Denise Linn’s Words of Wisdom

“The Soul loves the truth, but sometimes it’s sure hard to figure out what the truth is.

For example, take alfalfa sprouts.

For decades, I ate alfalfa sprouts because, after all, I was a health conscious person. I believed that people who ate sprouts were earth-loving, save-the-planet kind of people … and well, that’s who I wanted to be. Yup!

I put sprouts in my salads and sandwiches, on my scrambled eggs, sprinkled on my soups, layered onto my stir-fries. I put them just about any where I could stuff them into my diet . . . because I was a Sprout-Kind-of-Person.

However, one day I actually tasted them. Whoa! Have you ever truly tasted alfalfa sprouts?

Maybe your experience is different, but honestly . . . the small wiggly-root texture? The slightly bitter taste? I had no idea that I didn’t like alfalfa sprouts, because I had never really tasted them. My mind told me that I liked them, but my body told me something else.

I listened to my body and basically haven’t had alfalfa sprouts since.

In all candor, there are lots of things/people/experiences in life that we think that we like (or dislike), but if we took just a moment to be still and sink into the veracity of the moment, we would have a different understanding.

You know what I’m talking about. For example, maybe you have a friend since high school who always leaves you drained, but you keep spending time with them. Your mind says they are your good friend, but your body has a different point of view. Listen to your body!

To find the truth of your Soul, quiet your mind, bring into your awareness the object/person/experience . . . and notice how your body feels. Then take action. (Even if the mind doesn’t always register your inner truth, your body speak volumes.)

Just my morning musings here in Northern California.

Sending you my love for a beautiful day!​” ​

Wendy Anne

“Such a powerful message disguised by a dislike for a vegetable. Practicing getting out of our minds and residing in our bodies and feeling our reactions to things is where our true self- knowing lives. Emotions are not known but felt. We need to be able to do this for every thing in our lives. A beautiful reminder. Thank you” ​

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