Pegasus MY ART and the artist

There is a sacred story to how I painted Pegasus.

You can either read it in “My Sacred Pilgrimage – My True Story (Finale Edition -27 November 2022)” Page 69, or PDF

Years ago, I painted a very special painting of Pegasus. It was from a print and I never knew who the artist was. It was unknown. I painted Pegasus and love it with all of my heart. I painted it for my Twin Sister Christine Kas as I knew how much she loves Pegasus.

It was a huge surprise for her. A very Special Gift to my darling Precious Twin Sister.

What is remarkable is upon looking at Goddess Central I am speechless to see the art I had painted years ago!!!!!!!!!

“Beautiful art by Kinuko Craft : Pegasus”

I emailed Bea straight away with enormous joy, excitement and energy because to now see the name of the artist of what I had never known for years, is astounding. Yet more importantly is that to see the art I painted and loved dearly from a print I saw whilst doing art classes not knowing who the artist was of the print, and suddenly after all these years by synchronicity to be led to Goddess Central to see the name of artist who painted the actual original art of Pegasus is absolutely amazing.

I cannot even begin to express how exulted I feel. I am ecstatic. Why? Because it is so sacred and I know with all of my heart and soul it is a very huge sign from Universe about something so dear and sacred to my heart is going to unfold. This was a very significant sign for me. And I felt so alive and elated that I want to share it with the whole wide world 🙂

Something really Magnificent and Miraculous is going to unfold and I am thrilled anticipating what it could be!!!!!

Lots of love Para Kas-Vetter

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