Otto and Maxi

My whole life I have always been grateful and showed enormous veneration and appreciation to all that have been a part of my life or has helped me along the way. I have always gone out of my way to let all who have been a part of my journey, and those that have left footprints, just how much I love them all. I have also shown enormous love to pets and wildlife, nature, my Guides and the Realms of Love and LIGHT, and also the homes I have come to love and have lived in. Every part of my life has evolved to where it is now because of the Love of those that truly contributed enormously one way or another. And for that I will forever be grateful and love them all.

Today I have felt deeply to write this as a public message for all to know. Otto and Maxi have and are an extraordinary part of my life. Otto my husband and Maxi who has been in my life since he was only about one month old, he is 23 years old on 7 November 2022 although we celebrate his birthday the day he came into my life on the 7 December 1999.

Both Otto and Maxi are a very important part of my life as are all that have formed a part of my sacred pilgrimage.

Otto has a lifetime of enormous experiences that leave me breathtaking, and his credentials are so deep that he keeps them mostly to himself these days. A quiet man with exceptional abilities, talents and an exhaustible accomplishments, knowledge and wisdom. And let me tell you all some of his most profound and sacred ideas that he shared with certain persons on his journey, took them and made them their own falsely claiming full credit for them. We all have heard of such true stories. But that is the old world ending. The New Era is all about TRUTH and transparency and seeing clearly who has done what. Otto is A Remarkable man. We have been through a lot together. I am so honoured to share my life with him. And dearly grateful for all that we have done together for the greater good. I honestly don’t know how he will feel me writing all this, being so private, but he knows me so well 🙂 . I just follow my guidance.

So Otto when you see this, I want the world to know how so grateful I am to you. We have done so much together. In fact we do everything together. We are inseparable. I love all that we have done together. And so excited about our next part of our journey. I Love you 🙂 .

Maxi is simply Divine. He always Blesses us in ways that will leave you speechless. He is dearly Sent from the Realms above. He is a very Special Soul. And with Astoundingly Remarkable abilities also. I am so Blessed to have Maxi in our lives and I LOVE every moment. We are so inseparable. I spend more times at home these days and I honestly must say I am so glad. The precious times together we share is dear to our hearts.

I hope you all today find a way to thank someone you love or someone that you are deeply grateful for. I thank you all. I thank every one of you that has been in my life. And those out there who have left footprints in my Soul.

Lots of Love for Always Para xxooxx

About Para & Otto

‘Sacred Whispers’ ‘Sacred Journey’ ‘Spiritual Quest’ A Pilgrimage to Unlock the Sacredness of Life.
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