Paradisal- Majestic 2022

Paradisal- Majestic 2022

week beginning 23 January to 20 February 2022

Although Paradisal is weekly, this Paradisal beginning 23 January 2022 has a lot of extra messages. Next Paradisal messages will be activated on 20 February 2022.

You can view or download the PDF

You can view the whole messages at: ​

These messages will be available on that link 23 January – 20 February 2022.

There is a PDF attached for you to download if you wish to have a copy of it.

However, at any time you can view or/and download the PDF format at the links shown below. ​which is located at the Notebook Oracle BLOG

Motivational Guidance:Motivational Part VII which you can also view the images that are in the PDF.

With all of my Soul Love to ALL and Blessings in Abundance.

Lots of Love Para xxooxx


– Introduction

– 1. The Quantum Awakening

– 2. Artist Vesna Delevsk

– 3. Protect me

– 4. Astrology – January 2022

– 5. Flora Aube artist

– 6. Off The Beaten Road

– 7. Oriental


– 9. Anna Speshilova Artist

– 10. Thought to ponder upon

– 11. Aboriginal Tale of the Dreamtime ‘The Wallaby Children’

– 12. 5D Ascension Have Faith – Shadowstate Narrative is Unravelling Worldwide

– 13. Courage is contagious

– 14. Annelie Solis ARTIST

– 15. Dare to Believe. You are Unique

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