The realisation who is true and who is not


“When we wake up to the surroundings, the lifestyles, the paths, the careers and the people we have known intimately or from a distance, the most trying time is the realisation that we have been living, supporting, loving, caring and protecting, and excusing the very elements that have been a part of the problem than the solution.

This deeper awakening, to the realisation that our old ways of life, our old life paths, patterns, the people and surroundings that we thought served a purpose, but actually do not, can be very deeply difficult to accept or acknowledge.

The times of prophecy have arrived and as we near the end of an old paradigm, the exceedingly destructive deceivers will try to hold on tighter to their old controlling factors, unaware that their times are now inevitable…..prophecies unfolding now…..”

“To acknowledge those that I no longer walk side by side with, is to give gratitude for the lessons I have learnt, discoveries I have made, and awakenings that have occurred to deeper levels, that have helped me to make wiser decisions for the greater good of life.”

Para Kas-Vetter


“Dear self,

I apologize for the times

When I refused to listen to you

And instead listened to the sea of voices surrounding you

As though they knew what was best for you

Rather than you

I apologize for the times

When I refused to allow you to write your own story

Live your own life

Follow your own dreams

And listen to your own heart

And instead suppressed your voice

Silenced your hopes

Stunted your growth

And sabotaged your success

Out of fear, anxiety, insecurity

A lack of self-confidence

And self-doubt

I apologize for the times

When I put others on a pedestal

And elevated their opinions of you

Above your own

I apologize for the times

When others wounded you

Criticized you

Made fun of you

Left you feeling like you were ugly, worthless

Or a waste of space

And called you strange, different, weird or quirky

And a whole bunch of labels

Because they were incapable of seeing your worth

You didn’t fit into their boxes

Or they didn’t understand you

And instead of sticking up for you

I listened to them

Chose to be hurt by them

And internalized those messages

Allowing them to dictate and define who you were

Rather than allowing you to trust that you knew better

And to define yourself

I apologize for teaching you

To shrink yourself

To make others more comfortable

Make yourself small

To satisfy those around you

Attempt to appear less beautiful

To make others feel better about themselves

Appear be less intelligent

To make others feel less intimidated

And to be less loud

And take up less space in the world.

For believing that you were your body

And your outer shell was more important

Than your inner soul

And for believing that you had to prove yourself and your worth to others

In order to be deserving of a place in the world.

And I want you to know

I’m proud of you

I’m grateful for you

And I’m in awe of how far you’ve come

And who you are becoming.

Please forgive me for failing to recognize your worth

Please forgive me for believing that you weren’t enough

And that you were undeserving of love

And please know that from this moment on

I’m putting your needs first

I’m listening to your guidance

I’m allowing you to take up space and be your own unique person

I’m celebrating you fully even when others don’t

I’m embracing who you authentically are

I’m forgiving you for the times when you’ve failed and stumbled

I’m refusing to allow others to bring you down and make you feel less about yourself due to external factors beyond your control

And I’m choosing to love and accept you fully

Starting from today.”

Tahlia Hunter

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