When we allow ourselves to truly see ourselves, to truly “know thyself,” we are in a place of power to take dominion over those lower states of consciousness that enslave us to negative states of recreation over and over again.”

Sabrina Reber, Raise your Vibration

Many of us have reached a milestone, others completed a certain purpose or mission. For many, their journey has just begun…..discovering and building their own resources, knowledge and skills, gaining wisdom along the path they walk upon, and pursuing a journey of finding themselves and their own truth. In doing so realising the game is over in living a deceptive life. For it can no longer sustain itself. As we can all see those days of living a lie is ending. And rightfully so.

Tyrants nowadays desperately it seems, in trying to impose dominion over others in order to get their way, is proving more and more deflating.

We live in a time of accelerated change and transformation. There are many names for this time period. Some call it: The Great Awakening, The Rebirth, The New Earth, The Second Coming, The Golden Age, The End Times, The New Millennium, The Age of Aquarius, The Return of Christ, The Rapture, The Apocalypse, Armageddon, The Quickening or Planetary Ascension. Regardless of what you call it, it is happening and it is happening now. We are entering the most intensified purification process the Earth and humanity has ever experienced.”

Sabrina Reber, Raise your Vibration


Why are they calling humans sheep?

I have read in recent years those comparing people with no common sense or are not awaken to the label of ‘sheep/sheeple’. I never really understood why such a comparison has begun in a trend fashion language, considering it is an insult to the very sacred animals on Earth with a heart so dear and pure. I have had the honour of caring for and even called sheep pets and embraced the sheep flock with all of my heart and soul, full of love. I am appalled that I was brainwashed to believe in the past that eating such sacred beings was considered acceptable. I am so glad I broke free from that spell. We hear of recent traumatic evidence coming out of children being trafficked for cannibalism rituals. What is the difference when you need to look at what is being done to animals’ children. There is no double standards. Animals have been treated with such disrespect and yet people jump with anger at the way they are treated. Animals’ children have been taken away and eaten with such pleasure and disrespect, and yet humanity is upset to learn that children have been abused and eaten. I wonder considering the love I have for children and animals, when humanity with double standards begins to realise what they have created on earth? What karma is playing out so painfully.

A Sheep or a Lamb is a symbol for the soul…………….Symbolically, we can see this in many of the sacred images of Jesus holding a Lamb/Sheep………….. sheep/lambs, who are humble and receptive to the inner guidance from within. Sheep work for God, they do what is necessary.”

Sabrina Reber, Raise your Vibration

Sheep (plural or singular – English ambiguous!) – They are one of the most gentle and loving, loyal and dearly committed animals on earth. They have this unwavering loyalty and love that is so incredible. And their connection to nature and Universe is incomprehensible. Maybe those who compare sheep with the disgraceful in this world need to re evaluate what they are truly saying. Sometimes we don’t realise what we say unless we see clearer and willing to correct our ways without ego.

“We are responsible for the condition of the Earth. We are the ones who are responsible and we can change that. If we wake up, it is possible to change the energy. It is possible to change everything.”

Hunbatz Men, MAYAN*F


How can I make a difference when I am trying to find myself?

The only fight worth fighting for is the inner battle we must endure in order to liberate our souls from the entrapments of our egos.

All external fights, in this terrestrial world, are mere distractions that keep us from the inner work we need to accomplish in order to free ourselves from the entrapments of our inferior minds.

If we want to be free, we need to go within and invest our time and energy in activities that increase our Spiritual Christic Forces (the energies that save us) through meditation, self awareness, transmutation and upright lifestyle choices.”

Sabrina Reber, Raise your Vibration

“We are ever changing beings living in an ever changing world. And the world is changing a lot right now. And we are too.

For many of us, there comes a point where as much as we try to hold it all together, the pieces eventually come crumbling down. Try as we might with the super glue and blue tack, we eventually gather up the courage to loosen our grip on the world we consciously created in order for something new to bud and bloom.

The Rose knows that come the end of summer it must release the very thing that captivated others to it for the chance to bud and bloom again. And at a cellular level, we know this too.

In the midst of transformation the cracking open can feel like we are being broken. It feels like a part of us is dying because in many ways it is.

When we are in this in between it can feel both bewildering because we are not who we once were. And if you get still enough to notice, you might also feel a glimmer of excitement as we have never been closer to who we will soon be. Change takes courage. Transformation takes faith. Nature knows how to do it and so we do too.

The world needs you cracked open. And it seems as though 2022 is continuing to invite us to surrender to it with every new week……….”

Rebecca Campbell

“‘But I am just a flower. There are millions like me. I’m not special. What could I possibly bring to the world that another rose isn’t already bringing?’

You could not possibly fathom what being yourself brings to the people you touch. The more you are yourself, the more you inspire others to open up and do the same.

Don’t worry about the details of your purpose. Just follow what lights you up and bravely be your complete self with everyone you touch, now.”

Rebecca Campbell

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