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I Am Moana Song of the Ancestors From “Moana” BUT IN 60FPS

Moana Cast Lyrics

“I Am Moana (Song Of The Ancestors)”

(performed by Auli’i Cravalho & Rachel House)

(from “Moana” soundtrack)

I know a girl from an island

She stands apart from the crowd

She loves the sea and her people

She makes her whole family proud

Sometimes the world seems against you

The journey may leave a scar

But scars can heal and reveal just

Where you are

The people you love will change you

The things you have learned will guide you

And nothing on earth can silence

The quiet voice still inside you

And when that voice starts to whisper

“Moana, you’ve come so far”

Moana listen, do you know who you are?


Who am I?

I am a girl who loves my island

And the girl who loves the sea, it calls me

I am the daughter of the village chief

We are descended from voyagers

Who found their way across the world

They call me

I’ve delivered us to where we are

I have journeyed farther

I am everything I’ve learned and more

Still it calls me

And the call isn’t out there at all

It’s inside me

It’s like the tide

Always falling and rising

I will carry you here in my heart

You’ll remind me

That come what may

I know the way

I am Moana!


Idina Menzel, AURORA – Into the Unknown (From “Frozen 2”)

Idina Menzel Lyrics

“Into The Unknown”

(feat. AURORA)

(from “Frozen 2” soundtrack)

Ah ah oh oh oh

Ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh

I can hear you but I won’t

Some look for trouble while others don’t

There’s a thousand reasons I should go about my day

And ignore your whispers which I wish would go away, oh oh oh

Ah ah oh oh

Oh oh

Ah ah oh oh

You’re not a voice

You’re just a ringing in my ear

And if I heard you, which I don’t

I’m spoken for I fear

Everyone I’ve ever loved is here within these walls

I’m sorry, secret siren, but I’m blocking out your calls

I’ve had my adventure, I don’t need something new

I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you

Into the unknown

Into the unknown

Into the unknown

Ah ah oh oh

Ah ah oh oh oh oh

What do you want? ‘Cause you’ve been keeping me awake

Are you here to distract me so I make a big mistake?

Or are you someone out there who’s a little bit like me?

Who knows deep down I’m not where I’m meant to be?

Every day’s a little harder as I feel my power grow

Don’t you know there’s part of me that longs to go…

Into the unknown?

Into the unknown

Into the unknown

Ah ah oh oh

Ah ah oh oh

Oh oh oh

Are you out there?

Do you know me?

Can you feel me?

Can you show me?

Ah ah oh oh

Ah ah oh oh

Ah ah oh oh

Ah ah oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Where are you going?

Don’t leave me alone

How do I follow you

Into the unknown?

Oh oh oh


Idina Menzel, Evan Rachel Wood – Show Yourself (From “Frozen 2″/ Sing-Along)

Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood Lyrics

“Show Yourself”

(from “Frozen 2” soundtrack)

Every inch of me is trembling

But not from the cold

Something is familiar

Like a dream I can reach but not quite hold

I can sense you there

Like a friend I’ve always known

I’m arriving

And it feels like I am home

I have always been a fortress

Cold secrets deep inside

You have secrets, too

But you don’t have to hide

Show yourself

I’m dying to meet you

Show yourself

It’s your turn

Are you the one I’ve been looking for

All of my life?

Show yourself

I’m ready to learn

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah ah

I’ve never felt so certain

All my life I’ve been torn

But I’m here for a reason

Could it be the reason I was born?

I have always been so different

Normal rules did not apply

Is this the day?

Are you the way?

I finally find out why!

Show yourself

I’m no longer trembling

Here I am

I’ve come so far

You are the answer I’ve waited for

All of my life

Oh, show yourself

Let me see who you are

Come to me now

Open your door

Don’t make me wait

One moment more

Oh, come to me now

Open your door

Don’t make me wait

One moment more

Where the north wind meets the sea

Ah ah ah ah

There’s a river

Ah ah ah ah

Full of memory

Come, my darling, homeward bound

I am found

Show yourself

Step into your power

Grow yourself

Into something new

You are the one you’ve been waiting for

All of my life

(All of your life)

Oh, show yourself


Ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah


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