Long forgotten memory rekindles a dream of the heart

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“Long forgotten memory rekindles a dream of the heart”

“Our hearts are soft

our minds are strong

our souls tell a thousand words

of moral and of hope

photos of long forgotten times

rekindle in our hearts

telling our minds to keep going

and igniting the passion of life of the soul

hearts begin to dream

minds begin to visualise

and souls begin to sing

sing again of dreams once long forgotten.

A photo we discover in our collections

in awe of the joy that we embraced

in the depth of adversity we once endured.

Nowadays our tolerance levels are non existent

only focus and desire for warmth and contentment

joy and smiles only

It was long time ago

we had all these glorious dreams

some that came true

some that we are glad did not

and yet there are those that we forgot along the way

maybe because we were preoccupied

fighting for a cause

but somehow a miracle occurs

that leads us back to a photo

of times of joy and hope

remembering dreams that once were held close

clearly still linger within

obvious that they are still living fully in us

And so as we see the path ahead

as far as we possibly can

we start to make plans

for a new exciting life

but what we had not anticipated

was that those special dreams

that were living deep within us

have reignited our flames

to include on our journey

on this whole new adventure

full of love and light

I wonder what dreams you still hold

dear to your hearts

and if there is still a flame

burning in your souls

hoping waiting and wondering

when they will come true………………….”

Para Kas-Vetter

30 January 2023

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