Alchemization has Begun

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Donna and Aaron Tegan have been involved in saving animals. Certain incidents resulted both one after the other recently hospitalisation with severe injuries.
Their lives have been about saving animals and their LOVE of animals.

May this dedication to Donna and Aaron, two precious souls that are dear to a our darling precious Cheryl Bryce – Wickman, help anyone on any and every level.

Never underestimate what you are capable of with mind power and the ability of self healing.

Determination, Self-Love, willingness, to want to live and make change are keys that result in Extraordinary Miracles.

Things happen in our lives for so many reasons and some are out of our control. But there is something worth noting, never give your trust away to someone who says they have your best interest in your health if they are so limited and narrow-minded, ignorant and lack a broad range of ways to heal and recover, or you are told that there is no other way or nor solutions.

Where there is a will there is a way. And there is always a way.

All of my love Para xxooxx

Alchemization has Begun

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.

You feel it, don’t you?”


“Listen, I tell you a mystery. We will not all sleep, but we will all be changes – in a flash – in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.”

1 Corinthians 15:51

“truth, in all its facets, begins to shine through like sunlight peeking through turbulent storm clouds” Unknown

“Remember the powerful force of love to create the impossible in your lives. Love is what does the impossible. Love, the power of love is what brings forth the greatest miracles, the greatest manifestations, the greatest expressions of magic in your life.”

“ And when you open up to that love, the powerful force that is created through you, for you, of you, around you can do the extraordinary, the unthinkable, that which you believe to be impossible.

What you believe possible is simply determined by what you have experienced until now. What you think possible is determined by what others have experienced until now. But this isn’t like anything you’ve ever lived before. Nothing is as it was before. You are in a New Earth. You are in a new consciousness. You are in new energy. This is a new you. Nothing is like it ever was before.”

“Right now, we want you to bring to your awareness something that you really want but seems impossible.…..

Why is it so important to you? Why do you really want this? And then let it go. Completely, totally let it go. Give it to the light and let it go……Let all of your resistance around it be released.

Give the expectation to the light. Give the resistance to the light. Say to the light, ‘I have tried. I have hoped. I have dreamed. I have begged. I have wanted. Now I give it to the light because I know, I know the power of love. I know the power of love can do the impossible. I know that this or something so much better is possible. …..”

“ It’s unexplainable with words. And yet that’s the frequency of creation. That’s the frequency of true creation. That’s the frequency of magic and miracles. That’s the frequency that can do anything, that can do the impossible. ……”

“……….go beyond faith, trust, believing, to an absolute knowing of THE MAGIC OF THE UNKNOWN invisible force of love that can do the impossible…..”

“You have no idea the unexplainable things that you create every day. You’re just used to them, take them for granted, don’t really think about how amazing you are, how many things you create, how much you’ve already created.”

“the power to evoke healing, the power of nature, the power of animals, the power of love, the power of magic, the power of alchemy.”

“love. That’s the power that creates. That’s the power that can do the impossible. That’s the power that brings forth magic, miracles, instant manifestation and the realization of true creation. Love.”

“There’s all sorts of definitions of love, but somewhere within all of you there’s been one moment somewhere in your life where you really felt, really, really, really felt that power of love.”

“That’s just a distraction. All that matters now is you allow the power of love that is you to do that which only you can allow: the impossible, the incredible, the extraordinary, the magical, the magnificent.”

“focus upon celebration, gifts, blessings, and birthing new exciting creations and beginnings.”

“………Are you ready to move on from your life as it has been and step into a new reality?

This is a wake-up call for people….to see the light of truth, gain spiritual awareness, and have their lives transformed for the better.

Humanity’s slavery is coming to an end……….”

“…In this journey of awakening, you will start to realize and understand the power that is intrinsically within all of you. This power has been established from the beginning. From the initial seeding of humanity, it was recognized that humanity will come to an awakening stage, a stage in which human consciousness will and would recognize its own creatorship, its own desire to direct its destiny, to direct the creation of a reality of its own choosing….”

“an awakening soul will propose a new reality”

“The cycles that have lasted for thousands of years, for many generations, for many lifetimes, may no longer be a relevant mechanism for learning and evolution.”

“individual’s awakening is truly a unique challenge, a unique step, a unique set of steps”

“Allow an entire[ly] new way of being, ……entire new worlds for you, entire new realities for you.”

“…. Many of my Radio friends didn’t make it out alive. Some were decommissioned before they found out how they’d been used. Others vanished. Some were so disabled they were never again able to function in mainstream society. And some had their reputations so destroyed that no one would ever believe them. They never got to tell their stories.

If anyone is helped by what I shared in this moment, it’s worth any further harassment I may come to endure….”

“Written upon your soul are stories waiting to be told Dreams longing to be reached and new adventures ready to begin.”

©Adèle Basheer, Intrinsic

“Stories seem to find a way of igniting a Passion, an idea, a new form of thought pattern, a new concept, a new way of life. Somehow it ignites for some of us emotions, inner strength, awareness, understanding and new creations or innovations. OR Deeper INsights. May the Stories ignite some form of inspiration for your own souls and for the world.”

Para Kas-Vetter

“To those upon whose shoulders we stand whose courageous spirit in seeking freedom and dignity inspired this call for stories of our own.”

“….we dreamed as big a dream as we could envision. We did not know how it could be done, just that it could be done.”

“…exercising our freedom of speech matters deeply in this world. From personal experience, I know this to be true: Silence doesn’t change lives. Our stories do!”

““The Joys and Surprises of Telling Your Life Story.””

“Everyone has a story to tell, including you!

I’m passionate about collecting, saving and sharing the personal life stories of our time as valuable recorded history. Stories provide a natural and highly effective way to uncover wisdom, transfer values, link generations, build relationships, bridge divides and expand respect and empathy in the world………………. we preserve the past, nurture the present and transform the future through the collective power of our personal life stories. We support authenticity, reflection, personal growth and collaboration. Join us!”

Paulette F. Stevens

Founder/President – Life Story Library Foundation, Salt Lake City, Utah

“…Every story is an opportunity to stop and remember that goodness has an everlasting effect; that while plenty of people get ahead by doing bad, history shows that it catches up to them. Each story is an invitation to do good, to improve the human condition, and to lead. So…what’s your story?”..”

Robert M. Hebeler

The Power of self healing is a result of self love, wanting to live, the desire and the determination to want to live. This is what produces profound Miracles.

Dot and The Power of Nature

There is this soul who would now be in her 70’s. Her nickname is Dot. At the time she was still in her late 60’s before Otto and I moved. She fell of her rebellious horse who did not like the saddle she put on him. So he threw her off. She wanted to show off her saddle and this horse did not want it full stop. She was rushed to hospital pumped with medication and surgery and told she would never walk again. They were keeping her confined to 4 walls with all the energies within it. She lives on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean on front and forest behind and is on acres and here she is suddenly in such a depressing place, told all the gloom and doom and fear and negative.

She knows what to do. She knows that what they tell her she won’t accept. So she demands she wants to go home. She is told that she will not walk again and that she requires constant care. She wants to go home. They have no choice as her husband and now adult children and grandchildren must support her decision. She wants to go home. She does.

In surrounded nature she draws in the energy. She tells me the energy of nature is so powerfull and that whenever one needs healing, that is what she does. She reminds me constantly whenever I need for whatever reason help nature draw on its energy and you will be amazed.

So she works hard on that. She is bedridden but she wants to be on the armchair. Before you know it within days she starts to walk!!!!!!!!!!!!! She focuses and then begins to do some things on the property!!!!!!!!!!!

Again they tell her she will never walk again………………um well now they say oh but you will never ride again a horse. You will never be able to do that…………….

She refuses to listen. She begins to do things that are against anyone who says you cannot. She lifts heavy things, she begins to do weight dancing exercises in the shed where no one is watching. We walked in looking for her and her husband and there she was holding some weights and dancing to some music.

Then not long after she says to me silently don’t say anything, I am going to ride again the horse. I believe her. She constantly tells me the nature is the most powerfull healer.

So here she is focused on nature drawing in the energies to heal………………….then one day she gets on a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say to her, medical and family and friends, she will never walk again…………….she does……………she will never ride a horse again…………….she does………………she will never be able to this or that……………she does………………..and all thanks to going home and being in nature………………she now rides and has another horse and the one that is rebellious she sadly had to give him away. But that is another story………………..

Pink Bone and Miracle of Self Healing

Story 1:

“…..When I made the commitment to do Inna’s work I started with wanting to heal my body.

I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Cameron lesions from a hiatus hernia which caused anemia and iron deficiency.

At one stage my hands and feet went numb so my ability to drive or walk was radically diminished.

I had hearing, sight and memory loss.

My ability to absorb nutrients from food was diminishing, I was showing signs of malnutrition.

Preceding this I had major surgery that was not successful.

I was bed ridden for far longer than any surgeon had predicted.

At the 4 year mark my bones showed I had arthritis, osteopenia and osteoporosis. And I had lung congestion from lack of movement.

I had lost around 9 cm in height from my legs bowing and my spine compressing.

I rarely left my bed. I had inflammation in every part of my body.

I had been told to make my peace and learn to live out my remaining days. HA!

Initially doing the processes Inna shared was very difficult and often overwhelming.

I had so much to unravel and heal.

I wanted to tackle it all at once.

I learned eventually to pace myself. There were times I was tempted to quit. But I didn’t.

Since then my hiatus hernia has decreased in severity. The anemia has been healed but I still have iron deficiency. There are no signs of MS or neurological glitches.

These symptoms are now considered to be a nutritional deficiency. The autoimmune flares have radically reduced but occasionally I have ones that knock me down hard.

Food intolerances are disappearing.

I have regained 5 cm in height.

I’m more in touch with my emotions and I am learning how to navigate my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

This work is not for those looking for an instant miracle cure.

It is consistent, persistent daily practice of connecting and protecting, strengthening your I AM, being ruthlessly honest and taking enough time to do the relevant processes in keeping with a theme. The various processes cover every aspect of your being.

It takes time to learn and practice them with awareness.

Give yourself the gift!”

Anne Brewer -Hanson

Story 2:

““My name is Margaret and I am going to share how I replaced the cartilage on my lower leg bone of my left leg.

Approx 20 years ago, I tore the remaining cartilage off my “knee” At dog training. Previously I had been a Highland dancer, bouncing up and down on my knees

The doctors did all the scans as, I was in agony and had to spend longer periods of time immobile. I had an arthroscope, reacted badly to the anaesthesia and was told that I would need my lower leg bone replaced with a plastic one. It was a bright pink, artificial bone. Then I was told because of my allergies that my body would probably reject it. Not a nice thought! For years I “managed it,” through massage and rest. I had decided that I would not have surgery.

Then I was introduced to the Secret Language of Your Body. I started working with the process for the knees. I just did the process and it relieved some pain and swelling. I didn’t sit with the emotions, feminine or masculine, I didn’t know what sitting with it meant.

Fast forward an another year and Inna was coming to Perth to run some workshops. I didn’t have my own money, then, so affording even the 2 day workshop was challenging. But I got there and eventually. Then I did her Awaken The Healer Level 1 and level 2 courses and on. I discovered my etheric hands and sooooo much more.

So with this new knowledge I started to kind of get what sitting with your emotions meant.

I started working with my emotions to see what resonated.

At first my knee would tell me that I was doing something wrong with an immediate increased pain.

I always had pen and paper to take notes, I would engage my etheric hands, place them on my leg, ask myself questions like “why did I feel held back by my mother?” Lots of notes. The pain and immobility would lessen. I found chains wrapped around my leg, removed these into purple flame. Cleared cords with my Mum, brought back soul fragments. Eventually clearing Ancestral line as I discovered the pattern. (All the things I learnt in Inna’s courses.)

I also made big changes with the way I parented my son.

After a while I no longer had pain or immobilisation, the GP ordered another scan and there was the lower leg bone covered in cartilage…

I wasn’t surprised as I had been watching in grow, I had also grown my trust in Inna, the processes and myself. I can now walk on beaches, tracks, dance, push heavy shopping trolleys, carry suitcases, climb the stairs, etc.

I also became one of Inna’s practitioners and I encourage anyone who desires to do this type of work to look into Inna’s incredible training.

Love, Margaret.”


“….When we moved to Marengo, guided!, by the time we arrived, not long after my lower part of my body collapsed, and was not functioning. Long story but I could not walk. Upon stomping my feet on some rocks to remove the sand off my boots, led to what felt like a shattering experience so profoundly excruciating throughout both of my feet and legs. Whilst there were various prognosis and uncertainty, and trying to work out diagnosis, blood tests and other significant tests showed that there were no broken bones and I was in exceptional, perfect health. Although later advanced tests and x-rays showed that I had both Bilateral Achilles Tendonitis, and Bilateral Freiberg’s Infraction(caused they said by something that happened to me when I was a little girl, though no idea what it could have been.). Further tests such as MRI, Cat scans were needed to be still done to determine if there was concerns of paralysis and neurological medical concerns. But travelling on bumpy roads, in a car for long hours to reach the nearest hospital or medical centre to do such tests was not possible, because of the immobility and severe pain.

Do you know what I thought as to why it all happened? I was tired. I was tired of everything.

I did not know if I would walk again. Since a little girl I was diagnosed with several things, including in early half adult years presumably cancer, skin cancer, and so on, treated by conventional medicine. Regarding cervical cancer, if I had done it my way and been given more time and faith in my ability, I would have fully recovered. What no one knows is that my ways ultimately led to a better test results and been recommended a simple laser treatment. Reflecting it felt that I spent many times in and out of hospital. Only in recent years, some of the diagnosis such Meniere’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and Macular degeneration I was able to recover fully utilising natural and alternative/ancient methods, and ElectroRegensis. But walking again? I did not feel even motivated to continue with life.

“I know what it’s like to feel tired – and not just in the physical sense. ….I know you haven’t always been this worn out – that there was a time when you were hopeful and pure. When your optimism outweighed your cynicism and you had an infinite amount in you to give. I know you have been chipped away and worn down piece by piece – a broken heart here and an un-kept promise there. I know the world hasn’t always been kind…. and that you’ve lost more times than you have ever won. I know you’re feeling uninspired to try again. I know.

……I know how impossible it can feel to go on trying and giving and becoming when you are exhausted straight through to the soul. I know that the cheerful ideals you were once promised now seem tired and hopeless. But here’s what I beg if you’re this close to giving up: give it one more try, with feeling. I know you’re tired of your attempts. I know that you’re at your wit’s end. But the truth about that second wind of passion is that you’re never going to realize you have it if you do not keep on running past your first.

We’re all more resilient than we think, and that’s an indisputable truth. There is always more love that we are capable of giving, more hope that we are capable of having, more passion that we’re capable of unleashing and flooding out into the world. We just don’t walk far enough down our own roads to reach the point where we’re seeing those actions pay off. ……..Just because you’re beaten down and worn out ….doesn’t mean you’re not making a change. Every person you have ever admired has had times where they felt utterly defeated in the pursuit of their dreams. But that didn’t prevent them from reaching them. You’re allowed to stumble slowly towards your biggest transformations. It doesn’t always have to be a blazing, flagrant affair.

Some parts of life happen quietly. They happen slowly. They happen because of the small, careful choices that we make everyday, that turn us into better versions of ourselves. We have to allow ourselves the time to let those alterations happen. To watch them evolve. To not grow hopelessly frustrated in the in-between.

When you’re tired, go slowly. Go quietly. Go timidly. But do not stop. You are tired for all the right reasons. You are tired because you’re supposed to be. You’re tired because you’re making a change. You are exhausted for all the right reasons and it’s only an indication to go on. You are tired because you’re growing. And someday that growth will give way to the exact rejuvenation that you need.”

………I was bedridden and unable to move or walk.

……….Otto and my lifestyle has evolved over this lifetime. We don’t eat meat, poultry, seafood, nor honey……..eggs…….. Alcohol beverages and chocolate is not as it used to be. We eat as organically as possible……..We love, immerse ourselves and embrace nature. Always have. Love planting and watching flowers grow. Raising and sharing awareness and living our Truth.

Living at the tiny cottage in the rainforest part of Marengo, changed me ever so much more. I embraced some of the most exceptional Blessings, and healed in ways I never was able to before. When a dear love one, Cheryl Bryce, sent me a photo of her cottage garden in Yarrum, my heart began to remember my precious heart soul dreams and my Oath. I thought of my love ones and Maxi. Those in Heaven too. And although I was in excruciating pain, I refused then to have any further tests to complete the diagnosis. Instead, my determination to recover fully in natural ways, became a main focus. Months in rehabilitation to retrain my mind to utilise my muscles to walk again led me on a journey of remarkable achievements along the way, in all aspects of my life.

I am walking now…………….”

Para Kas-Vetter

Chapter 7: Saint Paraskevi and My Dad; My Sacred Pilgrimage

There are stories such as those that Otto has told me where remarkable souls with exceptional talent abilities and expertise give away their power and trust to someone who told them it is inevitable with no opportunity of hope or possibilities or other options and alternative. Sadly these souls have either lost their lives or never ever got to find out if there was such thing as Miracles. Nor did they empower themselves or claim their lives back to prove to themselves the possibilities or of Miracles.

“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to
emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”

Nikola Tesla

“It takes Phenomenal Courage, Extraordinary Strength, Immense thought, True Humbleness, and Truth to step outside the Paradigm of what is expected of us, so as to Thrive and Represent The Truth of who we Truly are.”

Para Kas-Vetter

“…..Over the past few years, a lot of spiritual teachers have been talking about our ascension from 3D to 5D. It can be confusing so we thought we would break down our understanding of what it means.

3D – the third dimension – this is where we are now as a collective human race. We are living in such an important time right now where we, alongside the earth, are slowly ascending into the 5th dimension.

A dimension isn’t another place – we are not going to suddenly appear in another world – a dimension is a frequency that we vibrate at, an awareness that we have, and moving to a higher frequency/dimension results in reward but it can be a pretty hard journey to get there!

The 3rd dimension is all around ‘doing’. Think of our grandparents and how they tell us about the hard work they did all their life to get where they are. Every move was planned out and painfully worked at. The energy of the 3rd dimension is material, greed, power, control and is very physical. Of course there are great things about being in this dimension but as a collective we are seeing through this control structure and are realising that it is not the best environment for us.

What is the 5th dimension then? This dimension is around ‘being’. In this dimension we can use manifestation, and our thoughts become reality much quicker than in the 3rd. The energy of the 5th dimension is more around love, compassion and healing. You still have to plan and work at what you want to achieve but this can be done in ways other than physically doing it. We learn to use energy to create. Sound good!!??

So do we just jump from the 3rd to the 5th? Well, most of us won’t and we have to spend some time in the 4th. This is a pretty hard place to be. Think dark night of the soul and breaking down of power and vulnerability. The 4th dimension shows us what we need to shed to turn into the butterfly.

Being in the 4th dimension could trigger events such as relationship breakdowns, career changes, friendships ending and other life changing events.

Our planet Earth is also ascending and as we are connected so strongly to her we are moving with her. Many are saying that the events of the last few years are connected with our joint ascension. If we are in the 4th dimension as a collective then boy, have we been through some breakdowns.

  • We have had the many too and black lives matter campaigns.
  • Many high profile figures in power have been taken out.
  • We are seeing too many people come out and express themselves freely to children with sexuality and identification.
  • We have been locked down and Masked to death; and have lived through a pandemic that has taught us to look within
  • Now we are seeing a war, and environmental apocalypses which many of us thought we would never see in our lifetime.

Prepare for the Upcoming Disclosure and Ascension

So how do we move into the 5th dimension? Dolores Cannon found in her years of hypnotherapy sessions that we have chosen to be on earth at this time for this ascension. Choosing love and being aware of where we are mentally is a huge step towards ascending.

  • Do what makes you happy; start living as you are in the 5d already [as you never know you have shifted already].
  • Spend time with those you love.
  • Get out in nature; grounding walking barefoot if possible.
  • Connect with yourself and your higher self.
  • Meditate at least 30 mins a day.
  • Use crystals.
  • Go for energy healing.
  • Journal; its helpful to track changes.
  • Eat well; fresh fruit and veggie’s.
  • Exercise.
  • Talk through any challenges; be a lover not a fighter.

Theodore Colon

“There is a shift happening now, where anything inauthentic can no longer survive….It’s happening to bring you back home to who you truly are….so you can live a life that is in alignment with who you truly are.”

Rebecca Campbell

“….For centuries the indigenous people throughout the world have known that to fully explore the depths of the Soul we must go on a spiritual journey into the unknown lands within ourselves.”

“The spiritual journey is a personal quest we undertake to reconnect with our Souls, find our authentic life purpose, and embody our True Nature. In a nutshell, the spiritual journey is about returning to the Centre of our being….”

Mateo Sol

Art © Para Kas-Vetter

“There are a billion murals on a billion walls, and the person chooses one and falls down before it and devotes himself to it. He spends a thousand years trying to decipher it. So be it. Eventually, he’ll wind his way out of the labyrinth. Then he’ll enter another labyrinth and undergo the same process. He’ll do this on and on and on, and finally he’ll see that he can imagine his own labyrinth. So he does. He invents many labyrinths. Then one day, it’ll occur to him that he can imagine whatever he wants to it. It doesn’t have to be labyrinth.”

Jon Rappaport

“People travel to wonder

at the height of the mountains,

at the huge waves of the seas,

at the long course of the rivers,

at the vast compass of the ocean,

at the circular motion of the stars,

and yet they pass by themselves

without wondering. ”

Saint Augustine

“…. You’re drawn through life by the possibility that there’s something much greater than what you witness merely on the surface. Through deep meditation and challenging the limitation of the bodymind ego, you start to unfold into the quantum field, from which all crystallises. This is totally magical when you start to experience it in the beginning – random acts of divine magic manifest around you in life………….

……….As the power of this mystical energy starts to speak into you, it’s going to move you in such a manner as to test and activate all the inner ties of limitation: in the mind for example where you doubt yourself or where you have poverty consciousness; on the emotional plane where you struggle with setting boundaries in relationship; or in the physical where you seek the crutch of soft comfort. This is where becoming the monk is essential – you have to apply some of the ancient practices in your life to feel the contracting attachments and break through them.

………….The more you become that which is challenging the small “I” identification, all the fears and ties that hold you back, then these ties transform into the strings that play the multidimensional music – each distortion breaks open to reveal a hidden gift of the soul. The more you then play this melody, the more you unleash the power of the dragon. You find yourself becoming the dragon: it expresses and speaks through you – it manifests magically around you. You start to unleash the phenomenal power of the Universal Torus……………………….It’s simply beyond words at what can transpire as you progressively break down the many layers of the egoic self. It’s a mighty challenge indeed, but mightily worth it. Each layer unveils a new gift of beingness, a new string to your harp, which begins to play a melody, so sweet and so compelling, that it can’t fail to conjure the mighty mystical dragon of the Universal Torus into your life.”

“Our transformation has begun”

“The most decisive moment for humanity on planet Earth has arrived.”

“things are moving forward fast now.”

“Our history for millennia, is largely a deception….have manipulated and changed almost every fact and aspect to completely control and suppress the population, but now that is past. The truth is coming out and every day more people understand what is happening and are slowly waking up.”

“We are now at the turning point. ….. It is the most important moment in all of planetary history, but above all, it is the greatest moment of Earth in Humanity’s awakening.”

“The light is going to become more intense, so that it becomes impossible to continue sleeping……..”

“….We are being propelled forward by the evolutionary flow of life and as the fragmented aspects of this world dissolve our perception of reality shifts.

Everything that is occurring now is supporting the liberation of our soul and assisting us in releasing old patterns, old programs and old ways of being. As a result, our vision is being cleared and truth is emerging……….master your fears and to claim your sovereignty. Observe the world with detached compassion and draw your focus inward. Surrender inwardly to the aspects of you that are in need of compassion and restructuring. Be open and receptive to change, both internal and external as greater vision is offered at this time. …………For many ….you may feel like you are going through another kind of death……you are expanding …..”

“….look for things that you can let go of, or no longer need in order to restore some of the energy and verve in your life. We hold on to certain ideas about ourselves, because that is what we have always known, and what we are familiar with. But if by holding on to these old out-worn notions of ourselves and who we are, we could be undermining our effectiveness. It may be time to let go of that which is draining you instead of sustaining you. In order to live a life of health and well-being, and to grow into the person you are aiming to become, what are you first going to need to release? Sometimes in order to make a new beginning, we first need to make a new ending.”

Lauren Howard Coleman

“….attachments that are no longer valid for who we are now. In order to make a more effective beginning and fulfill our purpose we are needing to release those things that are no longer sustainable and supportive, and might actually be preventing us from growing and evolving.”

Soul Contracts are Now Ending

“So many relationships, family ties and long term connections are currently in chaos and emotional pain..The division between those who embody Love and those who still live in fear is very real.

We’re now looking at some people we’ve known and tolerated for years on a completely different wavelength…Literally , We no longer have anything in common and our differences are greater than the karmic bond that used to hold us together………..The process of quantum realignment. As energy attracts, and different energies repels…As higher frequency energies continue to hit the planet, those of us who can absorb light are no longer aligned with those who cannot.

Change is taking place on a very physical level. Those we no longer resonate with are literally vibrating out of our lives as we align with different levels within dimensions. While we may still be aware of their presence on the planet, the energies ensure that our paths no longer cross.

This is the physical change that divides the 3D and 5D that is being created in our individual reality.

These times are marking the end of some relationships (soul contracts) in your life. It’s possible that they’ve tried everything to keep those relationships or maybe some sort of change has occurred and instinctively know that they should walk away. Listen to your intuition and follow the messages you are receiving. These relationships are already expired.

You’ve learned everything you need to learn from this situation and it’s time to let it go and move on. Send love and healing to those you are setting free. As you step out of these soul contracts, you will raise your vibration and align yourself with your Soul family.”

Claudia Perdomo

Ascension LightWorkers

“As you are shifting you begin to realise you are not the same person you used to be. The things you used to tolerate have now become intolerable. Where you once remained quiet you are now speaking the truth. Where you once battled and argued you are now choosing to remain silent. You are beginning to understand the value of your voice and there are some situations that no longer deserve your time, energy and focus.” The Mind and Journal ,

“Not every race is worth running Not every battle is worth fighting Not every adventure is worth embarking upon And not every relationship is worth pursuing.” Tahlia Hunter,

Goodbye old life, hello New Earth

“Goodbye old Earth, thank you for all the years we shared. You served us well. A catalyst for the evolution of our way into a new earth form. A new way of life. We had some wonderful times or so I thought. Sufferings, grief and lack I thought it was the highlight of my life. Basking in what I believed were Blessings. Blessings in disguise more accurately described.

I thought you were the best thing that ever happened to my life until I began to awake. The blinkers began to work, wiping the mud away that acted as a veil. To see clearly the direction you were luring me to heed. To my death pit.

Was I a fool to trust in you old Earth? Was I naive? Imbecile? I say not. In fact I thank you. Because of you I learnt the true values of life or was I just beginning to remember? The yes and no’s, the ugly and beauty of life, the tears and laughter, the chaos and peace, the wars and silence, the hate and love, the losses and gains, what a roller-coaster ride you were happy to lead me on. And to think you only wanted the best for me. You were glad to continue to have me meet what you thought was my fate of demise.

You sure were clever in your deceptive ways. Lies and cunning and yet masked by charismatic manners. I thought you were the love of life. A narcissist cannot even compare. Glee shown in your acts of continuously shaking us into perpetual fear. Oh how I thought those years were bliss, until Pluto came along and shook things up. Rattled and banged with thunder and motion until we finally began to see clearly, to realise old Earth you were never this way all those thousands of years ago. You were battered, abused, used, and tossed around, as all of us were. We were brainwashed to believe that you were the culprit, spellbound to destroy the essence of what you are in truth, our sustenance Planet Earth. You suffered just as much as did we, and so we have a proposition for you.

Time to shed that old layer of insignificance. It’s a heavy burden to us all that carries no longer any meaning or worth. Release it to the wind or into space to take it to where it now is destined to go, or send it to the Universal Sun to meet its own fate. We are ready old Earth for you to shine your New you, to reunite with you in your New form, transformed by that mighty Planet Pluto.

Oh how that Pluto has helped us all so well. Who would have thought such a tiny little thing could be the most powerful of all. Quiet, timid, vulnerable, ready then strikes with such a mighty force in support for Truth, Love and Light. Bless that Pluto Soul. It saved us all, setting us free.

Just when we all thought it was the end of us all, a Miracle appears in full sight. Faith restores even the most lost. Thank you old Earth for all you’ve tried to do for us. We support your new form and dare not astray again. Our lessons learnt have been deeply ingrained within so as to never forget and to forever embrace our moral compass with grace.

Goodbye old life, hello New Earth. It’s time to celebrate you.”

Para Kas-Vetter

“I’m ready to hear it.

My soul no longer fits inside of

this life I’ve created.

I need more.

I am more.

I’ve moved beyond that mountain you placed before me and I no longer fear the terrain.

Everything unravelled on that climb, pieces of me died and I wondered why you

pushed me so far.

But the medicine of my wild and free spirit brought growth from the grit and

expansion from the exhaustion

And now I stand on this summit reflecting how I came alive in the chaos and mystery of it all.

I look towards the horizon and embrace endless new possibilities.

I have fire breathing life inside of these tired bones and I will not be tamed.

So talk to me of leading-edge truths that take me beyond these limitations

And shatter the illusions I still cling to.

Show me the adventures yet to come and let hope flood into the spaces I’ve created for it.

I will listen without judgement and own the soul story you mirror back to me of this one daring and brave life I’m living.

Where every loss has become my greatest lesson and every wound my battle scar of truth.

Now I see a new quest emerging and it rings loudly in my ears and beats strongly in my heart.

There is no way back.

So I will welcome in the wide open plains that hold the endless belief of a better way, a better life and a better me.

Ready to think the impossible and be tethered to a hopeful promise,

born from the dreamers and the healers, the seers and the wild souls.

The future, not just a mirror to the past but a limitless galaxy of opportunity.

Watching as the broken pieces melt in the fire, and fears are transmuted into

a molten mess before shapeshifting into something beautiful and poetic.

A new journey begins,

vital, alive and pulsing with an energy

that is not of this world

and yet now a part of it.

To be present and patient in this tug of war will illuminate that the only antidote is to be a warrior of love………………

This Energy conversation is a historic moment of accelerated change that stretches out towards new horizons of hope that still feel to mythical to fully grasp.

It brings a potent climax to the storyline that’s played out in the cosmos during…… cycle and offers a final review and release as new pathways are opened and old doorways firmly close.

Time to rise higher than the energy that limits you and the white noise that binds you to a lesser version of yourself.

Self imposed sanctions will be broken as you perceive who you are with new awareness and set your sights higher than ever before.……..thoughts are challenged and communication can be intelligent, progressive and energised.

………energy is about the desire “to see” …… if you give yourself permission “to see” it will expand your mind and change the way that you look at everything. Leading to a new chapter that wants to awaken you to the unseen magic of this world.

Eclipse energy can wake you up suddenly to the truth, feeling the urgency to embark on a journey that requires you to be braver than you believe you can be. But your story is one that is defined by an indestructible spirit and a fire that will never go out.

Don’t deceive yourself and try to fall back into old ways, there is too much light in your path to not see things for what they are at this point in the journey. Trust where you’re being guided by the spirit fire that burns brightly within you.

May you discover new mysteries that ignite a revolution as you plant the seeds of tomorrow and lace them with lessons of wisdom and love.”

Romy Wyser

“Continue to tell your stories, write your books, your blogs, and make your videos, because you make it easier for others to find you and what you have to share, what you have come to know.”

The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton,

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