March 2023 and Paradox’s/Pandora’s Box

We are about to embark on a whole new month and with it a whole new life of events that have not occurred before. March 2023 has been anticipated clearly by so many from every walks of life. Whether it is from an astrological point of view, scientific, individually, from an intuitive or energetic point of view, religious or because of biblical scriptures recorded, from the point of view of natives or spirituality avenues, March 2023 will become the time of sincere compassion, paradox boxes that are actually Pandora’s boxes opening of every level unimaginable, And a time where truths will become ever so much more exceedingly astounding and overwhelming for many.

Panadora’s Box has had many meanings over the lifetimes of when its story began. “The word translated as “box” was actually a large jar (πίθος pithos) in Greek”. However history can tell a very different story when truths are discovered. And often stories can be relayed and translated going from one to another and lose its original meaning or moral of what the story truly was about. We are not here to discuss the original story of Pandora’s Box. But that there is a Box that has been sitting for centuries waiting to be opened has finally begun to open. One question arises: Is it for the first time or has it been opened before?

What if I told you that just as we were made to believe that females are evil and villains and men were made to appear as victims, to find reason to suppress the feminine Light of Life, is what they have done with Pandora’s Box story…..same essence…..because of a female wanting to open the box of Blessings, she was considered the villain for allowing the Blessings to escape thus creating wars and destruction??? Does that make sense to you? If those Blessings have escaped out of the box they would be Blessing everyone and everything. Paradox.

Paradox is defined as “A statement that seems to contradict itself but may nonetheless be true” and can be best explained as following:

“Examples outside logic include the ship of Theseus from philosophy, a paradox that questions whether a ship repaired over time by replacing each and all of its wooden parts, one at a time, would remain the same ship.[13] Paradoxes can also take the form of images or other media. For example, M.C. Escher featured perspective-based paradoxes in many of his drawings, with walls that are regarded as floors from other points of view, and staircases that appear to climb endlessly.[14] In common usage, the word “paradox” often refers to statements that are ironic or unexpected, such as “the paradox that standing is more tiring than walking”.[15]”

“A paradox is a statement or problem that either appears to produce two entirely contradictory (yet possible) outcomes, or provides proof for something that goes against what we intuitively expect. Paradoxes have been a central part of philosophical thinking for centuries, and are always ready to challenge our interpretation of otherwise simple situations, turning what we might think to be true on its head and presenting us with provably plausible situations that are in fact just as provably impossible.”


– “If you go back and prevent yourself from being born, how would you ever have been able to go back in time in the first place?”

– “Imagine that a time traveler buys a copy of Hamlet from a bookstore, travels back in time to Elizabethan London, and hands the book to Shakespeare, who then copies it out and claims it as his own work. Over the centuries that follow, Hamlet is reprinted and reproduced countless times until finally a copy of it ends up back in the same original bookstore, where the time traveler finds it, buys it, and takes it back to Shakespeare. Who, then, wrote Hamlet?”

– “Theseus was a mythical king and the hero of Athens. (He was the guy who slayed the Minotaur, amongst other feats.) He did a lot of sailing, and his famed ship was eventually kept in an Athenian harbor as a sort of memorial/museum piece. As time went on, the ship’s wood began to rot in various places. Those wooden pieces were replaced, one by one. As time went on, more pieces needed replacing. The process of replacing rotten planks with new ones continued, at least in modern versions of the paradox, until the entire ship was made up of new pieces of wood. This thought experiment asks the question: Is this completely refurbished vessel still the ship of Theseus? Let’s take it a step further: What if someone else took all of the discarded, original pieces of wood and reassembled them into a ship. Would this object be Theseus’s ship? And if so, what do we make of the restored ship sitting in the harbor? Which is the original ship?”

Someone has unlocked the Paradox/Pandora’s Box that has sat for centuries collecting dust. It has begun to open. And what happens here on will be determined by your choice you make. March 2023 arrives and the Box has begun to open…….

The answer to the key question you will need to ask yourself before deciding what you might do before peeking into the box that will determine your fate or destiny, your future or your direction is:

“….. If a person changes drastically over time, so much so that who they are no longer matches any part of who they once were, are they still the same person?”

It does not matter any more where you come from and what lifestyle you lead or live, once you decide to peek into that Pandora’s Box life will change forever.

The Box can be within, beyond, below or above. A box with insights or secrets, mysteries or discoveries, revelations or magic, lessons or blessings, consequences or rewards, healing or growth, expectations or surprises, ideas or new view points, remembering or change of perceptions, whatever happens now that Pandora Box has just started to open and whether it creates paradox concerns to arise or blessings for a new rise, March 2023 is the time of unfathomable unfolding.

Are you meant to look into it, are you not? Will you be safe to do so, will be caught when you are not meant to? What exactly is it about the Box that you come across meant to mean and what benefit will it have for you to look into it if you do?

Will it give you clarity?

Will it be informative?

Will it help you see more the truth?

Will it give you closure?

Will it give you new beginnings?

Will it change your life?

Will it enhance your life for the better?

Will it entice you to know more?

Will it enslave you?

Will it be the opportunity to free you?

Will it bring emotions of all sorts?

Will it lead to new adventures?

Will it bring you all that you wish for?

Will it heal your soul?

Will it bring together fragments of yourself together again?

Will it be what you have been hoping for?

Will it be what you have searched for?

Whatever the Box is and what ever reason it entails to lead you to this point in life, you have a choice now.

Either you can look into it and see what unfolds from thereon, or never look in and never know.

And if you let go of wanting to see inside it, will you forever be pondering the what if or I wish I did, or will you be simply at peace with yourself knowing you followed through with what your own inner guidance told you?

We are now in times where the Box has just started to open. What you do here on is up to you. What choice you make will depend on if it is based on egocentric or purely authentic, selfish or selfless doing it for the highest good of what your intuitive compass guides you to do.

Whatever you decide March 2023 is about to enter, and you are now going to be making some very wise or foolish decisions. It all depends on you.

Remember one thing though for this is one valuable wise words of wisdom to heed, never ever make decisions under extreme duress or in deep fear. Find calmness and peace and go within and you will be wise in your ways.

Will it be the Paradox Box that leads to answers or confusions? Will it be the Pandora’s Box of Blessings or Surprises? However you wish to define it, a vase as in Greek Mythology or a Box, it is a Box that has sat for centuries unopened and someone just unlocked it and stirred its energies and has just started to open it.

I wonder what everyone is going to do with the March of 2023 coming into their lives?

Things will never be the same no matter what choice you make. For life hereon changes. We have finally after thousands of years entering the next phase of our lives……….

What will I do?

Will I be desperate or curious? Will I be keen or frightened? Will I be wanting to or repelled by it? Will I be eager or have no interest? What will I do when I come across another such Box and one I have not seen for thousands of years?

I would go within and be in my silence and trust my guided Light.

Then I will know what I will do and whatever unfolds I know will be for my fate………”

Para Kas-Vetter

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