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Updated: 5th March 2023

©Para Kas-Vetter

All Writings/Art/Drawings/Illustrations/Photographs/Designs/ Manuscripts/Books/Creations Conceived, Created, Written, Designed and Produced by Para Kas-Vetter, Para Kas, Para and PARA are Copyright ©1997-Current

Exceptions and Permission Granted ONLY

for any fair dealing for the following purposes:

for your own personal use, private study, growth, inspiration or motivational purposes, for humanitarian purposes, educational, professional, non-profit or profit small/private/sole-trader business purposes

Provided it is with the intention of, used for, and done with pure authenticity, honour, grace, truth, respect, integrity,


That it shows “©Para Kas-Vetter”

Please Note that ALL Logos that are shown at are © strictly Copyright and are not subject to being used for any other purpose other than for ours. These specific logos belong to Para Kas-Vetter and Otto Vetter

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For your gratitude, rewards and gifts and money gifts. For sharing, showing acknowledgement, money for the profit you gain using our writings and creations, generosity, kindness, and help that you offer regarding “Para & Otto”, “Para Kas-Vetter”, “Sòlance Voyage Gallery” services, writings, creations, and other.

Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer

Bank: NAB (National Australia Bank)
BSB number: 083-832
Account number: 17-173-7365

Account name: Mrs Para Kas-Vetter

About Para & Otto

‘Sacred Whispers’ ‘Sacred Journey’ ‘Spiritual Quest’ A Pilgrimage to Unlock the Sacredness of Life.
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