our Glory.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Lord Soul.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Service to the car, service to the community, service to the world, service to the people…….mmmmm…..interesting … there a service to the soul? I Believe so but who dares to think of servicing their own soul, they are too busy out there.” Para Kas-Vetter

“You Are Home.” Para Kas-Vetter

“HOLD ON TO HOPE for Hope can provide Extraordinary Miracles.” Para Kas-Vetter

“ACCOMPLISHED DREAMS is a humble smile to the mind.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The day is Bright the night is light and in all its glory we are DELIGHT.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Tea Tie Toe, however you might go, do so with glee, for you will show your plea.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Read Between the lines of the mind for there it will show its true form.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A VISION Illuminates the way.” Para Kas-Vetter

“LIVE EACH MOMENT WITH MEANING for the profoundness of time is the true essence of accomplishment.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A catalyst that brings total RESTORATION.” Para Kas-Vetter

“INNER PEACE, HARMONY AND CONTENTMENT are shared knowledge of well being.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The courage to understand, resolve and still love is the gift of true loving”. Para Kas-Vetter

“MYSTERY OF LIFE keeps us evolving with delight.” Para Kas-Vetter

“DESTINY Awaits Desire.” Para Kas-Vetter

“ETERNAL FLAME makes your Love come Alive.” Para Kas-Vetter

“REFLECTION of life like the mirrors of the waters.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Bask in the PRESENCE of GOOD NEWS.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The heart of the Soul of the matter.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Repair the world, heal the heart, mend the mind, fix the body. What a busy soul you are……have you ever thought to rest in peace and Embrace the world with love? You’d save yourself a fortune.” Para Kas-Vetter

“That which we ask for comes from the soul.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The sounds of the Bells are but a mere resemblance to the joys of the soul.” Para Kas-Vetter

“In the name of God PHILANTHROPY!” Para Kas-Vetter

“Radiate your Absence of Shadows and there you will find its source!!” Para Kas-Vetter

“COURAGE STRENGTH leads to A HAPPY soul.” Para Kas-Vetter

“THE PURPOSE OF LIVING is to dance with the moon, the planets, the stars and the joys of Heaven.” Para Kas-Vetter

“HOPE ON THE HORIZON.” Para Kas-Vetter

“PARADISE a Sign of subsistence.” Para Kas-Vetter

“DARKNESS AND LIGHT Bring Clarity to Life.” Para Kas-Vetter

“WITH ENDINGS COME NEW BEGINNINGS like the seasons of Life That brings Soul Awakenings.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Run Around with Ribbons on your soul intertwining them whole.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Silence me with your WHISPERS of YOUR HEART.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Internal Strength Holds SACRED WEALTH.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A Silent mind listens to the Whispers of the Soul.” Para Kas-Vetter

“SACRED PLACE of the SOULFUL Heart.” Para Kas-Vetter

“HEART OF GOLD Golden Heart like the Treasures of the Sky.” Para Kas-Vetter

“ANGELS AND LORDS CARRY ME HOME to A place where there is Love and Hope.” Para Kas-Vetter

“LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE OF IT if only we dare to dream of it.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Life presents us with phenomenal challenges that test our Faith, and yet PHENOMENAL MIRACLES that leave us in Total Awe.” Para Kas-Vetter

“LIFE IS THE SUNRISE AND THE SUNSET OF OUR BEING like the Seasons to Nature.” Para Kas-Vetter

“PEACE amongst war like a ROSE with thorns with TRUE HARMONY in its form.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Time is the interconnection between past present and future: the crystal Ball.” Para Kas-Vetter

“FAITH MAKES THE IMPOSSIBLE BECOME POSSIBLE for it is said that Faith moves mountains.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Like the WINE OF LIFE to the bloodstream is the DIAMOND HEART to charcoal.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Formulate a Hypothesis and then try to prove it. How is it that we are not able to first see it and then form the hypothesis?” Para Kas-Vetter

“Life is not about silence but in knowing how to Master the definition of silence and use it to your advantage.” Para Kas-Vetter

“HIDDEN BLESSING the Source of Soul Awakening.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The Essence of LOVE is not in the wanting to have it but in the Being, for in Being you already have it.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Guidance does not tell you what to do. It allows you to see for yourself your Potential, your purpose and your desires that are possible to be fulfilled.” Para Kas-Vetter


“Often the courage to pursue something or someone can be daunting, but the courage itself is far more rewarding to knowing that one is capable of facing the most ultimate fear of life.” Para Kas-Vetter

“With all your heart and soul look at your own soul and ask yourself, “What is it that I most wholeheartedly desire?” It can be anything and then Make a wish with all your might.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The ability to perform in whatever level you so hope for, can only be performed with your integrity and soul.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Use your ability to create a skill, and know your worth holds more towards what you want to build.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Abundantly hold close to what you know is sacredly worth sharing, and your heart will dance a billion skies.” Para Kas-Vetter

“To discover is to gain and to gain is to know you’re worth a fortune.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Use your energy wisely and touch the energy of life. Combined forces will illuminate a whole new world for your fate.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Ahhh such joy and excitement, the truth of life unfolds for you.” Para Kas-Vetter

“It is in the heart that one must look to know if what they wish to forgive could possibly forthcome their wholeness complete.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A package arrives and you are satisfied.” Para Kas-Vetter

“I love I dance I know how to smile and in so doing I know how to laugh.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The Forces above are far more powerful than you could possibly know the full extent of breath.” Para Kas-Vetter

“How often does one know that hope comes forth to save us all………..” Para Kas-Vetter

“Use your heart your mind your soul to blossom the cellular construction of your whole.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Love the Path that one must follow for the truthful heart could only hold no sorrow.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The heart so silent in its awake and not a sound is heard in its glorified state.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Oh how wonderful the life….. I would love for it to last All the time…….” Para Kas-Vetter

“Prosper for it is in your blood; you were born to flourish in human life.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Nature has a way of glowing; look upon it for your evolving.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The time to go in total silence and watch the Lords come forth with Guidance.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A heart open for love a heart open for life a heart open for thrive a heart open for Bright light.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The Master is you and you are now Divine to Create.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Glory to the highest for the highest has no stop.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Unfurl of rights unfurl of justice.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Hold worth, for those who desire it, knowing that all the heart wants is that in return.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Comfort yourself in the Breath for life, for life comes to those who truly know that with all that they are.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Feel the whirl of the life for it is comforting you right now in the knowing that all is going to be alright.” Para Kas-Vetter

“If mankind can find a unanimous way to communicate with one another there would be no more war.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Find knowledge and thus knowledge becomes known.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A lovely path for you to flow towards. All it requires is for you to flow forward.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A quiet man might have far more worth in his own pocket than a man who speaks volumes of his own worth publicly.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A height of wealth you have reached now, it is time to hold its worth.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Find meaning in what you are saying doing and thinking and you will come to fully fathom the truth of the world.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Go create for the time is Ripe.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A home is where you are fully aware of what you are capable of.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The word so Powerful how prepared are you to become of that?” Para Kas-Vetter

“I protect the path that illuminates my wholeness so how protected does one have to become to walk the path of illumination? You see the trust of knowing protection in its wholeness is the whole key.” Para Kas-Vetter

“You can have whatever you desire if you are able to dare to have that desire. Why does a child dream and not yourself to that desire?” Para Kas-Vetter

“I hope the support that comes forth comes multiplied for all.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The safe is safe and the safe protected. So safe you Are.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Wonderful all that has to be said.!!!!!!!!” Para Kas-Vetter

“To truly look at the whole picture is like looking at yourself with all the details you can possibly see.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A “Newness” has taken form and there is so much joy to encompass it all.” Para Kas-Vetter

“It is what allows us to find peace and understanding.” Para Kas-Vetter

“What has stopped you? Don’t you see how much you have to embrace? What has started you? What is motivating you go go go…………” Para Kas-Vetter

“Smile you finally have the chance to the life of Harmonious.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Why would you consider to wanting to have it any other way? Why not just Embrace the gifts that are orchestrated so perfectly for your own soul.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Is there something that you would love to grow at, climb at and expand on?” Para Kas-Vetter

“A Whole world unfolds….what does one require?… know that sometimes to surrender is really what allows to acquire.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Whoever that should be the time comes to combine the forces.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The heart forms the wealth, the heart guides the path of wealth, the heart the heart the heart.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Trust that what is possible becomes possible when one finds themselves in total silence and focuses on the heart felt desire.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The choice is knowing with all your heart does it make you feel alive? Does it make you want to dance inside? Does it make your heart pound with joy? And does your voice hear the bells ring harmonious tones?” Para Kas-Vetter

“Go deep within the core of your soul and there you will find the most glorious Treasure far more worthy than gold itself.” Para Kas-Vetter

“To the highest for there is what you find the ecstasy of the full bloom of life.” Para Kas-Vetter

“What comes to you know that there is so much more for all.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Hold on tight to the Path so right………..” Para Kas-Vetter

“Fill it with Colour you become the Colour.” Para Kas-Vetter

“I only have One word for Colour: Life.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The colours so eternal and all come from one Bright light. So make all the wishes you want for only one source will see it through and send its forces out to make it come true.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The sky holds valuable source of guidance and awaits for your rest to pass it on. Hear its whispers in the wind, the thunder, the sounds. See it in the colours, the clouds, the sun, the stars, the planets. See it in rain, the hail, the storms and lightening. See it all fully for you will find some answer as well.” Para Kas-Vetter

“You are your own creator, you can hold onto an imagined moment and make it come alive… are the creator and you are the one who can perform awe!!!!!!!!!!” Para Kas-Vetter

“It is not the change itself that is joyful but the change that allows for the joy.” Para Kas-Vetter

“At the center of the world resides one valuable piece of life…….how is it that you do not know…….for it is you, you are the life…..” Para Kas-Vetter

“Such a celebration comes forth. Such a celebration, more to embrace. Such a celebration was worth the wait.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The star shows the way, the Star has a plan and all you have to do is feel it’s well.” Para Kas-Vetter

“It is the reaching of a successful element of life that finds one feeling victorious. Victory on its way for those who apply themselves in whatever form that is.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A Gateway to wholeness, liveliness and contentment. A Gateway to wisdom, worthiness and joy.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Love is all that is required to see it all through.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The direction is the one that flows perfectly in harmony with yourself. So what is the direction? The direction is the one that allows one to Evolve or allows one to find a way to feel the wind through even the greatest adversity. For whatever your lessons or karma may be, it is what you are wanting to accomplish and achieve, that is most awarding.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Faith is undeniable force that allows the forces to come together to produce that which your soul calls for.” Para Kas-Vetter

“It is in the gratitude that we find the most phenomenal, powerful feeling of accomplishment, knowing that we could conquer so much more should we desire to do so.” Para Kas-Vetter

“In our uniqueness we can produce the most profound creations to Earth knowing appreciation produces multiples of more.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The Silence is your most precious Treasure.” Para Kas-Vetter

“It is the strength of the soul called love that propels the motivational force forward all the time.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The Sign is what finds us the fate.” Para Kas-Vetter

“A powerful force of growth.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The forward motion and focus point is what drives us to the desires, to the wonders of the world.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Whatever the thought of the idea, take note of it for it might become the stepping stone to a creation of something massively Wonderful!!” Para Kas-Vetter

“Just as you desire for greatness so does your desire.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The development of a project could most likely lead to A most Magical discovery. A wealth of knowledge though becomes your Fortune.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Go to the far depth of your own inner being and you will hear what it is to guide your road, your soul, your journey.” Para Kas-Vetter

“The Motivational Force is what propels our solar chakra.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Your dream unfurls magnitude of messages that allows one to find clarity even in the details of life. To dream though of a desire is to continue to do so allowing the imagination to fully blossom to it’s awaken state.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Sometimes the funny side of life is what gets us going more and more and more. Before you know it you are smiling and laughing. Before you know that you already are finding a meaning for life.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Thee who believes thy will produce.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Through the forest of life we find the most humorous findings that have us wondering why we are not living in the forest at all.” Para Kas-Vetter

“It is with what you wish the harvest to be, that you must first apply to its creation. To Do so wholeheartedly it firstly requires for you to focus on the intention, the desire, the belief, the trust that it will become possible. A well – earned harvest however in whatever way it has been created, has opportunity to allow for greater ripen stages to produce.” Para Kas-Vetter

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