Harmony Day 20 February 2022 and Sunflower Chong

“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.”

~ Nikola Tesla

Sunflower’s Aspiration https://youtu.be/G6SkFQByXIM

Please share World Harmony Day 20-2-2022 a Unique Day for all Humanity https://operationdisclosureofficial.com/2022/02/06/para-kas-vetter-please-share-world-harmony-day-20-2-2022-a-unique-day-for-all-humanity/

“”No individual or group can block another individual’s path or change it against what fits his nature and his purpose. It might be done for a time, but in the end it won’t work out.” –Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

Every person is born for a purpose. We may know our purpose very early in our lives, or it may take us some time. Very often we need to experience many things before our purpose is clear to us. Sometimes we pick our goals to please others. Sometimes others pick our goals to make themselves happy. Often this makes us unhappy. We need to pray to the Creator and ask Him what our purpose is. When we live outside our purpose, our path is full of obstacles. When we live inside our purpose, our path is smooth. When we are aligned to our purpose, we are happy and content.

Great Spirit, whisper to me, in terms I can understand, what You would have me do and I will do it.

Don L. Coyhis, from the book Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons”

Rosemarie Mohr, https://www.facebook.com/envisage1969?tn-str=k*F

Sunflower Chong has been the driving force behind making a certain day commemorated to Harmony Day. Harmony Day has now become known worldwide.

“September11 Gave Birth to World Harmony Day On 20th February (02) 2002 at time 20:02pm (8:02pm) i.e. 200220022002” Sunflower Chong

“the main intention is to organize a collective, worldwide effort to calm us and create awareness of positive and peaceful consciousness. We can call this “World Harmony Day” because that is exactly what we are praying for.”

“We have to foster a better world not just for ourselves but more importantly for our future generations.”

“I wanted to call Voices of New Asia” “Steve Clark wanted me to call the event World Harmony Day.”

“ 2 is the number that represents harmony”

“Why is this date so special? Because this is a very special moment that will see the date, month, year and time align perfectly. This is a unique opportunity afforded to us by time itself. Made all the more prescient by the world changing events of September 11th 2001, this fulcrum point in time 20.02 2002 20:02 is an opportunity for us all to try to reclaim the balance and harmony in our lives. And not just for one time in one year, but as an annual acknowledgement that every generation must do every year to remind ourselves that war comes easily but you have to stand up for peace.

“World Harmony Day”


“In order to achieve this harmony, it will be wise to imbue the eastern philosophy of balancing the Yang force with the Yin spirit.”

“All of us must get together and use our collective free will to heal the wounds of the world.”

“We asked our teacher why there were so many wars. Teacher asked us not to worry because those who love Almighty God they will be doing their good works in silence and one day all these light workers will come together to save out world. She used the jigsaw puzzle as an example So she wanted us to focus on our self to strive to be a good human being and not just a SMART one because this can be a double age sword.”

“If you desire for World Harmony please be with us on 20-2-2022 to observe a 2 min Peace Silence 1 min for world peace and harmony the 2nd min for your inner peace.”

Sunflower Chong

Monday, February 21, 2005 11:19 AM, Trevor Osborne <wharmony@westnet.com.au> wrote:

“Dear Sunflower and Greta,

Things have been happening around me lately regarding the word HARMONY. Let me explain the best I can.

First and foremost, there is a massive global transformation occurring on this planet. Humanity is shifting to a higher level of consciousness. This is happening both individually and collectively. Some individuals are leading the way while others (like the Bush regime and the Middle East regime) are lagging behind. In effect, there is a new society being formed while the old society is collapsing. This event has been predicted and prophesied for centuries by all religions and cultures although their translation of the event has varied and has mainly focused on the collapsing of the old. This collapsing has been translated as Armageddon and the end of the world by some factions. I see it as a divine and positive step for humanity and one that is predestined to happen. I also know we all have the choice whether to experience this transformation in a negative way or a positive way… it is up to us. People who have chosen the positive route I call World Harmony Networkers.

Within this network is group we call the New Paradigm Pioneers, or just Pioneers for short. The Pioneers are handpicked individuals who are on the leading of this consciousness shift. Since 5th January this group has been involved in an online (internet conferences) course refining and coordinating their knowledge and understanding into a form that can be presented to new people to help them in their transformational process. We plan to set up training centres initially in Australia and New Zealand and then in other countries to assist people who are ready to make the shift. We are also planning to establish a prototype new society in NZ where we will bring together all the components we have, like new energy technologies, and health generation, new building materials and methods, natural agriculture, etc.

The Pioneers have been discussing means to help us make this shift in consciousness. We came to the conclusion that we need to define what sort of world we wish to create and it came down to one word; HARMONY. For example, I received the following this morning from Eve, one of the Pioneers:

Just my slant on harmony:

In the meantime, about 10 days ago, I was introduced to a woman who lives in California called Christina Grace. This is what she wrote as part of an overall project:

Our planet has been called ‘Earth’. The intention is for every country on the planet to be signatories to a United Nations resolution renaming the planet Earth to planet ‘Peace’. Renaming the planet could easily change the planet’s frequency. It could be easily changed through the spoken word of ‘Peace’ and the psychological and spiritual concepts inherent in it. Everything is built up from vibrational states, resonate frequencies and harmonics. The idea is through billions of people calling the planet ‘Peace’ and referring to it as ‘Peace’, the planet would change its vibratory rate.

I spoke with her on two occasions and I suggested the name for Earth should not be Peace, but HARMONY, and she immediately agreed. The concept of “peace” is contained in the concept of harmony plus a lot more.

So it has been pretty well agreed all round that we focus on HARMONY as and for our world.

Accordingly, I believe we are on the brink of creating a new HARMONIC WAVE that will envelop our Planet HARMONY.

If you resonate with this idea then we can start to create something far more meaningful than anything we have done before.

With Love & Harmony… Trevor

Cc: Perry – https://worldharmonyunlimited.com/about-us/

NB: In 2015 I told a Facebook brother that we have to dismantle United Nations and replace with Harmonious Nations. He replied back and said better name it HARMONIOUS WORLD because One World cannot fight but nations sure will fight hahaha and I fully agreed with him.”


by Patricia Cota-Robles

www.eraofpeace.org February 4, 2022

“The Winter Olympic Games that are being held in Beijing, China will build in momentum from the Opening Ceremonies on February 4th through the Closing Ceremonies on February 20th. Numerically February 20th will be a 02-20-2022 = 22222 day. The Divine Intent of the Olympic Games symbolically represents the Family of Humanity setting aside our differences and coming together in Peace with the goal of reaching our highest level of excellence.

This incredibly powerful thoughtform has been building in momentum since the first known Olympics were held in the summer of 776 B.C. at Olympia, a site in southern Greece. It is estimated that during the 17 days of the modern Olympic Games approximately 5.5 billion people turn their attention to the Olympic Games at one time or another, thus greatly empowering the Divine Intent of this Global event. This positive focus of attention creates a Collective Cup of Humanity’s Unified Consciousness that serves as an Open Door for the Light of God. Due to the incredible shifts that have taken place within Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth since the Birth of the New Decade in 2020, Humanity is being presented with an unprecedented opportunity during these Olympic Games.”

“All we have to do is consistently pay attention to who we are BEING in every moment through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Every single one of us already has all of the skill, wisdom, knowledge, strength and courage we need to succeed God Victoriously in the Mission we have volunteered to accomplish. We just have to listen to our Heart and respond according to the intuitive Inner Guidance from our I AM Presence.”


“Together we are all on a journey called life. We are a little broken and a little shattered inside. Each one of us is aspiring to make it to the end. None is deprived of pain here and we have all suffered in our own ways. I think our journey is all about healing ourselves and healing each other in our own special ways. Let’s just help each other put all those pieces back together and make it to the end more beautifully. Let us help each other survive.”

Ram Das





KAHEVA’s 2022 Prophecy


“The current economic slave system is broken beyond repair”…….”the system collapses under its own weight, the light always wins in the end. As we exit out of the Age of Pisces and enter into the Age of Aquarius, we will see an end to the tyranny and oppression that has kept us enslaved for thousands of years but in order for this to occur, the old system must collapse in order to rebuild a new one in humanity’s best interests…………Down the road, we will look back at these trying times and will be grateful for the opportunities we had to spiritually evolve into who we are and who we will become.” http://www.theeventchronicle.com/study/ruling-elite-play-last-card/


“Let your Spirit flow with Giving and your Heart will Glow with Loving.”

Sunflower Chong

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