Watercolours and the Lessons

Watercolours and the Lessons

Para Kas-Vetter

2 February 2022

For a few years I was shown constantly to start watercolours. I don’t know why but I was never able to get myself motivated to do so. No matter what. I looked at watercolour art in awe of the artists out there. It inspired me deeply but not enough to say I could LOVE to paint with watercolours. There was nothing strongly able to win my heart to try at least to find the passion for it.

Everyone has a passion. Mine at the time was not watercolours. I would admire other artists’ creations, amazed by their abilities. I would purchase books about watercolours, I even looked at so many art work on internet, but there was never an interest to try it as a passion. For fun, yes but not deep love or desire to want to as a serious part of my creativity.

Universe never gave up on me. Always finding ways to entice me to at least give it a go. I honestly did not know at the time why.

As the years passed me by, I finally decided due to strong signs, purchase some watercolours and paper and began to paint. I painted the sun. I loved it till I kept thinking I could improve on it more and more and before you knew it, it was god knows what but a Sun. The whole painting went in the bin and that was the end of watercolours. Or so I thought.

One night I was reading an article titled The Magic of a Med-Bed by June Ann (https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com.au/2018/05/reader-magic-of-medbed.html )

I looked at the art from the article.

“Butterfly for Emma” Watercolor ©June Ann Hall


I don’t really know why but it began to stir a deep feeling of connection to it. Upon looking at her website, I was reverence for what I saw. Done in watercolours! It requires extraordinary skills to do.

I loved it so much I became immensely inspired. Looking through the website http://www.oneloveprints.com/onelove_002.htm I saw “Hidden Garden”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was something about it that totally surprised me! I felt a deep connection to this art. A familiarity.

When I saw “Country Nestle” I was lost for words!!!!!!!!!! I had pasted something similar in one of my journals !!!!!!!!!!!!manifesting a home.

Suddenly I began to remember. Was it Deja Vu? Paranormal experience? I somehow started to comprehend the depth of meaning for watercolours, igniting a deep passion within me. I felt home. Like I knew all about watercolours. Knew what it all meant. And my connection to the ocean became clearer.

“My heart is singing for joy this morning! A miracle has happened! The light of

understanding has shone upon my little pupil’s mind, and behold, all things are


Anne Sullivan

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“It is my heart That makes my songs, not I.”

Sara Teasdale

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”

Marc Chagall

“… A man’s heart deviseth his way; but the Lord directeth his steps.–Proverbs xvi. 9.”

One night I was looking through one of my art folders and there it was, the Sun Watercolour I threw in the bin. Don’t ask how on Earth it landed back in my Art folder. I am so glad I have it.

Universe accomplished what it was trying to show me for so long. But not until I had to discover the final lesson of watercolours.

When we moved a few years go to a far away place, I found myself in deeper introspection about life. Maybe it has a lot to do with the astronomical changes in the world. Or that we evolve and hence our lives and how we view it changes also. Either way, I knew that I had embarked on a new path of discoveries.

Along the way I finally felt to follow through with a niggling feeling within. To try seriously watercolour painting. Although I have always loved the child like fun of it since I was a little girl, it was not until I saw watercolour artists’ art, and a dear soul I have known many years gift me one of her watercolour paintings, that I decided to try again in giving it a go.

And so there came the time when a workshop on watercolours for beginners was offered to town about a year ago. At the time I was very thrilled and looked forward to attend it. But the night before the workshop was to be held, I had this very uneasy and uncomfortable feeling, so profound I would have simply cancelled turning up if it was not for the obligation of being polite to a neighbour.

I thought I was sabotaging going so to not learn watercolours. I did turn up and I am glad I did.

Facing my fears, it opened up my eyes a lot about life on a level I never saw before. I have surely changed so much over the years. I gained enormous insight through the workshop. And I realised why I felt the way I did the night before. I have not gone back to be taught by the same teacher about watercolours.

Life ought to be no limitations of size or space to explore your abilities. To feel alive afterwards to want to passionately explore further the love for and deep desire for watercolours.

I came home after that particular workshop and although I did try to paint with watercolours, that one workshop put the fire out in me for what felt like a long time.

I believe the Universe knew that I went to the workshop to learn, to discover, to gain insight, clarity, revelations, and realisations. I learnt so much over the years of walking my journey. I reflect often back to my life. As you ought to. Not to dwell but to realise how much we have changed, evolved and how far we have come in life.

Watercolours are about this feeling of lightness, free-flow, effortless, unexpected outcomes full of surprises. It seems to have a mind of its own. No matter how much you wish to control the way you want a watercolour art to be done, with watercolours it flows in the way it wants to. You somehow become part of the flow. You find ways to accept and be one with the flow of its magnificence of what it wants to show you. It has ways of surprising you that brings so much warmth and delight to the soul. And it produces magical masterpieces.

I believe life is like that these days, with the astrological changes, planets ensuring the shifts in timelines, and the great awakenings occurring worldwide, leading to new ways of living, new ways of doing things, new ways of seeing life, and becoming more free in the process. I suppose that is what the Universe wanted me to know all this time. Watercolours. That is what we are heading for Para. Watercolours. Life unfolding in new ways where effortlessly it authentically and organically produces the most astounding miracles that you never seen or experienced before.

As for painting with watercolours, the fire within me since that last workshop, has re-ignited. I love watercolours. I love life. True Authenticity and Natural living.

Will I go and do another workshop on watercolours? Possibly? This time I am following through with my own intuition. And if the night before I feel strongly not to go, I won’t.


“Merraki [may-rah-kee], a Greek word [Greek μεράκι] to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be. “Merraki is doing something with total love and pure soul. It is leaving a piece of yourself in your creative work.”


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