Fire fire fire fire. Which one is it?


Which one?

Fire as in shooting?

Fire as in flames?

Fire as in REMOVING someone from positions/roles/places/ ect


Fire as in frequency?

Donald TRUMP is famous for “You’re fired!”

Interesting….thought to let you all know.

By the way did you know that Fire can be re arranged to spell as RIFE.

Oh how amazing Royal Raymond Rife (16 May 1888 – 5 August 1971) was with his “light-energy, “Rife machine””. “One can only speculate motivations of others” why such remarkable technology was not used to heal/cure instantly “illness and disease”.

And did you know that Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) invented something amazing that makes us wonder why are we not using it during bushfires and when things are up in flames…….. a device that puts out fire instantly.

Amazing what happens when we step outside the box?

Para and Otto

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