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“Cosmic events are beginning to occur on Earth in great number. Including a new twenty five thousand year Dispensary cycle, a new two hundred and fifty thousand year Evolutionary cycle, a new two hundred and fifty million year Galactic cycle, plus a new anti-matter Super Universe is starting up in Andromeda by bifurcation with Earth right in the middle of the point of bifurcation.” (The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega (2017))

“The Piscean Age has ended and the Age of Aquarius is upon you. The ‘Great Book’ is being opened at last. The great Mysteries of the Cosmos are at starting to become revealed at last. The Waters of Truth have begun to outpour and will continue to be downloaded into your consciousnesses for the next two thousand years as that called Illuminations. By the end of Aquarius you will all have been raised back up into the fifth dimension where you belong.” (The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega (2017)) ( 1998-2022)

Mr Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

Paulette F. Stevens, Founder and President of Life Story Library Foundation ( ) who took these magical photos at home

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