The Genome Re-Wiring and Gifts of Life

“……The end will be unrecognizable from the picture in your head, But you’ll know it when you get there by the way you feel……..”

Rebecca Campbell

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

Buckminster Fuller

The Genome Re-Wiring – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

by Disclosure News | Updated on 28 April, 2022


“In simple terms, the word “genome” refers to all of the data necessary in our DNA (which is within each cell) for a human being to function physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This also involves our chromosomes which are thread-like scaffolding located inside the nucleus.

Each chromosome has a single molecule of DNA.

We have a “blueprint” in us for ancestral experiences as well as our own.

As we process information based upon our experiences from childhood to adult, our cellular “records” are steadily accumulating thought images, emotional settings, and physical responses.

At first, as babies and young children, we receive information on how to view certain situations by our immediate family because that is all we have as a reference.

So, we believe the judgements made by our family as those which are correct and which must be followed.

As we grow and have our own unique experiences, we change our perceptions of people and no longer generalize about certain groups as our family may have done and may still be doing.

Thus, our cellular “records” change as our consciousness changes, and accordingly, because DNA resides in each cell, so too does it change its make-up as well as every cell.

Even changing eating habits from carnivore to vegan changes DNA because in order to become a vegan, some consciousness transfer has had to develop regarding a thought and feeling about eating animals.

The thought and feeling became a changed action as we learned that protein can be acquired via particular vegetables, beans, and nuts.

The changed action became a healthier physical vessel.

When the eating of animals ceases, however, not just because we have studied that cattle are fed dangerous chemicals which humans ingest when they eat the animal flesh, but because we truly think and feel that slaughtering animals for food and fashion is barbaric because animals have a consciousness too, then we elevate even further in our consciousness transfer, and our cellular “records” become further cleared of the debris of electrical thought frequencies and emotional magnetic responses.

Eating habits is just one of a plethora of examples that can be given about how people are “told” to think and feel about life issues and how personal experiences change genome patterns.

Other instances dealing with racism, political groupings, etc. could be added to the discussion on cellular programming.

People change in different time frames.

This is why not everyone always has the same “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS).

There is a metaphysical, i.e., spiritual component, to this process of “Ascension Symptoms” or LAS.

For example, when a person is prone to constant hate and anger (always being “pissed off”–excuse the dramatic wording), problems with kidneys and bladder can result.

The person may have learned the hatred and anger from the immediate family.

So, when the job that he or she wanted was given to someone of a different so-called “race”, for example, hate and anger builds, and the person who was not selected for the position may decide that the person who was indeed accepted was of a lower quality” but certain “laws” were put into place allowing the person of “lower quality” to obtain the position.

Later, it may be found out that the person selected actually had a higher college grade point average and better professional experiences which were the qualifying factors.

It is very enlightening to discover also that people who belong to groups that have been subjugated over many centuries also have kidney and bladder challenges.

There is almost a pandemic occurring with the group called “People of African Descent” in terms of kidney disease in the advanced stages that requires dialysis.

Their DNA is obviously filled with the debris of hatred about the treatment of their ancestors as well as the treatment still being given in this modern era.

Sometimes the anger is so deeply entrenched that it is unconscious.

I no longer believe in racial grouping titles because my spiritual orientation is towards claiming “Galactic Citizenry”.

Grouping humanity by race is a manmade sociological trap that we all fell into at various stages.

We were “programmed” to divide ourselves and to treat people according to those divisions.

Yet, to make certain sociological or philosophical points, particular words must be sometimes employed as “3d’ humanity struggles to understand its planetary history.

When someone is raised in a family where love and appreciation for ALL PEOPLE is taught because every so-called “race” has its harmonious and disharmonious members, there is less likely to be health issues in certain physical parts.

Being raised in this way, however, is rare in the current era.

There may, however, still be other physical challenges that must be healed because of other reasons, and this is too lengthy of a discussion to have within this article.

The Tibetan healing text known as GYUD ZHI states that 303 ailments are due to bad karma and can only be healed through prayer and ritual.

There are 101 ailments that can be treated with herbs, acupuncture, and other remedies because the ailments are due to poor eating habits, lack of proper daily activities, lack of sufficient relaxation, and other general life habits.

The point is that LAS occurs at varying rates for different reasons, and because solar energy is “conscious”, it can target where healing and upgrading is specifically needed.

All of humanity, however, as is often focused upon in oral and written discourse, is being upgraded/re-processed/being given a consciousness transfer/re-birthed/being “taught” by the HIGHER SELF/being re-aligned with SOURCE FREQUENCY—all at a level that can be tolerated individually.

We Can Choose To Refuse.

We Can Fight The Light.

We Can Keep Dna In Disarray.

Or We Can Realize We Need To Dissolve Ego

And Achieve A Better Genome Flow.

In essence, we are being changed both individually as well as collectively as a “human species”.

There will be collective LAS as well as individual LAS.

SOURCE has orchestrated this process, but it accelerates in certain time frames based upon human thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

Our planet’s DNA is also our DNA.

If the ancient crystals deeply embedded within the crust of Earth/Gaia could audibly speak in the languages of mankind, they could give an historical account that no Hollywood movie could create.

After all, it takes millions of years for them to be fashioned as hardened minerals, and in the case of Amber—the hardened resin from extremely ancient pine trees—they could give an account of 320 million years and more which is the scientifically tested age of the oldest Amber discovered.

Yeshua Ha Messiah said that one day: “Even the rocks will cry out!” (HOLY BIBLE, the chapter of Luke).

He was speaking metaphorically of when the righteous are forced by oppressive circumstances to be silent.

When solar winds cause geomagnetic storms (activations/shock waves to our planet’s fields), when solar flares and their coronal mass ejections elevate to higher levels, when the planetary vibrational frequency (Schumann Resonance/Power) registers in upper ranges, when the Sun and the Moon and Sirius and Aldebaran and Orion and the Pleiades greet Earth/Gaia’s transit to their part of the galaxy, when the Sun experiences eclipsing—all on April 30th—intensively increased LIGHT will exude which will assist in the altering of DNA codes individually and collectively.

Current wind streams of 527.3 km/s and “C-Class” flares and a KP Index rated “storm”, and with more sunspots poised to soar, our genomes are “taking copious notes” as HIGHER KNOWLEDGE is being obtained. As we obtain greater awareness, a new strand of DNA is created and new “scaffolding” is erected to protect it.

Our telomeres at the ends of chromosomes are elongated allowing continual regeneration.


There is no specific end date to this SOURCE SYMPHONY.

Man-made time sequences are only for organized discussions in the material realm.

The year 2022 is nothing compared to some star systems which are far beyond the so-called “Twenty-first Century”, and there are systems which are “Beyond the Beyond”.

Human DNA “multi-strandedness”, crystallization from carbon, etc. are only beginning studies to an eventually very advanced type of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE that only a mere few are prepared to venture into in this “Now”.

Even many of the most “expert” scientists are in amazement at what is being daily discovered by their research.

They are almost forced to toss away their “textbooks”.

It is the ABSOLUTE(SOURCE) that is doing the teaching.

This is why it is vital to have a daily spiritual ritual so that we can have a continual Divine connection.

Otherwise, mankind’s confused and chaotic misfiring in the nervous system will result in further confusion.

As is taught by the GITA: “When the nervous system is pure, BEING reflects more”, and this is what must be remembered at all times. We are being purified.

We are being re-built from the SAHASRARA (“Thousandfold”—the crown chakra) to the MULADHARA (“Root”—the foundational chakra) so that we can connect with the SOUL chakra more readily, and thus, easily.

Crystalline Body

Prepare for the April 30th gift of extensive LIGHT.

If we will realize that the cosmos is a “holy book”, we will also realize that April 30th is a “holy day”.

We are part of the cosmos, so we are “verses” within it.

Thus, we can celebrate ourselves as “holy lights”.”


“You are being offered a great gift, one which is in part destiny, in part reward and in part, a plea for you to accept this gift of perception, to begin to see what lies beyond the confines of the world others call ‘real,’ and to become a being who understands the language of the spirit as it is expressed in the world.

This gift may come in the form of visions and of knowledge, but it comes from a trusted source in ways that cascade and gather, just like the waterfall in this image, until its presence can no longer be denied.

There is a sacred trust being placed in you by the beings of the hidden worlds. They ask you to be their emissary on this planet. Amidst and within the ordinary moments of our lives lies the sacred. It is the intent which we bring to those moments that determines whether what we do is an offering and made sacred, or if it is simply in the domain of the mundane.

You are the chosen ones and are being asked to take this gift, to preserve what is sacred in the great and small moments of your life. Once you accept, life will change, and you will change too, in ways that will uplift, soothe and nourish your soul

And so it is”

(Oracle of The Hidden Worlds, Lucy Cavendish)

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