Goodbye 2022. Hello 2023

Dear Precious Souls

As we are saying goodbye to yet another year, we realise how much has happened in this year of 2022 and how many of us evolved and made enormous changes both within and around us.

And for us it has been one intense year of major contributions for the greater good. We are deeply grateful to have taken that leap of faith into the unknown. It truly has brought many more wishes to come true meaningful to our hearts. The tranquillity right now that we are experiencing is luxury to our souls. It has been a long time since we last had that. We were always out there fighting hard for a cause. The escape led us to finally take time for us and to heal and really rest. And to celebrate life actually loving the moment is sheer glory.

With new hopes for the new year already in progress, we are taking the time to thank you for the love and being in our lives.

As you have noticed a few months ago I had already begun to say goodbye to part of my works, and platforms and also networks. I know this was significant at the time as we had to focus on a court case for a good cause. Thereafter, there was a moment where we felt that it was time for us to finally take that leap into the unknown. And truly start focusing on ourselves.

For years we have said we will finally rest but every time our hearts will melt at not being able to say no to yet another rescue regarding Wildlife. Children. Animals. Nature. Innocent lives…….raising awareness….giving so much more each time of ourselves.

Finally we took that leap. In honest truth, looking back it was the best thing we ever did.

I wanted to finalise the year with something very special. This is something that will reflect into the NEW YEAR 2023. It will be about Self Respect.

I felt this was so important to finalise the year. Because we both knew that this year for so many was about remembering the self again. Remembering what living is about again. Remembering the beauty of tranquillity and harmony and how to laugh and smile again. And actually truly live without fear again.

This is what the NEW YEAR 2023 will entail. It is going to be a very unique year.

For Otto Maxi and Para, we have had a very intense year. We have worked so hard and for the first time in decades that which we had said we would do for years we are finally doing it. It took circumstances to finally do this. I am so dearly grateful so so very grateful. This rest and serenity is Haven for us. We earned it. As we now begin to focus on our new future.

Thank you to all who have been a very important part of our lives.

Wishing you all the most special NEW YEAR’S EVE 2022 as we say good bye to it.


All of our love for always Para Otto and Maxi.


Ps: Its time for us to rest. Hereon whatever writings are done can be viewed on our Blog.

“YOU ARE A REVOLUTION, not a resolution”

Angi Sullins

“Our consciousness is shifting
The World is changing
Our beliefs are evolving
Our lives are transforming.

We are starting to realise our worth translates to we no longer desire, want, nor need to sacrifice ourselves according to the indoctrinated beliefs of an old self serving matrix.

We once rewarded a General hiding behind a wall of defence who pushed a Soldier into the war pit rather than the General stepping into the war pit themselves. We punished a Parent who took responsibility to protect their child. We made Heroes out of criminals with statues and money, whilst the innocent sacrificed for standing in truth. Abuse was acceptable and respect was denied. Thankfully the old ways of what was insanity is now crumbling.

Many came to Earth for a Mission were seen as a sacrifice or viewed as a commodity. Those on a Mission are here for a reason. Not to sacrifice themselves but to help save Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

When we start to awake we see clearer.

A sacrifice is a deliberate intention to experience or cause a form of discomfort or suffering. The question becomes is it deliberately done against your will or a choice, and if it choice what would best define it to help others realise why you do what you do.

Dictionaries are like Bibles. There are many editions and versions and ambiguous meanings behind certain words. And hence they can be misused or misinterpreted.

A thought: If you were living in a most expensive lifestyle, there is nothing wrong with that. Would you consider a sacrifice as an obligation, a responsibility, a moral act, a passion, or a burden to make changes that show respect for the Planet, others and yourself, if you discovered that part of your expensive lifestyle meant child and animal slavery and torture, destruction to planet Earth, and being bathed and eating poisonous items were involved.

We are now entering a time where responsibility, moral acts, passion and obligation to making changes are the new norms of life. As they saying goes, change or be changed because planet Earth is changing and we either change with her or we exit.

What is also becoming a focal point is that self worth is an obligatory to making changes and in entering the New Era of LIFE.

Sacrifice is being redefined……………..

We are not here on planet Earth to sacrifice ourselves for self serving old fragmented matrix. We are here to thrive and bloom and make changes for the greater good, whilst having our needs fully met. We are here to grow and to feel free to fully evolve, not be sacrificed for the selfish few.”

Para Kas-Vetter

“If I were to tell you about every twist and turn that your life will be taking, we’d be talking for years, but I can share a few more things.”

©Angi Sullins

©Duirwaigh Studios

1. Criticism and judgment are simply someone else’s opinion of you and can mirror their jealousy over who you are, your light, your gifts and talents, and your being.”

I would tell my past self – shine your light as brightly as possible, no matter what.”

2. People will talk about you so give them something positive to talk about because there is nothing wrong with you.”

I would remind my past self that the brightest lights get noticed and that doesn’t mean there is something wrong.”

3. Your dreams and visions are worthy of being your priority and should not be sacrificed for the benefit of others”

I would tell my past self to contribute her time, energy, and effort to others’ dreams with great discernment. And that she should go after everything she wanted, to be unafraid, bold, and daring and to not worry about what anyone said or thought.”

“4. Being a smart, intelligent woman is not a liability.”

What would I have told my former self? To expand her knowledge, curiosity, and creativity as much as possible, to shine with her intelligence and to be proud of it because it was part of her. And to never be afraid or ashamed of who or what she was for any reason.”

“5. And finally, I would have told my younger self to never spend any time in regret, shame, blame, or guilt over anything in the past, especially past decisions that are being reviewed in the present. To avoid that today I remind myself that I always make the best and what I believe are the wisest decisions at the time. Sometimes they are the only decisions I am aware of and sometimes the one I choose may not be a good one but it’s better than the others.”

I would tell my younger, past self to choose wisely and well, and for herself.”

Jennifer Hoffman

“And one more thing………….it is not and has never been her job to make others happy, to make their lives better, to solve their problems, or to be attendant to their emotional needs. ……we think this is our mission, to make everyone happy. It isn’t. Our mission is to shine our light….

.I am going full circle to give myself closure and to honor the person I was as well as the person I have become….”

“….the timelines that those past experiences created are being replaced with new intentions, bold blasts of energy, new portals of potential, strong intentions for joy, and an appreciation for the person I have been as well as the one I am becoming every day.

Jennifer Hoffman

You will change, because you will grow”

You matter”

Believe in yourself”

Trust yourself”

Love yourself”

Don’t be so hard on yourself”

Stop trying to make everyone happy”

Sara Haseeb

© Susan Seddon Boulet

“1. You’re going to love your body in all its flaws.”

“2. Someday you’ll learn that family isn’t what you’re born into, it’s who you choose.”

“3. After college, no one cares about your grades.”

“I wish Younger Rachael understood back then that getting a college degree doesn’t make you any better than someone who doesn’t have one.”

“………I would tell younger Rachael to stop worrying……… I would tell her to be patient because good things come in time. I would remind her it’s better to be alone than with the wrong person because the right person is worth waiting for.”

“5. You’re going to put your happiness above everything else and it’ll be worth it.”

Rachael Tulipano

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