Time for Inner Wisdom

“What are your go-to’s when you seek comfort?

Where and who do you go to when your heart needs mending?

Who do you go to for consolation and support?”

“feed your body, your heart and your soul within her protective embrace. Surround yourself with your much loved community. Seek out those things that bring you emotional security. Pay attention to your personal life. Those things that support you.”

Focus on those things that will bring greater comfort, make you feel secure and taken care of.

What needs to change in order to bring greater safety, emotional security and a sense of belonging?

Which foundations of your life need shoring up right now?”



“Compassionate Acts: volunteer, donate, pay it forward. Do a favor for a neighbor. Connecting to Neptune is that feeling in your heart that you get when you do a good deed.

Getting in touch with your highest ideals and honoring them, even if you cannot fulfill them right away.

Music; Dance; poetry jams, recitals. That which touches your heart and makes it sing. Art museums, any museum, that which inspires you and calls. See good movies, go to the theater if you can. Take photos.

Doing Art: you don’t have to do it well, just do it or experience it. Open your imagination. Unlock the right side of your brain. Take a pottery class. Paint by number, paint your house.

Divination: finding ways to make that connection to spirit, whether that is thru the tarot, the I Ching, or some other divinatory tool.

Spiritual retreats, prayer or practices that appeal to you. This is when you can bring a meditation practice to a deeper and more profound level.

Swimming, walking near the sea, immersing yourself in the beauty and profundity of nature. Neptune is what you feel when you see the sun rise, or notice the dew on the petal of a flower. That is what we are trying to connect to.

Pay attention to your dreams: keep a dream diary or notepad by your bed. Investigate ways to cultivate your dreams and dream world.”



“Nourish yourself and others. Bake a cake. Feed your friends, all those in your care. Present your signature dish.

Nourish your mind, your soul, and your imagination.

Honor the caregivers in your life. Call your parents. Send a care package. Make a surprise visit.

Women or women’s issues. The divine feminine. Women’s circles.

Gather the family, the tribe, your community.

Intentionally nurturing a sense of belonging, for yourself, for your loved ones, for strangers.

Cultivate greater emotional security and stability within the home, family and property.

Revisit the homeland, get in touch with your roots, your family traditions, your heritage, your culture.

Nurturing. Food, picnics, kitchens, stoves. The stomach, feeding. Caring, comfort, empathy. Pregnancy, motherhood, the womb, fertility, childbirth. Infancy. Potential. Home, Family, Community. Communes. Belonging. One’s heritage, culture, traditions. The past, one’s personal history, roots. Memory, Nostalgia. Sentimentality. Attachment, Dependence. The Clan, the Tribe, the Homeland, Country. Patriotism. Homelessness. Travelers, Sailors. Traveling salespeople. Shyness, sensitivity, empathy. Emotions, moodiness. Emotional security. Coping Mechanisms. Introspection. Imagination. Vulnerability. Safety. Caution, Security. Protection, Defensiveness. The People. The Base. Water, boats, the shore. Crabs & underwater sea creatures. The Sea. The Chest. Women, breasts, nursing. The Moon and the Tides.”



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