Open Letter: regarding Rental Providers and their Representatives

Open Letter: regarding Rental Providers and their Representatives

There reaches a point when there are those that must reach the public forums of every sort, and bodies of corporate and departments of all positions and authorities, and to all that can be reached, that are able to do something to help save and protect as many innocent lives as possible.

Many innocent lives have found themselves unjustifiably homeless, abused, those that lost their lives, those that are of the vulnerable domain range such as the pensioners, those with disabilities, health reasons, children, and those of all ages who are simply people with integrity, those that lost their jobs and other losses during the Pandemic and lockdowns, those that suffered immensely, those that have committed suicide, those that were harmed, those that were unjustifiably falsely convicted, those that faced false evictions, those that were so tired fighting the culprits.

The culprits in this Open Letter are Rental Providers (Landlords) that are perpetrators, some called “slumlords” and their Representatives, often their lawyers, or persons in legal decision making positions or other body corporates or individuals that represent these coward perpetrators who stand behind their depleted of any morals representatives, need to be reprimanded, whether that being disbarred, disqualified, made public, or prevented from being in certain positions, let alone exercise being rental providers or representatives, until they are either rehabilitated into understanding what morals, respect and working together for the greater good actually means.

It is disturbing to witness lawyers acting as representatives of rental providers that are abusing their position to misuse the legal system in every manipulative way, in order to try to win deceptively a case. They are called losers for they cannot do things honestly. This is deeply disturbing as innocent lives are affected, some never recover from the false allegations or false convictions.

Stronger, more firmer legislations and laws must be put in place or enforced to fully ensure the protection of Renters, especially where crimes and deliberate physical/sexual abuse of all sort or harm are occurring.

Although currently Australia is under the Commonwealth, until such time that it becomes independent from the Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II who recently passed away, means that the legal system and its legalities also will soon change. There are talks of Australia detaching from the Commonwealth. When this occurs, the whole Legal System will also be going through massive change itself.

We need to however, in this current vulnerable times, address urgently to protect innocent lives and particularly those that are faced with enormous suffering at the hands of perpetrators called rental providers and their representatives.

In the industry of Renters and Rental Providers, there are some amazing Rental Providers and horrid Renters. And yet there are also Exceptional Renters and Psychotic Rental Providers. There needs to be a filtering system to ensure that no horrid renter or psychotic rental provider are in positions used to exercise some form of abuse or power. That includes their representatives. The Legal System must not be misused.

To all the innocent and victims, come forth and make reports naming culprits of the crimes being committed. The old matrix charade of unethical practices must now end.

Para Kas-Vetter and Otto Vetter

16th September 2022,

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