Introspection April 2022

Divine Beauty – Connecting from within

Your Presence in its Ultimate form has Awakened me to the Beauty and Divinity within. The

Profound realisation of the Truth of my Being.

I have travelled many miles, far and beyond, feeling still not complete and a state of abyss.

Searching for the answers, and trying to find my way back home.

The images of my past filled with great adversity, trials and tribulations formed the belief: the

vision to my future, the vision of what I thought life is.

The light that shone so bright gave reason for me to notice the blessings in sight. It was

because I had surrendered and become vulnerable to Trust.

(I wrote this poem based on the inspiration of Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O’ Donohue)

Para Kas-Vetter

“…..The Holy Grail is the ultimate spiritual quest. Many see quests as physical places to journey to, conquer, or find, but perhaps the Grail is an invitation to go inward. To connect with the grace within to find it without. To realize that this journey of drinking from the eternal well is to find it deep within as the part of us that cannot be extinguished.

Perhaps this is why the rose is a symbol that goes with the Grail. Her petals calling us to spiral in. For it’s there that we find the nectar of all that we’ve searched for patiently waiting for us to return to it. Stop looking without, stop the endless searching, turn your gaze within.

Soul Inquiry:

How can you go within and focus more on what really matters?”

Rebecca Campbell

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

“Within us lives a single rose of love, around it lives many weeds, do we focus on the rose or waste our time pulling up the weeds, forgetting all about the sweet scent the rose gifts us?”

“…Pausing to focus on the things—and the people—that matter most brings clarity to the mind and contentment to the heart. We can make it clear, by the way we pay attention, what is of worth to us…..”

#4819 Music & the Spoken Word, The Tabernacle Choir,,%202012,

“Silence is a precious gift we give to ourselves. In that space between our words, not only do we find ourselves, but we can also hear our own heart, soul and intuition talking to us..”

~ Luminita D. Saviuc

“Listen to your High Heart … your higher Self is speaking to you through extra sensory perception, psychic intuition, synchronicities, signs, symbols, dreams and insights. Trust your intuition as never before.”

“If you are a creative of any sort, prepare to be inspired. You might find yourself remembering a forgotten skill or talent, diving back into it and updating it to add to your current life.”

“He sat in the stillness and listened to the wisdom of his soul. It was there in the quiet he could feel his connection with the beauty of the universe. He was home.”

“There’s going to be moments in life where you are going to want to turn back – that’s when you have to go on. The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you’ve come.”

“……….Those who already feel the expansion of consciousness; know and recognise that they are not the same as they were a few years ago. You have noticed both the outer and inner changes, because you do not feel the same as before.

You are absorbing more of the Photonic Light that emanates from the Central Sun. And that means the removal of the veils that limited your perception and understanding of what was never taught. Now consciousness begins to expand and nothing and no one will be able to limit it to levels it had before.

An awakened consciousness……..will gradually come to understand the great innate power it carries within itself. Since all souls are fragments of the Divine Seed Atom, created by the Source like everything else in the infinite Universe, it has the power to co-operate. And now this power is beginning to manifest little by little.

Every human being who is on this higher level of consciousness is awakening, and will possess a power that was never thought possible before. Each one will be able to create what he understands, and this power is unlimited.

The famous miracles attributed to Christ Jesus are only an example of the power that any higher consciousness will be able to produce. He Himself said in His time:

“You can do all this and much more”.

In addition to individual power, higher forms of consciousness can increase collective power immensely. All it takes is for a small group to unite around the same goal, to manifest it.

We will soon be able to observe this, we are only on the eve of this awakening. But you can already see the first results.

When you change something in yourself, you change the same thing in the universe. This is a fact, because we are made of the same energy that created the worlds………..

Your vibration is going to create the world that you will inhabit. It can either create a better world or a very difficult world to survive in. It is your choice and that is all that is required. A world of peace or a world of war.

Remember that everything you see outside is your own internal creation. When you see the outside, remember that this is all that has been created within you. And it will be your reality from now on.

Awakening is enlighten your consciousness! You will be able to see beyond your physical eyes. You will discover wonders that you did not know existed. You will recognise powers that you did not even think you possessed before.

And finally, you will know that all power in you is real. Enlighten yourself! By enlightening yourself, you enlighten the whole Planet. Do not doubt this, for doubt is still the main stumbling block that is holding back your ascension.

………my mission is enlightenment.

astrologer Maria Sofia “Marmanides suggests asking yourself, “What do I want to create in this world?” And, “Where might I benefit from a leap of faith or maybe even, a belief in the power of some celestial luck?””

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