Thomas Kinkade: ‘Painter Of Light’ and his mysterious death

Thomas Kinkade: ‘Painter Of Light’

(Born as William Thomas Kinkade III January 19, 1958 – Died mysteriously April 06, 2012) age 54 years old.

“The artist was known for his depicting peaceful scenes with lush landscaping and streams running nearby.”

Thomas Kinkade: “I’m a warrior for light. With whatever talent and resources I have, I’m trying to bring light to penetrate the darkness many people feel”

What did happen to Thomas? Why would his art suddenly later after his death appear with Disney characters and themes on it when that is not what he represented?

“’He had a bruise of his abdomen that was healing, a bruise under his scalp, a haemorrhage under his head, as well as multiple healed rib fractures,’ O’Hara said. ‘He took a tumble at some point.’” Sound familiar?????????? A fall did that…………….

How about the stories of was drunk and into drugs and died of overdose?

Or died suddenly unexpectedly????????

Why would being a Christian and representing the Light be considered a threat? To whom?

Why would he be involved in so many lawsuits driving others to insanity? What is it that he knew that others did not like that led to his death?

Did he offend someone?

“Kinkade is said to have urinated on a Winnie the Pooh figure outside of a Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim as part of what former employees say he called ‘ritual territory marking.’ While urinating on the Pooh figure, Kinkade reportedly yelled ‘this one’s for you, Walt,’ in reference to Disney founder Walt Disney.”

I wonder why Thomas has suddenly appeared to the world? Is he the real one or a clone or an apparition appearing? Blue Beam? Or an actor or or really alive?????

Why is Elvis Presley images appearing in Thomas Kinkade art? Does Elvis know something too? He died of the same story being overdose drunk and into drugs. What is interesting is stories circulating he is still alive too!

I am totally surprised because I always thought Thomas Kinkade was alive well and still painting about love, light and glorious art. And the art I know has nothing to do with Disney characters incorporated into them. I thought that was just someone using cut and paste and photoshop.

Do you know what else I heard lately lots………..

Princess Diana is alive and well and ready to shock the world.

And with that said following are some of the most precious loved art Thomas Kinkade has painted in his life that I absolutely adore:

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