Exceptional Copyright/SHARE

It has been brought to my attention from a conversation with a public figure, that there seems to be some competition and greed and concerns about copyright.

It has led me to finally write this and add it to our blog : https://solance.au/2023/02/21/exceptional-copyright-share/

and website menu section “​Exceptional Copyright/SHARE” https://solance.au/exceptional-copyright-share/ ​

with subtabs

“Exceptional Copyright”   https://solance.au/exceptional-copyright/ ​


“Moral – to SHARE”  https://solance.au/moral-to-share/ ​ (to which this part I have attached the PDF (5 pages) of it below) .

You are more than welcome to share far and wide with whoever needs to read this and benefit from it. It is time now for those who are so self absorbed into pettiness to have a new view or perception about copyright and sharing.

We have decided to do this time ago, but with the addition “Moral – to SHARE” added today because of a conversation with a public figure who has taken upon themselves to think they are god sent and the world must bow to them. It is my duty to ground them and to help them see that talking of spiritual and being so connected is not about greed and competition and limitations. We are done with that. Many of us are over this so called celebrity status stuff.  I don’t care who you are or what you are, what credentials you have or don’t have. I am happy to give you pages. If you are not standing in your authenticity, grace, truth and integrity, if you do not do things with heart, soul, love, if you do not show respect  for others works, you will be named and shamed. 

The world is coming to an end as we know it, and the new era has begun. There is no time for pettiness. Share, help one another.

Para Kas-Vetter

“When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.”

Chinese Proverb

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