Children, Mothers and the Divine Feminine – Paulette Stevens

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Greatness and Gratitude Summit – January 23, 2022

My topic today is a tender one, as my 99-year-old mother passed away peacefully last week. Marian Flandro was a remarkable lady. I am grateful for her strong example in my life of the Divine Feminine in action.

When a young man called me to express his condolences, the conversation turned to his children, his broken family and his own troubled heart at not being able to fix the past for those he loves.

As a single father, he expressed concern for the mixed-up values, non-stop interference of devices and pressures of society that seem so harmful, especially to his teenagers. He feared he had lost his fatherly connection with his children and sadly didn’t know how to help them.

I listened and empathized deeply. As we talked, I may have surprised him with the perspective I shared as a mother and grandmother. Although it Is hard to rework a faulty foundation when the building is already standing, that is the clearing and healing task that needs to be done here and now.

In this society, we are casual and sloppy builders for the most part, especially with relationships. The time for establishing the foundation of a child’s life with love and security in a family goes by quickly. Parents are young themselves, and things happen that they never intended to happen. Blame and shame only make things worse. Often, the child is a blessed teacher, if one has eyes to see and ears to hear.

‘Thankfully, we’re not done yet,’ I assured the young father. Our relationships continue to evolve. The time will come when the roles change, when the children are ready and come to you with the desire to understand and rebuild what is broken. In the meantime, there is work to do on yourself.

Let go of your need to judge and control. Simply be supportive. Children are stronger than you think, and their journey is their own, not yours. Let them go with your blessing. Since confrontations don’t work, shine your light on the path instead. Make your own life joyful and fulfilling. Set an example of love, acceptance and trust in the goodness of life, especially in them. Be your true self and bravely ‘walk the talk.’

Everything in creation is made of divine material. We are expressions of the whole — unique and precious, a player in the play. It’s all us. Everything that happens is happening to us. It’s all by our creation and for our benefit. We are genetic royalty, children of a loving God, having this earthly experience at a pivotal time on this planet. Angels and guides surround us.

There is an arch of life, and we are here to expand, learn and grow through a full range of experiences. For this lifetime, we agreed to live in an illusion of duality — good and bad, right and wrong – to better understand ourselves.

You and I and everyone else chose to manifest our own experience and consciousness according to a life plan we determined before we were born. We chose the great challenge of this journey at this time because deep down we knew we could be victorious.

How is that even possible?

Our victory can best be won by going within to discover who we truly are, by meditating and taking quiet walks in the beauty of nature to reconnect with spirituality. Personal power also comes by consciously bringing forward into balance the divine feminine aspects of our nature — compassion, gentleness, creativity, service, harmony and joy, which are in everyone, male and female.

The Divine Feminine is the loving, heart-centered counterpart to the Sacred Masculine’s light and knowledge. Both are needed for creativity and an abundant life. Mother Earth with her flow of fresh water, patiently nurturing all forms of life, is the great example of the Divine Feminine.

Earthly mothers can serve with Love and Light in this way, too, when they lead with the heart in their homes, families and communities. With or without bearing children of her own, every woman can be such a mother. Every man can be such a father. Through precious experience, life itself teaches us how to create sweet moments of Heaven on Earth.

My friends, we have a great work to do, cleaning up the messes we made in our wanderings, liberating our minds, restoring balance and healing the deep wounds of God’s children wherever they may be.

We are all in this together. We have all been deceived and hurt by the programming, mistaken beliefs and selfish control systems we inherited. We have all allowed sloppiness and denial to take root in our patterns. May we learn the lessons from our past, let go of what no longer serves and be willing to quickly change direction.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and rebuild the foundation of this planetary family in preparation for a New Earth. Let’s focus first within ourselves to remember whose we truly are, come to peace with our own lives and envision a bright and beautiful future for humanity.

Victory is going within our hearts to courageously align with our intuitive nature. Victory is taking a stand for life in all its forms. Victory is manifesting the fiercely loyal and devoted strength of the Divine Feminine within us, blessing our lives and our children with unconditional love, unity and joy, until each child is gathered safely under the Tree of Life as we always dreamed.

Victory of the Light!

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