Pondering to Discoveries

“….expand our vision beyond our previous expectations, to restore hope, explore new horizons and to rekindle inspiration…..of new beginnings and new discoveries…………..”

“* According to my own conscience, what do I believe in my heart of hearts to be true and just?

* What does true freedom mean? What sorts of responsibilities does that freedom entail?

* How can I best share what I believe to be true with others, in a way that I can be clearly understood?

* Where have I been led astray? And how can I get myself back on track?

* What more do I need to learn, discover or become informed about?”

– Spiritual readings

– Looking at things from another perspective

– Mystic quests and journeys

– Exploring new horizons

– Traveling or going on an adventure

– Going hiking, horseback riding, or on a road trip

– ….find yourself again

– Expanding your world

– Philosophizing on life

– Attending a teaching or lecture

– Feeding your mind

– Seeking the Truth

– Generously giving with an open heart

– Laughing joyously and audaciously

– Appreciating the irony of a situation

Lauren Howard Coleman

Full article read: https://www.astrologybylauren.com/about or https://eraoflight.com/2022/06/14/full-moon-super-moon-in-sagittarius/

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