Romy Wyser’s “Life Soul Vision” ORACLE

As I continue to follow my calling of my Soul, I notice the signs become more conspicuous.

My Sacred Pilgrimage PART II is unravelling before my eyes.

And Universe and those I love in Spirit Realms and those on Earth, seem to find a way knowingly or unknowingly, to reveal to me what tools I need to initiate this next journey into the unknown. A combination of Love and Deep Wisdom that bathes my Soul with Humble Grace.

To my love ones, Romy Wyser and “Life Soul Vision” ORACLE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I know you want to me stay in the shallows but there’s nothing real there for me anymore. I want depth, devotion and undeniable truth. I’ve endured a thousand mini deaths to meet this moment. Each time rising stronger in belief and softer in trust. It’s all or nothing now. Awakened in a world whose heart is split open by reckless hands. But whose healing emerges from enlightened words. Storms still run wild in the hidden corners of my soul. Birthing new stars to fill the hollow void of loss. Deep promises made in the dark now blooming wild and burning brightly. Deep faith found in the unknown lighting the way for boundless grace. Nothing will change until I do. And in my readiness to receive I’m changing everything.” Romy Wyser

“We go back and forward, we go way deep in. What we find in each time and place is what we put there. The markers, the signs, the cues. We made sure before, we will make sure again to help the present time soul to remember…….primes us to take seriously something which keeps coming up and saying: Don’t you remember? Haven’t you seen it yet? Suddenly you are paying attention to that irreversible vision that is flying at you with your name on it.” Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

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